Anupama Emotional farewell 21st May 2022 Top Spoilers

Anupama Emotional farewell 21st May 2022 Top Spoilers

Anupama Emotional farewell 21st May 2022 Top Spoilers Anupama episode spoiler – Anupama’s emotional farewell Anupama prays to God. She says that she wants to take everyone’s blessings and respect with her. Meenu, Kavya, Pakhi, Samar and Paritosh shower gifts and give an emotional farewell to Anupama. Baa blesses Anupama and Anuj to always be together and happy. Bapuji blesses them to tackle every problems bravely and honor their bond. Vanraj wishes Anuj and Anupama a happy married life. Anupama and Anuj smile at Vanraj.

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar episode spoiler – Bhavna troubles Diya:

Diya finds her certificates soaked inside the washing machine. She cries seeing her hard work and recognition in pieces. Bhavna is hiding behind the door and says that whenever Diya will try to achieve success she will always ruin her plans. Diya is not able to control her tears and cries profusely. What will Diya do now? Will Armaan be able to help her?


Imlie episode spoiler – Imlie-Aryan’s love confession:

Imlie holds Aryan’s face and says that she likes him too. They both feel happy and smile. Imlie kisses Aryan and says I love you to him. Aryan and Imlie both hug each other passionately. Both of them feel emotional and happy after expressing their love for one another. Will Jyoti and Doll let the love birds live happily?

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye episode spoiler – Prisha’s drunk dance:

During Soumya’s baby shower Prisha dances closely with Armaan. Soumya feels uncomfortable and Armaan feels scared when she holds his hand. He asks Prisha what is she doing and tells her to stop. Heavily drunk Prisha asks Armaan to not get scared and let people come to know. Prisha says Soumya that she loves someone.

Shub Shagun episode spoiler – Yug loves Navya:

Shub asks his aunt who are the people and she says that there is an alliance for him. Shagun asks Yug to not get angry as she doesn’t want him to get trapped in Shub’s trap. Shub says that he couldn’t imagine a small-minded girl like Shagun can play such a big game. She says that Yug is her brother and will do what she says. Shub says that he is also a brother. Yug falls for Navya and she asks him to convince his sister Shagun.

Yeh Hai Chahatein episode spoiler – Revati accuses Vasudha:

Preesha falls down unconscious and white foam starts coming from her mouth. Rudraksh panics and asks Sharda what happened to Preesha and she says that a snake bit her. She is taken to the hospital. Revati asks Gopal where is Vasudha and he says that she has gone to her sister’s house. Revati accuses Vasudha of trying to attack Sharda with a snake. Gopal and Sharda are shocked. Revati gives a parcel for Saransh and says that who will save him now.

Woh To Hai Albelaa episode spoiler – Saroj punishes Sayuri:

Sayuri serves everyone on the dining table but her pallu keeps falling from her head. Krishna sees her discomfort and says that she is not required to do anything forcefully and asks her to do only if her heart says. Saroj is shocked. She declares that after eating food neither the plate nor the guest will go inside the kitchen. Everyone get up and leave. Saroj punishes Sayuri to not eat or drink anything as nobody had food because of her.


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