Bhagya Lakshmi 28th May 2022 Written Update Danger twist

Bhagya Lakshmi 28th May 2022 Written Update Danger twist

Bhagya Lakshmi 28th May 2022 Written Update Danger twist Shalu tells that Lakshmi loves Rishi a lot, she looks really lovely like a real Lakshmi. She asks Lakshmi to come and tell Rishi how much she loves Rishi. Lakshmi runs out of her room to reach the hall and tell Rishi that she loves him. Rishi and Malishka are asked to exchange the rings. They take the rings in their hands. Everyone waits for them to exchange the rings. Lakshmi reaches there and gets Rishi’s attention. She gets tensed seeing him getting engaged. She wants to shout out that she loves him. Balwinder plans to push Lakshmi down the stairs and injure her to hurt Rishi’s heart. Will Lakshmi fall into a big problem again? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Balwinder reaches the party to kill Rishi. Balwinder stumbles and gets in front of Rishi. He makes a story and tires the family. Rishi gives him some money to help. Balwinder thanks him. Malishka doesn’t want Rishi to refuse for the engagement. Balwinder gives the money to his friend. He tells that he will go to some corner and aim at Rishi. He shows the gun with the silencer. He sees the police inspector and identifies him. He tells that if he kills Rishi now, then the inspector will arrest him. He gets an idea. He tells that he will hurt Lakshmi instead Rishi, Rishi will feel the pain. Balwinder tell that Lakshmi will get her bones broken. He sees Virender and pretends to take his blessings.

Bhagya Lakshmi 28th May 2022 Written Update Danger twist:


Ayush feels that he has seen Balwinder somewhere. Virender tells that nothing should go wrong with Rishi. Balwinder tells that he was hiding his face so he had to touch Virender’s feet. He wants his work to get done. He spills the oil on the staircase. Rishi and Malishka sit for the engagement. Bani tells Rano that Shalu is much angry, she will go to Lakshmi and give her courage, Shalu will explain her that its about love. She wishes that Lakshmi comes before the engagement. Shalu compliments Lakshmi. She asks her to tell Rishi what he means to him, how much she loves him.

She adds that she should explain this to Rishi and his family. Malishka thinks Lakshmi isn’t there, else it would have been a problem. Lakshmi goes to see Rishi. Rishi sees Lakshmi and is lost in thoughts. The family also sees Lakshmi. Rishi freezes. Shalu encourages Lakshmi to just go to Rishi. Ayush reminds Rishi that Malishka is waiting. Malishka asks Rishi to just proceed with the engagement. Rishi tells that Lakshmi is standing there and looking at him, maybe she has to say something. Karishma tells that Lakshmi wants to break the engagement deliberately.

Neelam gets angered seeing the way Lakshmi is influencing Rishi by her presence. Neelam asks Lakshmi if she wants to stop the engagement. She calls Lakshmi a fool. Ayush asks Rishi not to think anything and just remember what Lakshmi has done with her. Balwinder gets into Lakshmi’s room. Bobby reminds him their main goal. Balwinder gets into an argument with him and hits him in anger. Bobby faints down. Balwinder checks him. He gets worried. He is shocked to see someone from the staff.

Lakshmi tries to call out Rishi and stop him. Neelam asks Lakshmi to just talk to her. she runs upstairs. She falls down the stairs. Lakshmi tries to save Neelam, but the latter falls down. Rishi and the family members are shocked to see Neelam’s accident. Rishi drops the ring and goes to attend Neelam. He takes Neelam for the aide. The staff man threatens Balwinder that he will tell everything to Virender. He summons the guards. Balwinder thinks the guard is new and doesn’t know him.

He asks if anything happened downstairs. He thinks Lakshmi would have fallen by now. He asks if ambulance has come to get someone. Guard tells that the family member got hurt. Balwinder wishes Lakshmi stays fine. The family rushes Neelam to the hospital. Virender thanks Abhay for help. Rishi feels it’s a nightmare. Malishka blames Lakshmi for Neelam’s accident. Shalu asks Malishka if this is happening because of Lakshmi. She argues with Malishka. She defends her sister that she was saving Neelam.

Balwinder tries to save himself. He proves that Bobby is alive. He asks Bobby to save him. Bobby tells that he won’t save him. He doesn’t come in Balwinder’s words. Shalu tells the family that Lakshmi isn’t wrong, they shall not accuse her. Virender tells that they are not accusing Lakshmi. Ayush feels Malishka is right, Neelam met with an accident because of Lakshmi. He also agrees with Malishka. He tells that Neelam lost her balance and fell down, because she was disturbed, her attention was on Lakshmi. Lakshmi feels sorry. Karishma accuses Lakshmi. Rishi doesn’t like the happening.

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