Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th May 2022 Written Update Haldi twist

Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th May 2022 Written Update Haldi twist

Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th May 2022 Written Update Haldi twist The culprit staff member shocks everyone by pointing at Sharda. Shocked, Sharda asks the staff member if he has gone crazy. She refuses to recognize the staff member. Sharda asks the staff member how he even thought that she would hurt her own children (Rudra and Prisha). She asks the staff member to think and see carefully as it could be someone else. Flashback shows Revati explaining and threatening to the culprit staff member to point finger at Sharda, when he is asked to tell who ordered him to loosen nuts bolts. She also gives him grease to apply in his hands. Flashback ends.

Rudra grabs the culprit staff member’s collar for falsely accusing Sharda of evil things. Revati stops Rudra and asks the staff member how he recognized Sharda. Staff member says he got a call from a woman, who addressed herself as Sharda. He says he did this work in greed for money. Sharda says this person is lying as she didn’t make any call to the culprit staff member. Revati asks Sharda to relax. She takes the culprit staff members’ phone and dials Sharda’s number. Sharda’s phone rings, shocking everyone. Flashback shows Revati explaining to the culprit staff member to give Sharda’s number, when he will be asked, who called and ordered him to loosen moon prop’s nut bolts. Flashback ends.

Rudra refuses to believe culprit staff member. He asks to end this matter. Revati tries to say something. Prisha interrupts and says Sharda can’t do this. She says someone is surely plotting/conspiring against Sharda. Prisha asks Rudra to find out why the culprit staff member is lying and on whose orders. She says leave all this for now as kids are waiting downstairs. Rudra agrees to Prisha. Sharda starts crying and Rudra-Prisha wipes her tears asking her to not think about culprit staff members lie. Everyone, except Rudra and Revati walks downstairs. Revati asks Rudra how will they find out the person who conspired against Sharda.


She tells Rudra that his house doesn’t even have CCTV cameras, otherwise she would have sent the real culprit and culprit staff member to prison with proof. Revati says this way Sharda could have been proved innocent. Rudra leaves confused. Revati thinks now Rudra’s next step will decide her further plan as she successfully sowed seeds of doubt in Rudra’s mind. Later, Rudra and Prisha exchanges engagement rings. Rudra asks Prisha who brought such a small engagement ring for him. Prisha tells Rudra that she brought smaller engagement ring for him like he selected gaudy and shiny dress for her.

Rudra tells Prisha that this ring is pricking and paining him a lot. He says even soap won’t be able to help him take off this ring. Prisha replies to Rudra that it’s good as now this ring will always make him remember her. She tells Rudra that she wears his name’s mangalsutra in her neck and now he will wear her name’s ring forever, which will show everyone that he belongs to her only. Rudra feels stuck. Later, Vasudha scolds Prisha for not believing accusations or allegations put on Sharda, of trying to hurt her and Rudra. Prisha tells Vasudha that Sharda has always considered her more than a daughter and loved her like one.

She asks Vasudha to think why Sharda will hurt her own son Rudra. Vasudha asks Prisha if Khuranas think about her. Revati overhears Prisha and Vasudha’s conversation and feels relaxed thinking that her plan is working. She goes to Sharda to execute next step of her evil plan. Revati tells Sharda that she felt bad seeing whatever happened with her. She also tells Sharda that she is very lucky as she has got so supporting and trusting son and daughter-in-law like Rudra and Prisha. Sharda tells Revati that Rudra and Prisha blindly trusts her. She says she felt bad that today’s function got ruined because of her unintentionally. Sharda tells Revati that she was going to talk to Prisha.

Revati pretends tense and tells Sharda that she saw Vasudha going towards Prisha’s room in anger. This shocks Sharda. Revati with her calculated words scares Sharda by indirectly telling her that Vasudha is doubting on her for today’s accident. Sharda tells Revati that it’s not possible as Vasudha knows her very well and can’t think wrong about her. She leaves saying that she is going to talk to Prisha and Vasudha together. Revati smirks seeing her plan getting more successful. After this, she walks to Rudra to check if her doubt seed is working on him or not.

Vasudha angrily reminds Prisha that even after she did so many sacrifices for Khuranas, they always blamed and accused her of one or the other thing. She tells Prisha that Rudra is even ready to break relations with her. Vasudha asks Prisha what was her fault in it that she forgot to tell Rudra that Yuvraj killed Rajiv as she fully forgot that information. Sharda overhears this and gets shocked. Prisha gets worried. Sharda asks Prisha why she didn’t felt the need to tell this big truth to Khuranas. Rudra goes go his CCTV security room to check who is behind his and Prisha’s engagement accident. He thinks that no one knows about the CCTV cameras he got applied in Khurana Mansion.

Rudra gets shocked seeing Vasudha using Sharda’s phone. He thinks how can Vasudha trap Sharda. Rudra also thinks to trust Vasudha like Prisha showed trust in his mother. He wonders whom was Vasudha talking to using Sharda’s phone. Revati smriks seeing confused and doubtful Rudra. Flashback shows Revati lying and giving Sharda’s phone to Vasudha to put it on charging. Next, she leaves a missed call on Sharda’s phone using a spare phone. This makes Vasudha call back on the number from which the missed call came. Revati asks Vasudha about some Mr. Tripathi. Vasudha disconnects the call, saying wrong no. Flashback ends.

Revati smirks thinking that she came to Khurana Mansion with full-fledged information of each and every family members of Prisha and Rudra. She says she very well knew about the CCTV cameras that Rudra got applied in Khurana Mansion. She goes to check on Prisha, Rudra and Vasudha. Sharda asks Prisha how can she hide such a big truth about her son and Rudra’s brother Rajiv’s murder. Angry Vasudha asks Sharda if Rajiv is her blood related son. Prisha tries to stop Vasudha but the latter doesn’t stop. She keeps on defending Prisha in front of Sharda by talking to her harshly. Vasudha tells Prisha that Sharda doesn’t need to scold her so much for the thing she fully forgot.

She reminds Sharda how many allegations Prisha took on her for Khuranas. Vasudha reminds Sharda that Prisha went against her real brother-sister, Venky and Mahima for Khuranas. She says Prisha eveb struggled with little Ruhi for Khuranas sake. Sharda says she is not putting any allegations on Prisha. She says it’s the truth that Rajiv got killed by Yuvraj and Prisha hid it from everyone. Sharda tells Vasudha that she can at least question Prisha. She asks Prisha if she didn’t had any trust on her that she hid such a big truth from her. Vasudha angrily keeps on defending Prisha.

She scolds Prisha for being quiet when alligations are being put on her. Vasudha asks Sharda to stop her drama of calling and considering Prisha as her daughter. She says a mother-in-laws can’t ever treat daughter-in-laws as their daughters. Prisha asks Vasudha what rubbish she is talking. Both Vasudha and Sharda leaves angrily. Revati smirks seeing and hearing all this. Prisha gets tense with all this. Revati thinks that she will break Prisha’s family like she broke hers. She smriks thinking about her next day’s evil plan against Rudra, Prisha and their families.

In the next episode, in Prisha and Rudra’s haldi ceremony, servants will shower flower petals on Prisha and Rudra. Prisha will sneeze due to her allergy of flowers. Sharda will say that she can’t understand how flower petals came instead of haldi. Sharda and Vasudha will start accusing each other for the above issue. This will shock everyone. Rudra will ask the decorator who asked him to shower flower petals instead of haldi.


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