Kundali Bhagya 17th June 2022 Written Update Arjun shocks Rishabh

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Kundali Bhagya 17th June 2022 Written Update Arjun shocks Rishabh Rakhi wants Rishabh home at any cost, and asks Preeta to call him home. Preeta knows that Rishabh is a workaholic and won’t take the call when he is away for an important deal. Sameer tells them that Rishabh has bagged a big honour by getting an invite from a big personality, and he hopes that Rishabh cracks the deal. Rakhi, Preeta and entire family is confident that Rishabh is the best in business, and there is nobody such who can snatch the deal from his hands. Rishabh is seen bidding at the auction. He tells the best offer he can give on the heritage palace deal.

He wants the palace to get converted into a royal hotel. Rishabh gets close to bag the deal, until Arjun’s manager intervenes to stop the bidding by quoting a higher place. Manager tells Rishabh about the huge amount Rishabh has quoted and tells that they will be losing the deal. Arjun asks him to just get the deal at any cost, else he would be losing the job. Arjun quotes a huge amount of 450 crores to surpass Rishabh’s bid and wins the auction. Arjun wins the heritage palace deal, and gives a big defeat to Rishabh, leaving the latter shocked.

Earlier in the show, Preeta defends Rishabh that he went for the important work. Rakhi tells that Rishabh is much busy in his new hotel business. Sameer tells that Rishabh has earned a big name. Rakhi is angered that he has sunken himself in work, he should give some time to the family too. She knows Rishabh is the best, and no one can give him a competition in business. She asks Preeta to call Rishabh home to have the sweets. Preeta tells that she doesn’t have her phone. Rakhi asks her to go and make a call. The Luthras get a big smile on their face when Karan’s daughter joins them for breakfast.


Kundali Bhagya 17th June 2022 Written Update Arjun shocks Rishabh:

Rakhi sees Karan’s daughter and thinks of him. She feels Kavya is just like Karan, she likes to get others scolded. Kavya asks Rakhi to scold Rishabh. Preeta tells that Rishabh is busy. Preeta takes the phone. Kareena tells that Kavya gets happiness when Rishabh gets scolded. She asks Rakhi to understand, Rishabh might be busy. Rakhi tells that they should spare some time for the family. Shrishti feels bad for Rishabh, who would be busy in a meeting. Rishabh is in the middle of a meeting. He tells about the 400 crores bank investment, which they will invest in the heritage hotel. He disconnects Preeta’s call.

Preeta asks Kavya not to call him again. Kavya tells that Rakhi has to talk to Rishabh. Rishabh gets disturbed by the calls. He apologizes to the staff. He answers the call. Preeta asks Rishabh why didn’t he come to have breakfast with the family. The staff gets to see the video call playing on the big projector screen. Preeta complains to him because of Kavya. Rishabh smiles when Preeta scolds him with love. Kavya kisses Preeta and goes. Preeta apologizes to Rishabh. Manager tells Rishabh that he disconnected the device connection. Rishabh excuses himself to talk to Preeta. He asks her to handle Rakhi, he is going for an important meeting with a king for a heritage hotel. He continues his meeting and wants to make the palace a luxurious hotel.

He jokes that he got habitual to deal with the dangerous women of his family. Preeta tells Rakhi that Rishabh said he will have the sweets with the good news, he will win the hotel deal. Rakhi tells that Rishabh got much spoilt. Preeta tells that Rishabh said sorry, its an important day and he needs Rakhi’s blessings, he said he loves Rakhi a lot. Rakhi’s anger gets calm. She blesses Rishabh and loves him dearly. Preeta asks Rakhi to have breakfast. She asks Kavya not to get dad scolded always. Kavya tells that she likes it a lot.

Rishabh goes to win the auction. He meets Raja RajShiv who is giving away his palace to the businessman to convert it into a heritage hotel. The bidding begins, and gets interesting with Rishabh’s huge big amount. Rishabh bids for 360 crores. He introduces himself. He tells that international hoteliers are eyeing the palace, but he wants the hotel for his business. He impresses the King. King tells that he didn’t see such a sharp businessman till date. He also admires Rishabh. He asks Rishabh if he knows his daughter’s name. Rishabh tells Ranjana’s name, and her love story with Ahlawat’s son.

He tells that he knows everything about him. He stuns everyone by his research. Arjun’s manager tells a fellowthat Rishabh might be famous in India, but Arjun Suryavanshi is more famous in the UK. He tells that Arjun wants to run his business in India now, he is the top businessman in the hotel industry, he buys old palaces and converts it into heritage hotels. He adds that Arjun’s success will come to India now. Arjun is seen getting ready. Manager calls him and tells about Rishabh’s highest bid. Arjun tells that he wants the palace at any cost. He asks Manager to bid for 450 crores and win the deal. He threatens the manager of losing his job. A girl/his would be sister-in-law reaches him and asks him to get ready for his engagement. Manager goes to bid from Arjun’s side.

Rishabh is shocked to see the deal going to someone else. King gives a chance to Rishabh to state a last bid, because he is really interesting. Rishabh thanks him, and bids a lesser amount of 250 crores. The man asks him if he is joking, that the bid is going lower. Rishabh tells that he has kept a deal that would interest the King, who wants to satisfy himself with the deal. He keeps a fresh deal. He tells that he will give 250 crores for the palace, but he will keep a part of the palace named to the King, The King can come anytime to occupy the palace and have no interference from anyone. He further tells that he will also offer 25% partnership in the heritage hotel deal to the King. He tells that it’s the best deal he can offer.

The King is really impressed with his business sense. He tells that Rishabh wins the bid. The man questions him, how can he give the palace to Rishabh when Arjun’s manager Mayank has placed the highest bid of 450 crores. Rishabh wants the King to answer. The King tells that he will decide who wins the auction, Rishabh’s offer is the best, the palace has his soul, Rishabh is giving him a part of the palace and that’s how he won his heart. He congratulates Rishabh.

Arjun learns that he lost the deal. He calls to get Rishabh’s details. He doesn’t know about Rishabh Luthra. The girl asks him to focus on the engagement, else her sister will strike them with her anger. Arjun meets his would be fiancée Nidhi. Nidhi tells that she is thinking if she should get engaged to him or not. Arjun tells her that he was inviting a queen for their marriage to please Nidhi. He gives the good news that the queen is coming to attend their marriage. He treats her like a princess.

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  1. If couldn’t be karan because he doesn’t know anything about rishab I think he will search and find out about his story now. Karan might somewhere not knowing who he is

  2. i think karan character is not end. he death thinking that his wife and brother was cheating on him which is not true. This Arjun look like a future troublemaker for preeta and rishab and kb writer will make him hire prithlyn for more information to spoil luthra reputation and they will loose many busness. kareena hasn’t change her mind she is the same like before the diffirent is that she is triying to respect other feeling now. i’m sure she will force preeta to have a true relation husband and wife with rishab. but this will make preeta angry and kavya will discover the truth about her father. hope DD will come back to make this show look like before. we want PREERAN happy with their daugther. PREERAN forever and beyond. TKL is DD only him no one else.

  3. I think Karan might eventually reunite with Preeta in the event he comes back bcos he was misunderstood his brother and Peeta’s relationship.


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