Kundali Bhagya 20th June 2022 Written Update Arjun’s accident

Kundali Bhagya 20th June 2022 Written Update Arjun's accident

Kundali Bhagya 20th June 2022 Written Update Arjun’s accident Nidhi asks Arjun to just bag the deal and come back soon with the good news. Arjun lands in India for the deal. Rishabh gets busy on call, and doesn’t even notice him. Even Arjun fails to see him. Nidhi asks Arjun to come back to London. Arjun promises that he will close the deal and come back to her. Arjun gets hit by a bus, and meets with an accident. His manager is shocked to witness the accident. Arjun lies in the pool of blood, after sliding on the ground and getting hit on his head, post the accident. Rishabh and Preeta’s pictures fall out of the file carried by Arjun.

The King is really impressed with his business sense. He tells that Rishabh wins the bid. The man questions him, how can he give the palace to Rishabh when Arjun’s manager Mayank has placed the highest bid of 450 crores. Rishabh wants the King to answer. The King tells that he will decide who wins the auction, Rishabh’s offer is the best, the palace has his soul, Rishabh is giving him a part of the palace and that’s how he won his heart. He congratulates Rishabh.

Arjun learns that he lost the deal. He calls to get Rishabh’s details. He doesn’t know about Rishabh Luthra. The girl asks him to focus on the engagement, else her sister will strike them with her anger. Arjun meets his would be fiancée Nidhi. Nidhi tells that she is thinking if she should get engaged to him or not. Arjun tells her that he was inviting a queen for their marriage to please Nidhi. He gives the good news that the queen is coming to attend their marriage. He treats her like a princess.


Kundali Bhagya 20th June 2022 Written Update Arjun’s accident:

Rishabh thanks the King for giving him the honor. The King tells Mayank that he liked Rishabh’s offer more, its his decision to make Rishabh win. Rishabh meets Mayank. He tells that sometimes what money can’t do, feelings and love do it, King didn’t wish to sell the house, but he was helpless to sell it for personal reasons, so he offered him a bid and also gave him a personal palace portion in the deal, and he won. Mayank is impressed by him. Arjun is seen getting engaged to Nidhi. They have a romantic dance. Nidhi’s sister is glad to see them so much in love. Arjun gets Mayank’s call. He excuses himself. Mayank apologizes to him that they lost the deal, Rishabh has won the deal at 250 crores amount, he is really good, he knows to win hearts.

Arjun fires him from the job. Mayank asks what’s his mistake that he lost the deal. Arjun tells that he hates losers. Mayank tells that Arjun would have not won the deal, it was such a deal that only Rishabh could win. Arjun gets angered hearing the insulting remark from his own manager. He tells that he will win a big deal, he will win the palace, the deal didn’t get close so soon. He wants to win the palace some how and get it on his name. He books his tickets for India. Nidhi learns that he is leaving for India, when their marriage is due in 15 days. Arjun tells that he is going for 7 days. Nidhi hinders him and angrily throws his phone. Her sister was afraid of her anger. Nidhi tells Arjun that she doesn’t want her marriage to become a bitter memory.

Arjun tells her that he has lost a big deal, he has a big challenge to fulfil, he will go to India and win the lost deal. He promises her that he will return soon, the palace belongs to him, no one else can snatch it from him. He tells her that he can’t give away his thing to anyone. Nidhi tells that he is her hero, the best. She hugs him. Arjun does research on Rishabh and Preeta, while waiting for his flight. He goes to board the flight. He tells that he will snatch Rishabh’s business deal and make his own place there. He reaches Mumbai Airport. He waits for the car. He speaks to Nidhi on call. She counts days for his return. She knows that he might be still seeing the same file.

Arjun wants to know how did Rishabh win a king’s heart, Rishabh looks like a sweet guy but his mind is really sharp. He talks about Preeta, who looks like a typical housewife. He passes by Rishabh at the airport, and misses to see him. Nidhi asks him to close the deal and come back soon. Manager asks Arjun to wait there, while he gets the car. Arjun tells that he will come himself. He meets with a shocking accident. His head gets hit by the metal rod, and starts bleeding. Arjun’s blood splashes on Rishabh and Preeta’s pictures that fall down the file. Preeta gets a strange feeling and worries for her daughter Kavya. She goes to Kavya’s room to check on her.

Preeta finds Kavya absolutely okay. She wonders why is she feeling hurt in her heart like someone dear to her has got hurt. Manager rushes Arjun to the hospital. Arjun is taken by the doctors’ tea. Manager calls Mayank and informs him about Arjun’s deadly accident. Mayank is shocked to know this. He realizes that Arjun really came to India for the palace deal. He also rushes to the city hospital. He informs Arjun’s sister-in-law Anjali about the big accident. Anjali is tensed. She calls Nidhi to inform her. She prays that Arjun stays safe. Sameer and Shrishti have a cute banter. Rakhi, Bani and Kareena tell that Sameer and Shrishti always fight, with or without the topic.

Rakhi tells that she has kept the Shanti puja in the house, she prays that Sameer and Shrishti soon give them a good news. Bani asks if she kept the puja for Rishabh and Preeta also. Rakhi answers that she has kept the puja for just Sameer and Shrishti, because Rishabh and Preeta already know relation keeping, but they will ask Rishabh and Preeta to sit in the puja. Preeta is really tense. Rakhi looks for her phone. She tells the family that pandit Vashisht is coming for the puja. Shrishti asks her what’s wrong in that.

Rakhi tells that pandit Vashisht didn’t inform about his coming, he is really a knowledgeable pandit, he can predict future, and he mostly tells the correct facts. The family reveals what the pandit has revealed about the family, and everything has turned true. Kareena tells that Preeta and Shrishti got married in the same house, pandit had already told that two sisters will be becoming the Luthra bahus, and it also turned true. Preeta asks Rakhi why are they tensed if he is coming. Rakhi tells that he is really strict, nobody can answer him back. Pandit Vashisht reaches the Luthra house. Rakhi welcomes him. Pandit Vashisht questions Rakhi about her son.

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  1. i saw the promo where the pandit was saying that karan is alive and arjun wake up in the hospital yelling preeta name. Nagpal will kill us he choose an actor who is taller than DD to play karan new face. i always say that indian drama always beggins with a good storyline and end up becoming stupid and incoherent. how can they do such stupid thing. no DD no TKL no TKL no PREERAN no PREERAN nomore kundali bhagya


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