Radha Mohan 30th May 2022 Written Update

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Radha Mohan 30th May 2022 Written Update Damini tells Gungun that nothing can happen in the Trivedi house that she doesn’t want. Gungun asks Damini to leave, if her lecture has ended. Damini asks Gungun what she will do, if she won’t leave. By throwing Gungun’s toys and stuff, Damini tells Gungun that now she will have to do whatever she says. She also tells Gungun that she will have to live her life as per her wishes. Damini further tells Gungun that now she will have to follow her rules and her arbitrary conduct won’t be entertained anymore.

She keeps throwing Gungun’s toys and stuff here and there. To grow Gungun’s anger, Damini tells Gungun that she will stop her mobile games, laptop games, playing with toys and other things. Tulsi’s soul feels confused and worried. Gungun asks Damini if she has gone crazy, that she is throwing her stuff here and there. Tulsi’s soul asks Damini, if she has gone mad that she is scaring a child. Damini asks Gungun why she isn’t doing anything as she is throwing her toys. Worried Tulsi’s soul wonders what Damini is upto. Damini asks Gungun if she isn’t getting angry. Gungun tells Damini that her anger battery ended.


Damini thinks that Gungun needs to get angry for her plan to be successful. Gungun asks Damini to leave as she doesn’t want to fight or argue with her. Damini tells Gungun that now she is her mother. She says she can do and change anything. Damini tells Gungun that firstly, she will stop her from taking or remembering Tulsi’s name. Tulsi’s soul tries to tell Gungun to not react as Damini is trying to instigate her. Gungun angrily asks Damini to not say anything about her mother. Damini asks Gungun if she will hit her. She instigates and asks Gungun to come and beat her.

When Gungun doesn’t react, Damini tells Gungun that she can even throw her mother’s photograph out of the house. She asks Gungun what she will do. Tulsi’s soul asks Damini why she is instigating her daughter. She asks Damini if she wants to prove Gungun bad in Trivedi family’s eyes. Gungun asks Damini to not dare touch her mother’s photograph.Gungun throws something at Damini’s hand in anger. Damini smirks thinking that Gungun did whatever she wanted. Damini picks up Tulsi’s photograph and breaks it by throwing it on the floor. Gungun starts crying. Damini gives an evil smirk to a crying Gungun.

Tulsi’s soul feels worried. Gungun tells Damini that she will tell everyone about her misdeeds. She runs downstairs. Damini feels Tulsi’s soul’s presence in Gungun’s room. She instigates Tulsi’s soul by telling her that she will make her daughter cry every day now. Damini tells Tulsi’s soul that she won’t he able to stop her from torturing and troubling little Gungun daily. Tulsi’s soul gets angry and injures Damini by throwing a vase on her forehead. She tells Damini that she won’t stay silent, if she will say anything ill about her daughter. Tulsi’s soul warns Damini to stay away from daughter, otherwise she will ruin her.

Damini smirks and thanks Tulsi’s soul for injuring her as she needed this only. Tulsi’s soul feels confused. Downstairs Mohan requests Gungun to tell him why she is crying. Radha asks Gungun to stop crying and tell what happened. When Mohan again asks Gungun the reason behind her tears, Gungun rudely asks him how her tears/pain matters to him. She asks Mohan if he will keep anyone as her mother at home. Kadambari asks Gungun what actually happened. Gungun asks Mohan if he is doing all this because of his hate for her. She says Damini hates her and keeps scolding her. Gungun says Damini is very bad.

Radha tells Gungun that this is not the way to talk to elders. On Radha’s insistence, Gungun tells everyone that Damini scolded her and broke her mother’s photograph by throwing it on the floor. This shocks everyone except Rahul and Ketki. Damini’s mother thinks now Tulsi’s soul will express anger on Damini. Mohan asks Gungun what she is saying. Gungun says she is telling the truth, Damini broke her mother’s photograph. Everyone except Rahul and Ketki, looks at each other in shock and confusion. Ketki and Rahul in a low voice discuss that Gungun’s words will oust Damini from Trivedi house today.

Gungun says the same thing, when Mohan tries to confirm the truth from her. Damini comes with her head covered with her hand and asks Gungun if she is telling the truth. Damini tells everyone that she didn’t even touch Gungun, instead she hit and injured her. She shows her forehead wound to Gungun. Everyone gets shocked seeing Damini’s wound, Gungun feels angry, while Rahul and Ketki feel happy. Damini’s mother overreacts in worry for Damini, seeing her injured. Damini tells her mother that she is fine. Damini’s mother asks Damini if Gungun hit her. Mohan and Radha get shocked hearing this.

Damini’s mother says little Gungun troubles everyone with her misdeeds. Gungun again starts crying. She plays her widow card again and says when will her problems end. Damini says she wouldn’t have even told anyone about her wound but can’t take the allegation of breaking Tulsi’s photograph. She says she can’t even dream of doing this. Gungun says Damini is lying. Damini asks Gungun why she will lie. She says she went to Gungun’s room to ask her why she wants to go boarding school, leaving her father. Damini tells everyone that Gungun got angry hearing Mohan’s name. She also tells everyone that an angry Gungun started throwing her own stuff here and there and in this process Tulsi’s photograph fell and broke.

Everyone feels shocked and confused, whom to trust and whom not. Gungun says Damini is lying, she only threw Tulsi’s photograph. Damini asks Gungun why she will do this as she knows that she (Gungun) loves her mother a lot. Gungun tells Damini that she did all this because she hates her as well as her mother. She tells everyone that Damini was saying that she is her mother from now onwards. Damini tells Gungun that she told her this thing with love. Tulsi’s soul tries to tell everyone that Damini is lying and wants to trap Gungun. She requests and hopes that someone will trust her daughter. Damini tells everyone that Gungun got angry when she told her that it’s not good to leave your family.

She says Gungun got so angry that she started breaking things and before she could complete her talk. Gungun says Damini is continuously lying. Mohan tells Gungun that she is lying, not Damini. Mohan’s disbelief at her words hurts Gungun and enrages Tulsi’s soul. Gungun starts crying as Mohan tells her that he has gotten tired of putting effort into teaching her good things. Mohan tells Gungun that she is getting insolent day by day. Tulsi’s soul feels shocked. Gungun tells Mohan that he won’t believe her as he hates her. She also tells Mohan that only his Damini is good in his eyes. Mohan tells Gungun that he doesn’t hate her.

He reminds Gungun of her lies and mischiefs. Mohan asks Gungun if she has seen her record of lies and mischief. He reminds Gungun that even today she wanted to run to boarding school by lying. Mohan tells Gungun that she has hurt many people in the past and it’s really bad. Kadambari tells Gungun that it’s very bad to hurt/injure people, especially the person who is going to become her mother. Damini acts innocent. Damini’s mother says Gungun will obviously trouble them as they never scolded or punished Gungun for her misdeeds. She asks everyone to keep Gungun in control, otherwise she will hurt/injure everyone in future.

Kadambari shuts Damini’s mother. Gungun asks why no one is trusting her as she isn’t lying. She says she didn’t injure Damini. Kadambari asks Gungun how much she will lie. Ketki tells Gungun that she did wrong by injuring Damini. Hurt and disappointed, Gungun looks at everyone and leaves towards her room, understanding that no one trusts her. She takes Radha with her. Damini’s mother feels angry seeing this. Mohan apologizes to Damini, thinking that Gungun is wrong. In her room, Gungun tells Radha that she didn’t hit Damini. Radha asks Gungun how someone will believe her, if she has a good record of lying. She tells Gungun that she also wants to trust her but isn’t able to.

Gungun swears on Tulsi and says that she didn’t hit Damini. Radha gets stunned hearing Gungun swear on Tulsi. Gungun keeps her hand on Tulsi’s broken photo frame and swears on her, saying that she didn’t hit/injure Damini. Worried, Radha runs to Gungun, seeing her hand bleeding. Tulsi’s soul also feels worried for her bleeding daughter. Gungun asks Radha to stay away from her. She asks Radha to trust her words first, that she didn’t hit Damini. When Radha asks Gungun to let her bandage her hand as it is bleeding badly.

Gungun asks Radha to let her bleed as no one loves her. Radha and Tulsi feel bad for Gungun and her lonely feelings. Radha caresses Gungun’s cheeks and tells her that she really agreed that she is telling the truth. Gungun and Tulsi feel emotional. With Gungun’s permission, Tulsi bandages Gungun’s wound. Radha feels pained with Gungun’s pain. Gungun feels happy and smiles seeing Radha’s loving and caring nature towards her. Radha thinks that Gungun can never falsely swear on her mother. She wonders if Damini is lying.

In the next episode, in a room, Damini will be seen telling her mother that she will soon end all relations of Tulsi from Trivedi house. Radha will come and tell Damini that Gungun swore by her mother that she did not break Tulsi’s photo frame. Damini will get angry, when Radha will question her, if she broke Tulsi’s photo frame.

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