Kundali Bhagya Preeta Rishabh’s affair 6th June 2022 Spoilers

Kundali Bhagya Preeta Rishabh's affair 6th June 2022 Spoilers

Kundali Bhagya Preeta Rishabh’s affair 6th June 2022 Spoilers Kundali Bhagya episode spoiler – Preeta-Rishabh’s affair? Prithvi tells the police that they cannot arrest him. They say that Karan has filed a complaint against him. He agrees to come. Shirleen tries to stop him. She says that Karan has snatched Prithvi from her so he will snatch Preeta from him. Natasha tells Karan that Preeta and Rishabh are having an affair. Karan shouts at her and tells her to shut up. Natasha is stunned.

Mithai episode spoiler – Mithai requests Siddharth:


Mithai tells Hari Mohan that in childhood whenever she fell down her parents used to hug her first. He tells that Siddharth didn’t have the privilege of his father’s love. Mithai asks what if Girish hugs Siddharth and he forgives him. Hari Mohan likes her idea. She says that she cannot promise him but will try her best. Rohan’s mother asks where is Siddharth and if he will not come to his sister’s mehendi. Mithai tells Siddharth to get involved in his family’s happiness.

Sirf Tum episode spoiler – Ranveer treats Vikrant:

Suhani rushes Vikrant to the hospital. Anshul reaches the cold storage and swaps the medicines. Suhani gets the wrong medicine and Vikrant is injected with it. Ranveer tells Suhani that Vikrant’s heart rate is dropping. He tries to give electrical shocks to Vikrant’s chest to restart his heart. Vikrant doesn’t respond. Ranveer and Suhani are shocked.

Sasural Simar Ka episode spoiler – Yamini Devi VS Simar:
Dhami hosts a music competition between Yamini Devi and Simar. She introduces Yamini Devi as a renowned singer and Simar as her disciple. Dhami asks Simar to start first. Reema, Vivaan, and Indu cheer for her sitting in the audience. Simar feels anxious. Aarav and Geetanjali Devi feel worried for her backstage. Aarav motivates Simar to sing with all her heart and informs her that he is with her. Simar closes her eyes.

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal episode spoiler – Kashibai departs Bajirao:
Kashibai handovers a sword to Bajirao. Bajirao tells Kashibai that he always sees tears in her eyes while he leaves for war but never saw fear till now. She says that Peshwinbai is permitted pain but not fear. Kashibai wipes her tears and hugs him. She asks him to promise her that he will not allow the enemy to come closer to him like she is right now with him. Bajirao leaves and Kashibai watches him go helplessly.

Yeh Rishta episode spoiler – Akshara upsets Manjari:

Manjari tells Akshara why did she tell everyone. She tries to explain herself but Manjari says that she knew what was there in the file then why did she give it to Neel. Manjari says that she will never be able to forgive Akshara. Abhimanyu becomes angry. Akshara says that she has not done anything purposely. He puts on his headphones and leaves.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin episode spoiler – Sai’s accident:
Sai asks Patralekha that she wanted her to never be happy in her life and her curse worked. She says that she wanted that all her happiness should be snatched away. Sai declares that she doesn’t want to live and asks Patralekha whether she is happy now. Virat asks her to rest. Sai feels dizzy and falls down.

Yeh Hai Chahatein episode spoiler – Armaan hugs Preesha:

Preesha is about to slip due to the water fallen on the floor. Rudraksh gets worried. Revati pushes a bed mattress towards her. Preesha tells Rudraksh that he should come with him somewhere. Rudraksh tells that it is the time of his class. Preesha says that Revati has kidnapped Gopal. Rudraksh doesn’t believe her. Armaan hugs Preesha and Rudraksh sees that.

Pandya Store episode spoiler – Gautam-Dev get thrashed:

Dev and Gautam go to a landlord and give him their land papers. He says that the land belongs to Jeevan Lal. They go there and see Jeevan Lal’s name on the board and his contact details to buy the land. Gautam breaks the board. Few goons come and get angry at Gautam. He shows them the papers and says that the land belongs to them. They tear the papers and bash Gautam and Dev.

Gud Se Meetha Ishq episode spoiler – Jaidev insults Kaju:

Jaidev offers money to Kaju and asks her to leave his house. He throws a lot of money in front of her and asks her to go from where she has come. Neel says that he will also leave with Kaju. Pari says that if Neel goes away she will also go along with him.

Woh To Hai Albelaa episode spoiler – Krishna saves Sayuri:

Krishna brings a sari and asks Sayuri how is it. She is surprised. Sayuri wears it and comes in front of Krishna and he feels very happy. Her sari gets stuck in the boxes of Chaudhary and sons. Krishna pushes Sayuri and falls under the boxes instead.


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