Kundali Bhagya 23rd May 2022 Written Update Alert Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 23rd May 2022 Written Update Alert Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 23rd May 2022 Written Update Alert Preeta Sherlyn meets Prithvi in tension. She wakes him up and asks him to listen to her once, its about the blackmailer. She tells him that maybe that blackmailer really knows what they have done with Rishabh. Kritika is shocked to hear this. She finds Sherlyn in tears. Sherlyn is tensed on seeing Kritika at the door. Prithvi manages to make a story to balance Kritika and Sherlyn’s drama. Later, Sherlyn decides to go to the hotel and meet the blackmailer. She reaches the hotel, unaware that she is being followed by Preeta and Janki. Preeta hides behind the car. Janki sights Sherlyn first, and tells Preeta about Sherlyn.

Preeta sees Sherlyn and rejoices that Sherlyn has fallen in their trap. She is shocked to see Prithvi coming along with Sherlyn. Preeta doesn’t want Prithvi to meet the blackmailer, knowing he is to too smart and won’t be manipulated easily. She alerts Shrishti and Sameer that Prithvi has also arrived and they have to change the plan now. Preeta doesn’t want any risk. Sherlyn asks Prithvi to stay with her and find out if the blackmailer really knows about Rishabh. Prithvi wants to cross check if it’s the don’s aide. What will Preeta do now to trap Prithvi and Sherlyn, and get their confession about Rishabh? Will Preeta succeed? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Karan reveals his plan to Rakhi about winning Preeta’s love. He wants his old Preeta back. Shrishti asks Preeta to tell Karan that she is the old Preeta and loves him a lot. Preeta tells that she told Karan that she came home for his sake, but he didn’t believe her. Karan makes Rakhi glad, by sharing his plan. He tells that he can never marry anyone, his love for Preeta is love. Preeta tells that its not love if Karan doesn’t trust her. Rakhi asks Karan if he is doing a drama. Karan tells that Preeta is still the same for him, he loves her a lot and doesn’t want to lose her. Rakhi happily hugs him. Sameer overhears this and gets happy.


Kundali Bhagya 23rd May 2022 Written Update Alert Preeta:

Preeta tells that one shouldn’t make the other person believe love, else its not love. She never doubted on Karan’s love. She regrets that Karan always doubts her love. She wants to focus on Rishabh and get him home. She worries that they have just six days left now. She remembers her promise to Mahesh that she will bring Rishabh home. Shrishti asks her how will she do this. Preeta tells that they have to bring Rishabh back, the battle of hearts can be done later on. Sameer reaches there and hears them. He tells that Karan loves Preeta a lot, she doesn’t even know this, Karan is just doing a drama with Natasha to make Preeta feel jealous. He tells that he just heard Karan telling Rakhi that he loves Preeta, he is doing everything to make her jealous. Preeta can’t believe it.

She tells that she will see Karan now, Karan is feeling that he will make her jealous, then she will make Karan jealous that she doesn’t care. She will give him a solid reply. Sameer and Shrishti are happy. On the other hand, Natasha is with her boyfriend. He tells that he didn’t like the fake kidnapping, he is Karan’s big fan, he got his punch, he couldn’t tell Karan that he is his fan. Natasha asks him if he loves her. She tells that she is marrying Karan, but she loves him. She fools him. She tells that she will secure their secure in the Luthra house. She thanks him for the help. Preeta meets Karan and stays upset. Karan teases her asking her for the pandit’s number.

Preeta knows his plan now and acts that she doesn’t care. She asks him if he wants to match the Kundalis. She asks him to marry Natasha without matching it. She tells that Natasha and he are a good match. Karan tells that he knows that she loves him a lot, she doesn’t like him to think of anyone. He requests her to come back, then they will stay as old Karan and Preeta. She thinks she feels the same for him, but she will tell her feelings to him on their wedding anniversary. She tells that he doesn’t need to feel pressurized, she has come home for the sake of family and their happiness, she has to find Rishabh and bring him home.

She tells him that Rishabh is the most sorted person in the house, they all need him, he got her home, and now she will get him home. She asks Karan to sleep, she has to sleep too. She doesn’t pay much attention to him, and leaves him thinking. She knew he was going to make her jealous. She thinks he looks really cute in anger. Sherlyn enters Prithvi’s room and wakes him up. She asks him how can he sleep in peace, she isn’t getting sleep due to tension. He asks the reason. He asks her not to give him stress. He tells that he was sleeping in peace. He asks her to go and let him sleep.

She tells that the blackmailer may not be lying, maybe he really knows about Rishabh. She cries in front of him. They see Kritika. Kritika asks her what is she doing in Prithvi’s room, why is she crying. Prithvi vents anger on them, and asks them to go and sleep, and not bother him. He angrily scolds Kritika and asks her to not intervene between Sherlyn and him. Kritika gets upset and leaves. Prithvi tells Sherlyn that he will come with her to the hotel and see the proof that the blackmailer shows her, he will be with her, there is nothing to get scared about. He tells that the man would be lying. He asks her to just go and sleep. Sherlyn hopes that his judgement about the blackmailer is right. Next day, Bani asks Natasha what is going on between Karan and her.

Karan tells that there is nothing going on between them, Natasha is just his friend, when they lie to save each other, reporters around make news. Natasha confuses the family. He sees Karan and asks Natasha if he can take her for lunch. Rakhi asks Karan to ask his mom sometimes as well. Karan makes Preeta jealous. Rakhi stops Karan from going out with Natasha. She tells that she will make coffee for them at home. Preeta gets Shrishti’s call. Shrishti tells that Sameer and she are in the hotel room, they got her disguised getup also. She asks Preeta to come home and get ready before Sherlyn comes. Preeta leaves from home. Karan thinks Preeta didn’t care, she isn’t scared that he can really marry Natasha, she isn’t talking to him normally. He wants to give a shock to Preeta and then see how she doesn’t react. Janki accompanies Preeta to help her. They hide on seeing Sherlyn with Prithvi.

Preeta tells Janki some plan and sends her to Shrishti. She calls Shrishti. She tells that Sherlyn and Prithvi have come before time. She needs time to change her look. She asks Sameer to call Prithvi and distract him, else she can’t enter the hotel. Sameer calls Prithvi and irritates him. Prithvi scolds him and turns other side. Preeta runs inside the hotel. Prithvi asks Sameer to come in front of him and talk. Janki puts a knife in Sherlyn’s purse, and informs the security. Sherlyn is stopped at the security check, while Janki and Preeta enter the hotel before her.

Janki asks Preeta to go, while she leaves to keep an eye on Prithvi. Preeta reaches Sameer and Shrishti. Janki thinks Prithvi is a donkey to fall into their plan. Preeta goes to change and take a disguise. Sherlyn reaches there and rings the bell. Shrishti tells Sameer that Preeta didn’t get ready yet. Sherlyn enters the room, while Shrishti and Sameer hide. Sherlyn meets the blackmailer/Preeta in man’s disguise. Preeta tells Sherlyn that she knows the secret how Sherlyn has made Rishabh away from the family. She asks Sherlyn to check the CD. She demands 20 crores. Sherlyn tells that she doesn’t have the money. Preeta threatens to tell the truth to the Luthra family. She tells that Luthras will give her any amount to save their son, but Sherlyn will be saved. She scares Sherlyn and makes her leave. Sherlyn seems to fall into the trap.

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