Kumkum Bhagya 23rd May 2022 Written Update News for Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd May 2022 Written Update News for Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd May 2022 Written Update News for Prachi Pallavi and Rhea suddenly walk into Prachi’s room and wake her up to vent out their frustration and rage on her. They tell Prachi that Ranbir has died, and the reason for his death is Prachi herself. They accuse Prachi for being responsible for Ranbir’s death, since she has refused to give away the mangalsutra to the goons and made Ranbir get involved in the deadly fight. Pallavi reprimands Prachi for snatching her son and shouts that Ranbir is dead, because of Prachi. Rhea too shouts that Prachi has killed Ranbir, her husband. Prachi is in shock herself.

She screams no, and cries for Ranbir’s loss. This will be Prachi’s nightmare. She will be seen waking up and crying while talking to Ranbir’s picture, and then calling Shahana at the hospital to know about Ranbir. Prachi will learn that Ranbir is conscious now, and back to life. Shahana asks Prachi to fulfill her promise and tell Ranbir about the pregnancy. Prachi makes up her mind to tell Ranbir about her pregnancy this time, when her prayer is answered and her Ranbir has come back to her. What will be the outcome of Prachi’s pregnancy revelation? Will Rhea and Aaliya ever get caught for their wicked conspiracies? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Prachi reveals her pregnancy news to an unconscious Ranvir. Ranbir reacts hearing this good news. She asks nurse to check Ranbir’s shooting pulse. Nurse asks Prachi to go out. Doctor checks Ranbir. Prachi remembers Pallavi’s angry remarks. She stumbles. Dr. Madhu holds her. Prachi tells her about Ranbir. Dr. Madhu asks Shahana to take care of Prachi, her pregnancy is complicated. She asks Prachi not to become careless towards her baby. Prachi promises to look after her baby. Dr. Madhu sees Pallavi there. Prachi asks Pallavi not to tell Pallavi anything about her pregnancy. Madhu tells Pallavi that Prachi isn’t well. Pallavi asks Prachi to go home, she isn’t needed there. Madhu asks Prachi to leave, else she will tell everything to Pallavi. Prachi grows tensed.


Kumkum Bhagya 23rd May 2022 Written Update News for Prachi:

Madhu asks Prachi to go home. Pallavi tells her that she doesn’t want to know anything about Prachi, nothing happened to her, she is just pretending to be unwell. Prachi tells that she will go home and rest. Pallavi asks her to take Dida along with her. She goes. Madhu asks Prachi to take care of her responsibility, her child. She asks Shahana to take Prachi home, Ranbir’s condition is better now, he would be fine soon. Shahana and Prachi leave. Pallavi meets Madhu again and asks her what is she hiding about Prachi. Madhu asks Pallavi to ask Prachi.

Pallavi tells that she trusts Madhu, who is her doctor and friend as well. Madhu tells that she can’t discuss her patient’s case with anyone else. Pallavi understands her ethics. She tells that its Prachi’s old habit to pretend. She feels Prachi is really bad. Madhu doesn’t comment anything on this. Prachi comes home. She goes to her room, and thinks of Ranbir. Their emotional moments of love and joy are seen in the visuals.

She talks to Ranbir’s picture. She calls him a stubborn guy, who changes everything, who changed her liking and won her heart, who made her accept his love when she decided to leave him. She asks him to come home, then she will show him how much she loves him, and explain the meaning of love. She wants to apologize and confess her love for him. She admits that she is also madly in love with him, she wants him to come home. She gets their marriage photo frame in the cupboard. She slips in the flashback of the past. She recalls Ranbir teasing her about the picture of their baby. Their cute moment is seen. Ranbir wanted a baby girl, while Prachi wanted a baby boy.

She asks Ranbir to just come home, then she will tell him everything. Prachi cries and falls asleep. She wakes up by Pallavi’s screams. Pallavi and Rhea walk inside the room. Pallavi pushes Prachi on the floor, and shouts that Ranbir died because of her. Pallavi and Rhea shout that Ranbir is dead. Prachi is shocked, and breaks the dream. She wakes up and sheds tears of sorrow. She is in much tension. Shahana takes care of Dida. Dida tells her that every person should think the difference between right and wrong, the person shouldn’t lose out in emotions. She adds that emotional decisions aren’t right always, a person should follow the heart and decide things. Shahana relates this with Prachi’s matter. She doesn’t know if she did the right thing. Aaliya wants to send Rhea home. Prachi calls up Vikram and asks about Ranbir, is he fine.

She sounds much tensed. He asks her why is she crying, did she see any bad dream. He tells that Ranbir is okay. Nurse informs them that Ranbir got conscious. Prachi hears this and asks Vikram if Ranbir got conscious. He confirms the news. She tells that she has to talk to Ranbir. Doctor doesn’t permit anyone to meet Ranbir. He tells that Ranbir wants to meet Prachi first. Vikram calls back Prachi. Prachi runs to vomit. She doesn’t answer the call. Pallavi is upset that Ranbir doesn’t want to meet her, but Prachi. She asks Rhea to go home and get Prachi to the hospital immediately. Aaliya thinks Rhea would get disturbed thinking Ranbir still wants Prachi, just Prachi is important for him. Rhea recalls Ranbir and Prachi’s romance.

She drives in rage. She feels he is insulting her because of Prachi, and one day he will regret a lot. Prachi gets ready to go to the hospital. She tells Shahana that she has worn the saree of Ranbir’s favorite colour. Shahana asks her not to take any big decision in emotions. She wants Prachi to decide well if she wants to reveal the pregnancy or not. Prachi tells that Ranbir has a right to stay happy and know the truth. Other side, Ranbir sees Prachi’s mangalsutra in his hand. He tells that he knows what the mangalsutra and their relation means to Prachi, he wants to go home only with Prachi, not with anyone else. Rhea reaches home to pick Prachi.

Prachi tells Shahana that she doesn’t care for anyone now, she will unite with Ranbir, she will go anywhere he wants to take her. Ranbir wants to meet her and talk to her. Rhea thinks where she stands in Ranbir’s life. She tells that Ranbir should have met her first and then Pallavi and Vikram, but she is upset that he wants to meet Prachi first. Prachi tells that she is feeling really happy with the thought of revealing the pregnancy news to Ranbir. She wishes that she stays with Ranbir again. She shares her happiness with Shahana.

She tells that Ranbir and her love is true, Ranbir loves her a lot, and even she loves him a lot, its her turn to express love to him, she got this joy of motherhood because of Ranbir and even he has a right to know about his fatherhood. She tells that she will tell Ranbir about her pregnancy, he will go mad in happiness. Rhea reaches there and watches Prachi. Prachi tells that she will wear the mangalsutra by Ranbir’s hands, and tell him that she is ready to go anywhere with him. Rhea is much upset hearing Prachi’s dream plans and drops the water bottle down. Prachi finds Rhea at the door, and turns tensed.

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