Radha Mohan New Promo 18th May 2022 Written Update

Radha Mohan New Promo 18th May 2022 Written Update

Radha Mohan New Promo 18th May 2022 Written Update Radha and Mohan get shocked as their flower pot as well as phone falls down. Mohan asks Radha to pick up his phone. Sacred Radha passes Mohan’s phone to him by giving herself the courage and strength. Mohan says his phone broke. He asks Radha to maintain social distance with him. Mohan tells Radha if she will speak much, then he will make a mask compulsory on her. Radha goes silent and watches Mohan with shock. She gets mode shocked when Mohan throws his broken phone out and closes the window with a thud.

Damini recalls her evil plan to use Radha to get closer to Gungun and convince her for Mohan and her (Damini) marriage. Kadambari comes to the kitchen and asks Damini what she is doing. Damini tells Kadambari that she is heating milk for Gungun. Kadambari tells Damini that it’s very difficult to become a mother. She also tells Damini that she felt good seeing her trials to become Gungun’s mother. Damini tells Kadambari that she is learning all this from her only. She says she will do whatever she can for Gungun’s happiness. Kadambari apologizes to Damini for scolding her yesterday in anger.


Damini tells Kadambari that she is making her a stranger/outsider saying all this. She also tells Kadambari that it’s a mother’s right to scold her children. Kadambari leaves blessing happiness to Damini. Damini takes two glasses of milk, one hot and another cold one. Dulari gets tensed seeing that Damini took milk for Gungun without chocolate powder mixed into it. She says now Gungun will make new ruckus again. Damini puts a milk glass outside Gungun’s room and enters her room with another milk glass. She asks Gungun to have milk. Gungun asks Damini why Dulari didn’t bring her milk as always.

Damini tells Gungun that she should now get used to her too. Gungun asks Damini if she has started a servant’s job in Trivedi house. She tells Damini that she won’t drink the milk brought by her as it doesn’t contain chocolate powder in it. Damini tells Gungun that chocolate powder is not good for health. She asks Gungun to learn to drink plain milk. Gungu throws the milk glass away and it breaks down. Tulsi’s soul tries to tell Gungun that she should not disrespect food like this. Damini smirks seeing the broken glass and Tulsi’s soul notices this.

Tulsi’s soul worries thinking about what is going on in Damini’s evil mind. Damini tells Gungun it’s fine as she wishes. She leaves smirking and Gungun gets back to playing with her toys. Outside Gungun’s room, Damini splashes milk on her face as per her evil plan. Tulsi’s soul gets angry and tries to warn Damini to not try making her daughter (Gungun) a pawn or part of her evil game. Radha comes there and asks Damini what broke. Damini immediately hides her spare milk glass. Seeing milk spilled over Damini’s face, a concerned Radha asks her what happened. Damini tells Radha that Gungun spilled milk on her face as she went to give her milk.

She says it’s fine as Gungun is still a kid. Radha says what Gungun did is very wrong. Tulsi’s soul says Radha’s grandmother is right about Radha being half-brained and naive. Damini stops Radha from going and explaining Gungun. She says kids can’t understand the difference between right and wrong easily. Mohan comes there and to respect his wishes/words, Radha turns her face. Mohan smiles seeing Damini’s face covered with milk drops. He thinks and says maybe Radha would have collided with Damini and spilled milk on her face. Mohan asks Damini to maintain social distance with Radha like he is maintaining.

He asks Damini to tell him what actually happened. Damini tells Mohan that she was carrying milk for Gungun, slipped and spilled the milk on her own face. Radha feels shocked, while Tulsi’s soul feels angry with Damini’s lie. Mohan asks Damini to narrate this filmy story to someone else. Damini says it’s the truth. Mohan walks away. Radha addresses Damini as Goddess of serenity and purity. She tells Damini that according to Gita one lie spoken for good cause is considered great above 1000 truths. Tulsi’s soul feels irritated with Radha’s naivety. Damini fools and traps Radha in her evil plan by speaking some sweet words to her about loving both Mohan and Gungun equally.

Radha assures Damini that she will help her in getting closer to Gungun. Tulsi’s soul tries to tell Radha that Damini is taking advantage of her innocence and goodness. Later, Radha is seen serving food to everyone at the dining table. Gungun refuses to go to school when Dulari asks her to get ready. Kadambari asks Gungun why she doesn’t want to go to school. Rahul says it’s their family tradition as Mohan doesn’t attend office and his daughter won’t attend school. Kadambari shuts Rahul. Ketki’s husband tries to convince Gungun to go to school.

Gungun says she is not in the mood to attend school today. Mohan comes and asks Gungun if she doesn’t want to attend school today because of the fancy dress competition. On Radha’s question, Ketki’s husband explains to Radha what fancy dress competition means. Radha tells Ketki’s husband that she used to play Lord Krishna’s role every Janmashtami in Barsana. Mohan gets angry when Gungun refuses to go to school even when he politely asks her to. Gungun runs away and Mohan scolds his family for making Gungun adamant in their love. Rahul asks Mohan to handle Gungun himself if they are not able to.

Rahul taunts Moham for troubling and humiliating people. Mohan gets angrier and runs to beat Rahul. Damini stops Mohan and tells him that she will do something to convince Gungun. Mohan asks Damini what she will do as Gungun is adamant just like her father (him/Mohan). He tells the whole family that Gungun’s teacher called and told him that Gungun doesn’t participate in any activities herself and also troubles the other kids who participate in activities. This shocks everyone who cares for Gungun. Damini tells Mohan that Gungun will go to school as well as participate in competition. She asks Mohan to let her handle Gungun.

Kadambari asks Damini, how will she do it as Gungun doesn’t listen to anyone. Damini asks Kadambari to not worry, she will handle Gungun. Ketki tauntingly asks Damini if she doesn’t have to go to the office today. She reminds Damini that it’s the final date for Delhi delivery. She asks Damini if she can do it in her place, if she is busy today. Damini tauntingly tells Ketki that she will do it herself after handling work at home. She reveals that she is trying to handle and balance home and work just like Kadambari. Damini says she is going to be Gungun’s mother and her daughter is above every work. Kadambari and Radha feel happy hearing this.

Damini’s mother asks Mohan to stop worrying as Damini will handle Gungun well. Mohan challengingly says fine and leaves. Damini’s mother asks Damini how she will handle Gungun. They laugh evilly. Later in the kitchen loses her control on Radha and angrily asks her if she will handle Gungun for her. She realizes her mistake and politely asks Radha if she will get Gungun ready for school. Radha reminds Damini that she took Gungun’s responsibility. Damini in a crying tone tells Radha that Gungun doesn’t want to become her daughter, even after her many trials to become her mother. Radha apologizes to Damini and tells her that she won’t be able to help her with Gungun as it’s very difficult.

Damini tells Radha that Mohan’s heart will break if Gungun won’t participate in her school’s fancy dress competition. She requests Radha to do it for Mohan’s happiness. Radha gets convinced to help Damini with Gungun for Mohan’s sake. Gungun overhears Damini and Radha’s conversation and leaves. Radha also leaves for some work. Damini smirks thinking that she will get the credit for Radha’s efforts. She thinks she may not become a good mother but is a good business woman. Later Radha politely tries to convince Gungun to participate in her school’s fancy dress competition. Gungun remains adamant on her decision.

Radha keeps trying to convince Gungun. She gets surprised and happy when Gungun agrees to participate. Damini smirks hearing that Gungun got convinced. She goes to Mohan and tells the whole family that Gungun got convinced. This stuns everyone. Damini’s mother praises her daughter’s unnoticeable efforts. Mohan asks Damini in whose role she dressed up, Gungun. Damini asks Mohan to wait and get surprised as she has put a lot of effort into convincing and getting Gungun ready for the fancy dress competition. Mohan and Kadambari feel relaxed and happy hearing this. On the other hand, Radha dresses up Gungun as honorable Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

Before getting the wig applied, Gungun sends Radha to bring her pink bottle powder from the bathroom. While Radha searches for Gungun’s powder, Gungun locks Radha in her bathroom. Radha taps and asks Gungun to open the door. She thinks she can’t even scream for help, as otherwise everyone will get to know that it was she who convinced and dressed up Gungun, not Damini. Gungun plays songs on the music system and dances happily. Radha requests Gungun to not be naughty and open the door. On the other hand, everyone waits for Gungun downstairs.

Gungun implements a plan to teach a lesson to Damini. Kadambari asks Damini where Gungun is as she took a long time. Damini turns to bring Gungun. Everyone including Damini gets shocked seeing Gungun dressed up as Gangubai Kathiawadi. In Gangubai’s style, Gungun tells everyone that she doesn’t fear anyone, her teacher or even Mohan. She sits on the sofa and greets everyone in Gangubai’s style. This angers and shocks everyone. Damini gets scared seeing Mohan’s anger. Mohan scolds Damini for dressing up, Gungun like this. He asks Damini if any mother does this with her daughter. Damini says she didn’t do this. Mohan reminds Damini that she was going to dress up Gungun for the fancy dress competition. Gungun smirks seeing Damini getting scolded by Mohan. Even Kadambari feels angry with Damini. Damini and her mother get scared facing Mohan’s anger.

In the next episode, Damini will scold and blame Radha for messing up and Mohan’s anger respectively. She will rudely ask Radha to fix the mess she created. Radha will get shocked to face Damini’s rude behavior. Later, Radha will dress up Gungun as Lakshmibai, the queen of Jhansi. Gungun will speak up Lakshmi Bai’s dialogues. Mohan will get happy hearing this. Gungun will ask Ketki’s husband to drop her to school. Radha will try to convince Gungun to go to school with Mohan. She will handover Gungun’s school bag to Mohan. Gungun will be seen giving her hand to Mohan. Mohan will start feeling happy seeing this. Tulsi’s soul and Radha will also feel happy seeing this.

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