Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th June 2022 Written Update Upcoming

Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th June 2022 Written Update Upcoming

Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th June 2022 Written Update Upcoming Revati laughs evilly with Rahul. She appreciates Rahul for fooling Prisha and lying to Khuranas. Rahul leaves, thanking Revati. Revati recalls her goons informing her that they heard a phone ring in the store room, near GPS. Revati tells her goons that GPS would have found the landline connection and fixed it. She says GPS is very clever and is trying to make a call to Prisha from an old phone. Revati stops her goons from letting GPS know that they are aware of the fact that he is using landline to contact Prisha.

She decides to do something about it. Flashback continues from another scene/day. Revati is seen explaining her plan to Rahul that she made against Prisha. Flashback ends. On the other hand, Prisha goes to the terrace. She wonders how Revati made GPS lie to her on video call. Revati also arrives at the terrace. She asks Prisha if she is feeling worried about GPS. Seeing Prisha glaring at her in anger, Revati asks her how dare she show her attitude even after receiving such a big shock from her. Revati warns Prisha to stop being clever, otherwise she will kill her father. Prisha requests Revati to tell her about her father’s whereabouts.

Revati tells Prisha that this helpless and begging attitude looks better on her. She makes Prisha fold her hands in front of her and request her to show her father to her. Revati video call her goons and makes Prisha see a bomb tied to GPS’s body. This shocks and worries Prisha. GPS talks to Prisha helplessly. Revati tells Prisha that she is doing all this because she tried searching for her father, when she asked her not to. She asks Prisha why she brought Rudra and Sharda to her house. Revati tells Prisha to remember that she is 100 times above her. She also tells Prisha that she taught a lesson to her and GPS together by one attack for being clever with her. Prisha gets shocked when Revati tells her that Rahul is involved with her.


Revati tells Prisha that she and GPS will get punished for their mistakes. She orders her goons to blast the bomb tied to GPS. A bomb blast voice is heard and Prisha gets scared. Revati’s phone screen goes blank, increasing Prisha’s worries and tension. Prisha breaks down and cries profusely. Suddenly, GPS’s voice is heard. Revati shows the GPS alive to Prisha on her phone. Prisha apologizes to Revati for being clever. She threatens Prisha to kill GPS and get Saaransh arrested in Dev’s murder, if she will try to be clever anymore. Revati angrily asks Prisha to rest as she wants to take away her upcoming child, alive anyhow.

Prisha leaves crying. She walks in the rain and reaches a temple. Prisha sits near the temple and questions God, why bad is happening to her good-hearted father. She also asks God why evil Revati is winning over her and her family. Prisha prays to God to save her family. Armaan reaches Prisha and asks her why she is crying. Prisha tries to ignore Armaan, but he stops her. Armaan requests Prisha to share her tension/problem with him. He offers his help to Prisha but Prisha leaves telling Armaan that she doesn’t need his help.

Next morning, Sharda introduces Prisha to a caretaker Malti. She tells Prisha that Malti will take care of her in her whole pregnancy. Prisha reminds Sharda that she took care of herself on her own, while she was pregnant with Ruhi. Sharda convinces Prisha to let Malti take care of her as her family wants it. Malti assures Prisha that she will not disappoint her. Prisha agrees to let Malti take care of her. Later, on finding Prisha alone, Revati asks Prisha to sign on legal papers that will assure her that after her delivery, she will give her newborn baby to her. Prisha asks Revati if she doesn’t trust her. Revati tells Prisha that she doesn’t trust her even a bit.

She reminds Prisha how she tried to expose her to Rudra, when she asked her not to. Revati tells Prisha that she can’t take any more risks. Prisha refuses to sign the legal papers. Revati asks Prisha to get ready to see her father’s dead body and son, Saaransh in prison. Prisha stops Revati and signs the legal papers. Revati snatches legal papers from Prisha and hides them, on hearing Rudra’s voice. Rudra asks Prisha to get ready for class. Revati also evilly asks Prisha to get ready for her class. As Rudra and Prisha leave, Revati starts laughing evilly, seeing the legal papers, Prisha signed. Rudra and Prisha are seen attending Lamaze classes.

Rudra finds it difficult to make the baby doll wear the diaper. Rudra gets worried seeing that he by mistake broke the baby doll’s hand. Next, Rudra starts feeding milk to the baby doll. Instructor tells Rudra that the baby doll is making a noise as he has made it drink the hot milk, which can burn his mouth. Rudra gets upset knowing that he again made a mistake. He calls himself a loser. Prisha tries to calm a scared and nervous Rudra. She cheers up Rudra and both of them perform well in lamaze classes together. Rudra feels happy on learning how to take care of a baby. Prisha sees how much effort Rudra is putting to learn to take care of their upcoming baby.

She decides that she won’t let Revati take their baby with her anyhow. Rudra and Prisha return home and Sharda makes Prisha sit carefully. Rudra tells Sharda how Prisha cheered him up, when he got disappointed of failing in Lamaze classes again and again. Sharda tells Prisha that Revati and she are making something special for her upcoming baby. Suddenly, police (Revati’s senior) arrives at Khurana Mansion. He scolds Revati, shocking and confusing everyone. Senior arrests Revati, increasing everyone’s shock and confusion.

In the next episode, Revati will be taken away by police. Later, Prisha will ask Digvijay if Armaan did all this to trap Revati. Armaan will come there and accept that he trapped Revati and got her arrested. Rudra will angrily ask Prisha why Armaan wants to give Anvi to her only. Prisha will angrily tell Rudra that Armaan wants to give Anvi to her, because Anvi is emotionally connected to her. Rudra will tell Prisha that these days, he is finding it difficult to even talk to her. Revati will smirk seeing Rudra and Prisha fighting with each other badly.

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