Kundali Bhagya 21st June 2022 Written Update Karan alive

Kundali Bhagya 21st June 2022 Written Update Karan alive

Kundali Bhagya 21st June 2022 Written Update Karan alive Pandit Vashisht asks Rakhi about her son. He asks about Karan, while she answers him about Rishabh. Rishabh comes home and gets to see the pandit in the house. Pandit sees Karan’s picture on the wall with garlands. He pulls the garlands to break off and tells them that Chandan garlands are put on the pictures of the deceased. He tells that its not a decoration item, such garland isn’t put on the picture of the person who is alive.

The family is shocked by the pandit’s move. Rishabh loses his cool and reveals that Karan was his younger brother, he is no more. Pandit shouts that Karan is alive, he is in the same world as them. The Luthras are shocked by this revelation. Preeta and Rishabh can’t believe this news. Arjun is seen when the talks about Karan are happening in the Luthra house. Arjun gets conscious post the accident. He shouts Preeta on waking up. Is it time for Karan to return to Luthras? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Rakhi looks for her phone. She tells the family that pandit Vashisht is coming for the puja. Shrishti asks her what’s wrong in that. Rakhi tells that pandit Vashisht didn’t inform about his coming, he is really a knowledgeable pandit, he can predict future, and he mostly tells the correct facts. The family reveals what the pandit has revealed about the family, and everything has turned true. Kareena tells that Preeta and Shrishti got married in the same house, pandit had already told that two sisters will be becoming the Luthra bahus, and it also turned true. Preeta asks Rakhi why are they tensed if he is coming. Rakhi tells that he is really strict, nobody can answer him back. Pandit Vashisht reaches the Luthra house. Rakhi welcomes him. Pandit Vashisht questions Rakhi about her son.


Kundali Bhagya 21st June 2022 Written Update Karan alive:

Doctors try to save Arjun. Doctor tells that Arjun is in a critical state, his memory can be at stake if anything goes wrong. Rakhi tells Pandit Vashisht that she wanted to keep the Shanti puja for Sameer and Shrishti. Pandit stops Rakhi. He looks for Karan. He enters the house and gets seated for the puja. He senses the storm that’s going to strike the family. Bani repeats Rakhi’s words to the pandit again. Rakhi tells that she wants to pray for Rishabh and Preeta also. He asks for her elder son. Kareena answers that Rishabh has gone for an important meeting. Pandit asks Rakhi to get any belonging of her son, he will do the puja. He doesn’t let Preeta get up leaving the puja. He tells that nobody can get up once the puja starts. He asks someone else to get the belonging. Kavya asks if she can get her dad’s belonging. Rakhi sends her. Kavya gets Karan’s bracelet, assuming that it belongs to Rishabh.

Kavya gets the bracelet to the pandit. Pandit performs the rituals. He gets to see Karan and Preeta’s marriage visuals in the fire. The fire blazes high. The family gets back and turns scared, while the pandit gets to see Karan in the fire. Arjun’s condition gets worse. Doctor goes to consult a senior doctor. Pandit gets his answers after the puja. He tells Rakhi that the puja is completed, it’s a miracle, the puja will unite the Jodi who is away from each other.

Rakhi tells that Rishabh isn’t present to tie the kalava. Pandit tells her that he will tie it to the bracelet given by Kavya. He ties the thread to Sameer, Shrishti and Preeta’s hands. He ties the thread to Karan’s bracelet and prays for his well-being. Arjun miraculously turns stable. The winds ruin down things in the Luthra house. Pandit declares the completion of the puja. He warns them about the upcoming storm, and asks them to close all the windows. He adds that its not a good sign, the winds aren’t ordinary, it’s a sign of a huge storm coming. He sees Karan’s picture with the garland.

He is shocked seeing it. He asks them what did they do, it’s a big mistake. He goes and removes the garland from Karan’s picture. He throws the garland away. Rishabh reaches there and catches the garland, asking the pandit what kind of misbehavior is that. He asks who is he. Rakhi asks him to get silent, Pandit Vashisht isn’t an ordinary pandit. Rishabh asks why did he remove the garland from Karan’s picture. Pandit tells that the garland is put on the pictures of the deceased, they have insulted the garland ritual by putting the garland on Karan’s picture.

Rishabh tells that Karan died after an accident. Pandit tells them that Karan is alive, he exists in the world. The family is shocked by this revelation. Arjun gets visuals of Rishabh and Preeta, when he had fallen down in the lake. He shouts Preeta and wakes up, asking for help. Doctor finds him getting unstable. Preeta asks the pandit what is he saying, how can he be so sure about Karan. Rakhi apologizes and calls the pandit wrong. She tells that Karan left them five years back, Preeta was his wife, Karan is no more. Pandit tells that Karan is alive. He doesn’t know where Karan is, but he is alive, he has seen Karan in the havan kund fire with Preeta. He tells that its impossible that he sees any wrong pairing in the puja. Rishabh tells that he has seen the right pairing. Kareena tells that they got Preeta married to Rishabh.

Pandit tells that it should have not happened, Preeta’s husband Karan is alive. Preeta breaks down. She runs to her room. Pandit asks Preeta to stop, and feel Karan alive, keep him in her heart and mind, if she misses Karan, then he will come back to her with her memories. He advises her to pull Karan back into their world. Rishabh asks him is this any drama, that he is mocking their feelings. He asks Pandit if they are happy to call Karan dead. He rebukes Pandit. He tells that they took five years to normalize Preeta, they were also in shock, and now the pandit has pushed Preeta into the same pain zone again.

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