Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th May 2022 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th May 2022 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th May 2022 Written Update Police check Khurana Mansion for drugs. Saaransh asks why Tarun took his name. Prisha says she strongly feels that someone is forcing Tarun to take his name. This shocks and worries everyone. Saaransh asks who can and why is someone forcing Tarun to take his name. Prisha and Rudra ask Saaransh to not worry as they will not let anything happen to him. Sharda tells Rudra-Prisha that even they are getting worried being elders, and Saaransh will obviously feel worried as he is still a child. She says whatever is happening is a big thing.

Rudra leaves with Saaransh to meet their lawyer, informing the family. Ruhi asks Prisha what the police are searching for and why they came to their house. Prisha tells Ruhi that the police are misunderstanding them as someone gave them wrong information. She asks Ruhi to not take tension as it’s related to elders and they will handle it themselves. GPS asks Prisha to not take tension, everything will get fine. Ruhi decides to ask Revati as she is a police commissioner. Revati goes to Saaransh’s room and places the drugs packet in between his project files and sheets. Ruhi asks Revati what police are searching for in their house and why they came.

Revati asks Ruhi why she is asking all this as she should not think about it being a child. On Ruhi’s insistence, Revati tells Ruhi that police are searching for drugs at her house, which is a white powder-like substance. She explains to little Ruhi that keeping drugs at home or with self is a crime. Revati further explains to Ruhi that if police find drugs at her home, they will take Saaransh to prison. Ruhi gets scared hearing this. Revati asks Ruhi to not worry as Saaransh can never do something wrong like this. She wonders why police are not searching Saaransh’s room and leaves to check on them. Ruhi prays for Saaransh’s safety. Revati in a low voice asks her juniors why aren’t they searching Saaransh’s room as she placed drugs there only.


Juniors tell Revati that it’s necessary to search everywhere as directly searching Saaransh’s room will make Khuranas doubt them. Revati asks her juniors to not teach her and do whatever she has asked them to. Junior says they will search Saaransh’s room next after this one. Revati gets shocked seeing GPS, keeping a watch on her. She scolds her juniors to end GPS’s doubt on her. Ruhi gets hurt and falls down while searching for drugs in Saaransh’s room. She gets the drugs packet that Revati placed and runs away from police. Police searches Saaransh’s room for drugs. On not finding drugs in Saaransh’s room, they inform Revati that they didn’t find drugs in Saaransh’s room.

Revati wonders how this is possible. She asks her juniors to check Saaransh’s room once again. Juniors don’t find anything even after double checking. Revati wonders where the drugs she placed in Saaransh’s room went. Ruhi on the other hand thinks to show the drug packet to Rudra, Prisha or Sharda. Ruhi finds Sharda but fails to tell her anything as the police come there. She hides and consumes the drugs to save Saaransh from getting arrested. Police check the Ruhi where Ruhi is seen sitting. As the police leave, Ruhi faints. This shocks and worries Sharda. She runs to Ruhi.

Rudra scolds police for doubting and troubling his family, especially Saaransh. He threatens police officers asking them if he should file a defamation case against them. Revati wonders where the drugs went from Saaransh’s room. Police officers apologize to Rudra. Rudra tells police officers that police are to protect people and help them get justice, not to support wrong people and do injustice with good people. He says the person who troubled his family should be ashamed. Revati feels angry and gets a little teary eyed. Sharda calls Rudra-Prisha upstairs. Everyone runs upstairs.

Whole family gets shocked seeing Ruhi unwell. Ruhi asks Rudra-Prisha if the police left their home. Shocked, Khuranas tells Ruhi that the police left. Ruhi tells everyone that she ate the white powder kept in Saaransh’s room. Blood arouses from Ruhi’s mouth as she coughs. This scares everyone and Ruhi too. Rudra asks Prisha to please check what happened to Ruhi. Saaransh says he didn’t keep drugs in his room. He says he is telling the truth that he doesn’t know how drugs came to his room. GPS tells Saaransh that they know that he can’t do such a wrong thing. Revati wonders how Ruhi got the drugs she planted.

She feels angry thinking that Ruhi foiled her plan. Revati says she thinks that Ruhi consumed drugs. Prisha says they need to take Ruhi to the hospital immediately. Revati says she will have to inform police as it’s a drugs case. Rudra angrily asks Revati what rubbish she is talking about. He says they can’t wait for the police as Ruhi’s life is in danger. Rudra folds his hands in front of Revati to not say all this, at this time. Prisha also requests Revati. Revati says hospital staff won’t treat Ruhi until police will arrive as it’s a drugs case. Prisha says she is a doctor and everyone knows her there and thus staff will surely treat Ruhi.

Everyone leaves for the hospital telling Revati that they will handle legal formalities later on. Revati feels happy seeing Ruhi and Khuranas in trouble and tension. After reaching the hospital, the doctor apologizes to Prisha saying that they can’t start treatment without informing police as it’s a drugs case. On Rudra and Prisha’s requests, the doctor agrees to treat Ruhi before informing the police. He sends Rudra-Prisha outside OT and starts treating Ruhi. Next morning, Prisha cries and requests Rudra to save Ruhi anyhow. Rudra calms Prisha. Doctor comes outside OT and tells Ruhi’s family that Ruhi is critical as she ate the wrong substance in high amounts. He says the next few hours are very critical for Ruhi’s life.

This shocks everyone. Doctor tells everyone that they did their work and the rest is in God’s hands. He asks Ruhi’s family to pray for Ruhi. Revati enjoys Khuranas and Srinivasans pain. Prisha runs away. Sharda stops Rudra from following Prisha. She tells Rudra that his presence near Ruhi is very important. Sharda tells Rudra that Prisha must have gone to ask for her right from God. Revati feels happy thinking that she got double benefit, thinking that Ruhi will die and Saaransh will get arrested in her murder and drug keeping/consummation charges.

Prisha reaches the temple and prays to God for Ruhi’s life. She tells God that Ruhi did all this to save her brother. Prisha asks God to give her the right of being Ruhi’s mother. On the other hand, Ruhi’s treatment goes on. Prisha keeps ringing the temple bell. Later, a nurse comes and tells Rudra that Ruhi is better than before but still in danger. Outside the temple, Prisha hears some snake charmers talking about another snake charmer (Birju) earning thousands by renting a poisonous snake.

They say that the person who rented the snake, rented it for killing or hurting someone by snake bite. Prisha recalls the poisonous snake who bit her at her home. She goes to the snake charmers to get information about who rented the poisonous snake from Burju. Prisha shows snake bite marks on her hand to them. When the snake charmers show reluctance, Prisha threatens them by saying that she is calling the police. Scared snake charmers agree to give information to Prisha. Prisha shows them her wedding ceremonies photographs. Snake Charmers recognizes Revati. Prisha gets shocked knowing that Revati is trying to trouble and hurt Khuranas.

In the next episode, Prisha with GPS will meet and question Tarun, why he told police that Saaransh kept the drugs. Tarun will seem helpless. Revati will bring the police to the hospital. This will shock everyone. Revati will say that it’s important to know where and how Ruhi got the drugs from. GPS will tell Prisha that he has had a doubt on Revati for many days. Both Prisha and GPS will doubt Revati’s hand behind the police raid at their home. They will follow Revati. Revati will be seen getting something mixed in kheer. Later she will surprise everyone by serving them kheer. Everyone will happily eat the kheer that Revati got prepared for them. Revati will smirk seeing everyone eating adulterated kheer. Prisha will feel doubtful towards Revati.

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