Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th May 2022 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th May 2022 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th May 2022 Written Update GPS asks Prisha why she called him at Khurana Mansion. Prisha tells GPS that it was Revati who brought the snake to their house. She says she got to know about it from the snake charmers who were sitting outside the temple, where she went to pray for Ruhi’s life. GPS tells Prisha that he has been doubtful about Revati’s actions for many days. Prisha asks GPS why he didn’t share his doubt with her. She also asks why Revati will bring a snake to their house. GPS tells Prisha that the snake bit her and still she is asking why Revati brought the snake to their house.

Prisha asks GPS why Revati would want to do bad to her. GPS says Revati must have some evil motives. He tells Prisha that Revati was instigating Sharda against Vasudha in the hospital by telling her that Vasudha brought the snake to get Sharda bitten. GPS also tells Prisha about the moon prop incident, for which Vasudha was being blamed. He further tells Prisha that Vasudha told her that Revati gave her Sharda’s phone to keep it on charging. GPS says Vasudha received someone’s call on Sharda’s phone and that’s what they saw in CCTV footage. He tells Prisha that he saw Revati in Saaransh’s room before the police came. GPS also tells Prisha that he saw Revati talking secretly to the inspector in between the raid.

GPS says Revati started scolding the inspector as she might have seen him keeping a watch on her. Prisha and GPS decrypts that Revati might have made police raid their house by planting drugs in Saaransh’s room. GPS and Prisha reach Tarun’s home to get some hint about the truth. Tarun tries to ignore/avoid Prisha and GPS. Prisha requests Tarun to help her by telling her the truth as little Ruhi’s life is in danger. She tells Tarun that she knows that he is a good person and doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Tarun locks the door by taking Prisha and GPS inside. He asks Prisha what happened to Ruhi. Prisha tells Tarun that Ruhi ate drug powder to save Saaransh. She says Ruhi is in hospital and her life is in danger.


Tarun grows guilty and apologizes to Prisha. He tells Prisha that he didn’t do all this on purpose. Prisha tells Tarun that she knows that he is a nice person. She asks Tarun why he lied to the police that Saaransh kept the drugs. Prisha asks Tarun if Revati forced him to do all this. Tarun says yes. He tells Prisha that Revati forced him to lie to police that Saaransh is a drug dealer. Tarun reveals to Prisha that Revati threatened to get him trapped and arrested in the drugs case, which Dev forced him to keep in her school cabin. He says he never knew that Ruhi’s life would get in danger. Prisha and GPS leave, thanking Tarun.

GPS tells Prisha that they even don’t know why Revati is doing all this. Prisha tells GPS that they exposed Dev and Rakesh. She says Revati would be thinking that her family got snatched because of them and her everything ended. Prisha says if it would have been anyone else than Revati, he/she would have gone away from them but Revati tried to get closer to them by intentionally putting them into guilt. She tells GPS that now she thinks Revati would have intentionally made the doctor lie to them about her being in depression, so that they bring Revati to their home. GPS agrees to Prisha. They discuss that Revati is dangerous as she is clever, commissioner and has power too.

Prisha says till now Revati was fooling and hurting them and their family. She decides to expose Revati like she exposed Dev and Rakesh. GPS tells Prisha that he is with her in her decision. Prisha says that she has thought about what to do next. Later, at the hospital Revati shocks everyone by bringing police. Revati apologizes to Rudra and says it was important. She says Ruhi ate drugs and it’s important to know how and where she got the drugs from. Rudra says Ruhi is still in emergency. Revati tells Rudra that she can understand him but Ruhi ate drugs and thus she needs to do her duty being a commissioner.

She says she will have to arrest Saaransh now. Revati says if Ruhi got drugs from him, it proves that Saaransh kept drugs at home and he is dealing in drugs. Ruhi’s doctor comes from behind and says that Ruhi didn’t consume drugs. GPS and Prisha smirks, while everyone else gets shocked. Doctor tells Revati that she is mistaken as Ruhi consumed chalk powder, which is used on blackboards. Revati gets a little uncontrollable and asks the doctor how this is possible. She realizes her mistake and controls herself. Revati asks the doctor if he is sure that Ruhi consumed chalk, not drugs. Doctor confidently tells Revati that he didn’t find drugs anywhere in Ruhi’s body, but instead chalk.

Prisha recalls requesting Ruhi’s doctor to lie for once. Doctor tells Prisha that his license could get canceled if the truth comes out. Prisha tells the doctor if something wrong happens, she will take all accusations on herself. Doctor tells Prisha that he knows that she can’t do anything wrong and is a nice person. He reminds Prisha how she saved his wife, when his wife suffered serious complications in her pregnancy. Doctor tells Prisha that everyone refused to help, but she helped him. He tells Prisha that he will surely help her. Flashback ends.

Prisha asks why the police came. Revati stutters and says that she indulged in some misunderstanding. She sends her junior staff saying that no case can be filed. Seeing Prisha’s expressions, Revati understands that Prisha got to know her reality. She smirks thinking that she has another big evil plan for Prisha and Rudra’s wedding day. Prisha promises to herself that she will expose Revati in front of everyone before her and Rudra’s wedding. Rudra says they should cancel his and Prisha’s wedding. This shocks Revati. He and Prisha say that they can’t think about marriage, when their daughter is so unwell.

Sharda supports Rudra and Prisha’s decision. Ruhi wakes up and says the wedding will take place. Prisha tells Ruhi that she made everyone cry a lot. Ruhi apologizes to Prisha. Everyone tells Ruhi that they are proud of her. Ruhi asks Saaransh if he is fine. Saaransh asks a brother who has a sister like Ruhi, how he won’t be fine. Rudra and Prisha ask Ruhi if she is fine. Ruhi says she is fine and wants to see their wedding today only. Sharda and Saaransh say they can keep the wedding tomorrow as till then Ruhi can take rest. Ruhi thanks Rudra. Rudra thanks Ruhi for coming into their life. Nurse sends everyone other than Ruhi’s parents outside the ward.

Prisha goes outside and asks GPS to keep a watch on Revati. He says fine and leaves asking Prisha to take care. At night, Rudra thanke Prisha for saving Ruhi’s life from God. He tells Prisha that the doctor supported and helped them a lot by lying to police that Ruhi consumed chalk powder. He says he can’t understand who can keep drugs in their house. Prisha decides to tell Rudra about Revati’s evil side and plans against them. Before Prisha could speak out the truth, Rudra apologizes to Prisha for always doing bad to her because of his anger. He tells Prisha that he wants to keep everyone happy and be happy.

Rudra promises to Prisha that he won’t ever again hurt her because of his anger. Ruhi wakes up hearing her parents saying, “I love you” to each other. She makes them say, “I love you” to her. Seeing Rudra spending happy time with Ruhi, Prisha decides to tell Rudra about Revati’s truth the next day. Next morning, GPS tells Prisha that he installed a spy app on Revati’s phone to keep track of her movements and plans. They open the app and see Revati going somewhere. Both GPS and Prisha start following Revati. They see Revati doing something with their caterer. Later, Revati surprises everyone with Kheer. Prisha asks Revati to have some kheer herself.

Revati says she can’t eat kheer as she is diabetic and has a milk allergy. She smirks seeing everyone having kheer. Everyone praises kheer. They ask Revati to give them more kheer. Revati asks the servant to bring more kheer. She wonders why her poison is not working on Khuranas and Srinivasans. Flashback starts, Prisha and GPS sees Revati giving some evil orders to their caterer. They see their caterer mixing a substance in their kheer that Revati gave him. Prisha and GPS catch the caterer and ask him what he mixed in their family’s kheer. The caterer says he didn’t mix anything in kheer.

Later, he blurts out the truth, when GPS forces him to eat kheer. Caterer pushes the kheer bowl and makes it fall on the floor. A cat comes and starts eating kheer. She dies shocking everyone. When Prisha says they should get the caterer and Revati arrested by police for trying to kill their family, the caterer runs away pushing GPS. Prisha tells GPS that now they will catch Revati red handed, when she will make a mistake in anger seeing them alive even after eating her kheer. Flashback ends. Prisha and Revati give each other a challenging look.

In the next episode, Prisha will tell Revati that she got to know about her evil reality. Revati from a distance will say that soon Rudra and Prisha’s world will get shattered. Later, everyone will get unconscious due to smelly and dangerous smoke coming from mandap’s havan kund. Prisha will get shocked seeing all this from upstairs.

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