Udaariyaan 18th May 2022 Written Update Tanya replaces Tejo

Udaariyaan 18th May 2022 Written Update Tanya replaces Tejo

Udaariyaan 18th May 2022 Written Update Tanya replaces Tejo Jasmine is seen crying, recalling the happy time she spent with Amrik and his death. Fateh comes and asks Jasmine why she hasn’t packed her stuff till now. Jasmine requests Fateh to leave her alone. Fateh requests Jasmine to pack her stuff quickly as they have a 6’o o’clock flight for returning to India. Jasmine tells Fateh that she will have to hear his family’s ill words after returning. She says it would have been different if Tanya would have agreed to come with them as Tejo. Jasmine says Gurpreet and everyone will surely accuse her of Amrik’s death.

She asks Fateh, to how many people, she will justify herself. Jasmine also asks Fateh to tell everyone that she got lost in London. Fateh packs Jasmine’s stuff and breaks down seeing Amrik’s jacket. In India, Mahi refuses to go for a coffee with her friends and keeps sitting in the car. She also tries calling Fateh but couldn’t reach him. Mahi thinks where Fateh is as she needs him. Some evil boys tease Mahi recognizing her from the vulgar viral video of her on the internet. Mahi sees Abhiraj recording her and walks to him. She angrily snatches Abhiraj’s phone and asks him and his friends, how can they record girls videos and upload them on the internet.

Abhiraj angrily asks Mahi how it matters to her as he will do whatever he pleases. Mahi refuses to return Abhiraj’s phone back to him. Abhiraj tells Mahi that they were just recording campaign shots. Mahi starts checking Abhiraj’s phone. In fear that Mahi may see Sehaj’s messages in his phone, Abhiraj snatches his phone back from Mahi. Abhiraj tells Mahi that she has gone mad since her video got viral and thinks that everyone is making that kind of video. Mahi asks Abhiraj if he felt good seeing her getting troubled due to her viral video. Abhiraj tells Mahi that she deserves it as her family has a lot of pride, attitude and aura. He asks Mahi to walk with her head and nose bowed down from next time.


Mahi stares at Abhiraj angrily. Abhiraj asks Mahi to stare at him angrily as he didn’t get her video viral. He asks Mahi to give this look to her real culprit. Mahi feels upset and wonders when Fateh and Amrik will return to India. She thinks now only Fateh and Amrik can find out about Sehaj. In London, Jasmine asks Fateh to not return to India as it would be very difficult to face everyone at home after Amrik’s death. Fateh tells Jasmine that she has gone mad with the shock of Amrik’s death. Tanya comes there with her luggage and tells Jasmine and Fateh that she is ready to become Tejo. Fateh tells Tanya that he still doubts her intentions.

Tanya makes it clear to Fateh that whatever she did earlier and is doing now is because she is helpless. She asks Jasmine and Fateh at what time is their flight to India. Fateh asks Tanya why she suddenly changed her decision. Jasmine tells Fateh that after him how she talked to Tanya and convinced her to help them. Jasmine hugs and thanks Tanya. She tells Tanya that with her company, no one will misunderstand her. Tanya tells Jasmine and Fateh that Inspector Harsh told her everything about them but not their families. Jasmine tells Tanya to not worry, she and Fateh will make her understand everything about how to become Tejo. Fateh recalls Amrik’s last wish and thanks Tanya.

He prays to God to handle everything as both families’ emotions are at stake. Mahi sees Gurpreet preparing many tasty dishes in happiness of Fateh’s return. She asks Gurpreet why she prepared Tejo’s favorite Dahi Bhalle. Gurpreet reminds Mahi that she, Amrik and Fateh also like Dahi Bhalle. She tells Mahi that she is feeling good to see her smiling after a long time. Mahi tells Gurpreet that she is feeling a little hopeful and strong after hearing about Fateh’s return. Gurpreet asks Mahi to not tell Fateh about her viral video for now as Fateh may have called Sandhu’s for some big reason.

At Sandhu house, Satti and Rupy wonder why Fateh called them urgently to Virk house. As Rupy shows reluctance, his mother convinces him to come to Virk house with the whole family. Abhiraj fears if Mahi got any proof against him. He thinks he will get to know after meeting Virks with his family. On the other hand, Tanya says she is feeling good after returning to Punjab, even when she has no family here. Jasmine thinks they returned after losing Amrik. Simmi and Gurpreet express excitement of Fateh, Amrik, Jasmine and Tejo’s return, unaware of the truth. On the other hand, Jasmine refuses to go to Virk house and tells Fateh that she will return after everyone will turn a little normal. She says till then Tanya in Tejo’s place will handle everyone.

Fateh asks Jasmine if she wants to leave his support, when he doesn’t have Amrik and Tejo with him. He asks Jasmine how she is so sure that Tanya will handle everyone. Fateh requests Jasmine to come with him to Virk house as he needs her and won’t be able to handle everyone alone. Tanya tells Jasmine and Fateh that she is feeling nervous and scared thinking if anyone from their family will recognize her. Fateh tells Tanya that no problem will occur, if she will not let it happen. He asks Tanya to stay quiet, if she won’t be able to understand something. Jasmine asks Tanya to not worry, they will together manage everything. She explains to Tanya that for now she has to meet her and Fateh’s family well.

Tanya signs in okay. Sandhus on the other hand reaches Virk house. Abhiraj and Mahi feel angry seeing each other. Khushbeer tells Rupy that Fateh would have called him and his family for something very important. Virks warmly welcome Sandhus. Gurpreet asks Sandhus to wait as Fateh is bringing big happy news for everyone. Everyone except Gurpreet wonders what big news Fateh is bringing for them. In the car, Jasmine is seen explaining to Tanya how she has to make everyone believe that she is Tejo. While Fateh feels sad recalling his and Amrik’s memories. He also recalls Amrik’s death and his last wish. Tanya notices Fateh seeing her angrily through the rear mirror. Fateh feels apologetic towards Tejo. In his thoughts, he tells Tejo that no one can replace her ever. He says he is doing just for Amrik and Gurpreet.

Jasmine tells Tanya that she (Jasmine) and Tejo were exactly opposite personalities. She says as naughty as she was, Tejo was very boring. Jasmine tells Tanya that she will have to sound boring like Tejo. Tanya says okay. Jasmine explains to Tanya to get quiet, wherever and whenever she will feel trouble arising. Tanya asks Jasmine to not worry as she has remembered everything she explained to her. She says she will do her best to not make anyone doubt her. Tanya also says that she understands that everyone gets helpless at times. Jasmine thanks Tanya. Fateh feels Tanya is so different from Tejo as she calls money as her helplessness.

At Virk house Gurpreet excitedly waits for Tejo’s return. Fateh, Jasmine and Tanya reach Virk house. Seeing Tanya checking out his house, Fateh warns Tanya to do what she is told, nothing else or more. Everyone gets emotional seeing Fateh and Jasmine. But they get stunned seeing Tejo’s look alike Tanya. Gurpreet runs and hugs Tanya, unaware of the truth. She caresses Fateh and Tanya. Jasmine feels sad for not getting Gurpreet’s affection. Gurpreet tells Tanya that she filled everyone’s emptiness after returning. She performs Tanya’s aarti, thinking her to be Tejo. Fateh controls his anger. Tanya greets everyone in nervousness. Satti hugs Tejo with teary eyes. She asks Tejo where she went, leaving everyone.

Tejo’s grandmother, paternal uncle and Abhiraj hug Tanya thinking her to be Tejo. Fateh’s grandparents, Simmi also meet Tanya one by one. Khushbeer and Buzzo smiles emotionally seeing Tanya. Fateh and Jasmine feel guilty for lying to their families. Satti makes Rupy hold Tanya’s hand. Rupy takes his hand back roughly and says this person is not his daughter Tejo. Rupy’s reaction shocks everyone, while scares Jasmine, Fateh and Tanya.

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