Radha Mohan 28th May 2022 Written Update

Radha Mohan 12th December 2022 Mohan lashes out

Radha Mohan 28th May 2022 Written Update Radha tells Gungun her third wish/condition. She tells Gungun that she will have to address Mohan as “Papa”. Gungun asks Radha if her third condition isn’t difficult. She tells Radha that she can’t accept her 3rd condition. Radha tells Gungun that she will herself start calling Mohan as Papa after spending the whole day with him and in his love. Gungun says fine. She sends Radha to get her given papers signed by Mohan with a Rs. 50,000 cheque. Gungun smirks, seeing her plan going perfect.

Tulsi’s soul tries to tell Gungun that Radha will once again get in trouble because of her. She asks Gungun why she always does this. While going downstairs, Damini and Radha collide with each other. Boarding School’s papers fell from Radha’s hand. Both Damini and Radha’s head hit each other twice as they together bend down twice to pick up the fallen papers. Finally, Damini picks up the papers from the stairs and doesn’t express that she read them. She asks Radha where she was going. Before Radha could reply, Damini’s mother comes and stands behind Radha.


Radha tells Damini that she was going to talk to Mohan as Gungun needs some money to give in school. Damini tells Radha that she doesn’t think Mohan will sign the papers in her hand. Radha tells Damini that people who try, never lose. She says she can at least try. Damini tells Radha that she is right. She wishes luck to Radha and sends her to Mohan. Damini’s mother asks Damini what was the need to send Radha to Mohan’s room. She reminds Damini how she got angry yesterday seeing Radha holding Mohan’s hand. Damini’s mother asks Damini to be careful and alert about Radha and her actions.

Damini asks her mother to let Radha go to Mohan’s room as whatever she is thinking won’t happen. She tells her mother that she was unnecessarily giving Radha the chance to befriend Gungun. Damini says she doesn’t need Gungun now. She tells her mother that now Radha will become the opportunity/reason for her and Mohan’s marriage. Damini’s mother asks Damini what opportunity she is talking about. Damini tells her mother that she didn’t read what papers Radha took to Mohan. Radha reaches Mohan’s room and searches for him. Mohan comes from behind Radha and collides with her as she turns. Radha apologizes to Mohan.

Mohan calls Radha an “accident shop”. He asks Radha what she came for. Unaware of the truth, Radha forwards boarding school admission papers towards Mohan. She tells Mohan that Gungun wants him to sign these papers and wants some money to give a donation in school. Mohan says it’s good that Gungun wants to donate some money in school. Radha tells Mohan that Gungun was being reluctant to ask him about this herself and thus sent her. Mohan takes out his cheque book and asks Radha how much money Gungun wants to donate. Radha says Rs. 50,000. Mohan asks Radha, isn’t it a large amount. Radha tells Mohan that even she got confused and questioned Gungun.

She says Gungun’s heart is big and she said that she wants to donate a large amount as other school students are also giving. Radha stops before telling Mohan that Gungun wants to donate this money in her mother’s name. Mohan hands over the cheque to Radha. Radha gives boarding school admission papers to Mohan for him to sign them. Damini snatches the papers from Mohan, before he could sign them up. She also snatches the cheque from Radha. Damini asks Mohan how he agreed to send Gungun to boarding school. Mohan and Radha get shocked and confused.

Damini for about 5 seconds gives Radha’s brought papers to Mohan to read. She immidiately snatches the papers from Mohan and tears it. Mohan looks at Radha with shock. Whole family comes there and asks what happened. Mohan asks Radha why she lied to him that she gave him donation papers to sign. Radha tells Mohan that she didn’t lie to him. She says Gungun herself told her that she wants to donate money to her school in her mother’s name. Rahul and Ketki enjoy Mohan and Radha’s argument. Tulsi’s soul also comes there. Damini asks if she will agree to Gungun’s each and every word.

She asks Radha who is a kid, Gungun or she? Radha reminds Damini that even she saw the same papers outside. She asks Damini why she didn’t say anything to her. Damini rudely tells Radha that she saw papers in her hand, but didn’t read it. She tells Radha that she ignored reading the papers as she told her that they are donation papers. Damini says after this she realized that school staff always call Kadambari or Mohan, whenever they require donation. She says teachers don’t involve kids in donation matters. Gungun overhears all this from outside Mohan’s room and gets shocked. Damini says she got doubtful and checked Gungun’s laptop.

She reveals that she saw the boarding school’s admission form downloaded in Gungun’s laptop’s search history. Damini says thank god she reached Mohan at the right time, other wrong would have happened. Gungun feels disappointed as Damini has foiled her plan. Damini tells Radha that one needs to keep an eye on kids at all times. She says kids shouldn’t be trusted blindly. Radha tells Damini that she never gets careless in Gungun’s matters. She reveals that she can’t read English and thus made a mistake. Mohan scolds Radha for her carelessness. He angrily tells Radha that he would have lost Gungun forever, if Damini wouldn’t have stopped him.

Mohan explains to Radha that Gungun would have left him forever. He tells Radha that she should have focused on studies as it would have worked for her. Tulsi’s soul and Gungun feels bad for Radha. Damini asks Mohan why he is scolding Radha as Gungun is their daughter, not Radha’s. She tells Mohan that even he could have read the papers, especially related to Gungun. Damini asks Mohan how he can sign any document without reading it. She sends Radha outside. Gungun takes Radha with her in a hurry. Mohan says he should have read the papers and he is at fault.

Damini tells Mohan that she understands his feelings that he thought Mohan Trivedi’s daughter can have anything. She says it got cleared now that she will get two children after marriage, Gungun and Mohan. Kadambari and Damini’s mother smiles. Tulsi’s soul, Rahul and Ketki feel irritated with Damini’s fake drama. Damini tells Mohan that she knows that Gungun is everything for him and he can do anything for Gungun’s one smile. She tells Mohan that it doesn’t mean that they should agree to everything that Gungun says. Damini tells Mohan that this way, they will lose Gungun before making her love them. Irritated and confused Mohan leaves.

Kadambari praises Damini and her way of handling Gungun and Mohan. She tells Damini that she wants her and Mohan’s marriage to take place as soon as possible, so that she gets a good daughter-in-law and Gungun gets a good mother. Tulsi’s soul feels angry. Kadambari asks Damini to handle Mohan and Trivedis house soon, so she could retire peacefully. Damini and her mother feel happy fooling almost everyone. On the other hand, Gungun takes Radha to her room and asks her why she is crying. She says everyone knows that Mohan is full of anger and pours his anger on everyone. She says Mohan would come first in anger showing competition.

Radha tells Gungun that she is crying because of her lie. She asks Gungun how she can use her illiteracy in English to her advantage. Radha explains to Gungun that lying is not good as it is a sin. Gungun asks Radha why she behaves like mother India and hears Mohan’s scoldings. Radha tells Gungun that Mohan could have lost her forever because of her. Gungun calls Radha, dramatic. She apologizes to Radha. Tulsi’s soul smiles hearing that Gungun has started apologizing for her mistakes. Radha tells Gungun that she doesn’t want her apology. She asks Gungun to promise her that she will never lie from now onwards.

Before Gungun could properly apologize to Radha, Damini comes there. She apologizes to Radha for Mohan’s scolding. Radha tells Damini that she could have made a big blunder today. She tells Damini that she has decided to learn English. Damini tells Radha that she doesn’t need to change as she is cute in her original form. She tells Radha that she won’t be able to learn English at this age. Gungun and Tulsi’s soul feels angry because of Damini’s words. Gungun tells Radha that her English teacher says that a person can learn anything at any age, if he/she is really intended to learn something. She tells Radha, “Where there is a will, there is a way.

Damini tells Gungun that she is talking wisely. She asks Radha to go outside as she needs to talk to Gungun alone. Gungun says Radha won’t go anywhere and smirks. Angry Damini reminds Radha that they should not agree to everything the kids say. Tulsi’s soul feels angry as Damini locks Gungun’s room from inside. Gungun tells Damini that she doesn’t want to talk to her at all. She asks Damini to go away. Damini tells Gungun that she has to talk to her to settle some accounts with her. She tears the boarding school admission/ donation papers angrily. Tulsi’s soul stands angrily in between Damini and Gungun. Downstairs Kadambari meets Radha and asks her to not feel bad about Mohan’s anger and words. She says Mohan gets uncontrollable in matters related to Gungun. Radha asks Kadambari why she will feel bad as Mohan did right, scolding her for the big mistake she made. She tells Kadambari that she is very good at Sanskrit, Hindi, Yoga and cooking. Radha tells Kadambari that she is planning to learn English now as Gungun’s teacher says, “where there is a will, there is a way”. Kadambari says Gungun’s teacher is absolutely right. She tells Radha that she wishes that Gungun learns some good things from her.

Radha tells Kadambari that Gungun is still a child and will learn good things soon. In Gungun’s room, Damini tells Gungun that she isn’t a small child and her big plan flopped. She tells Gungun that nothing can happen in the Trivedi house that she doesn’t want. Tulsi’s soul decides that she won’t leave Damini, if she does anything with Gungun today.

In the next episode, Damini will break Tulsi’s photograph kept in Gungun’s room. She will tell Gungun that she can throw Tulsi’s photograph even outside the house. Later, Gungun will tell everyone that Damini scolded her and broke Tulsi’s photograph by throwing it on the floor. Damini will come to everyone and show her head wound. She will try to make everyone believe that Gungun hit and injured her. This will shock everyone, even Gungun.


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