Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th June 2022 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th July 2022 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th June 2022 Written Update A female servant tells Rudra that breakfast is ready and Sharda is calling him downstairs. She leaves, when Rudra tells the female servant that he is coming. Raj comes and feeds sweets to Rudra informing him that he has got admission in college. He touches Rudra’s feet but the latter asks him to not do so. Rudra congratulates Raj for getting admission in Delhi’s best college. Raj thanks Rudra and gives him the credit of his success. He tells Rudra that he wouldn’t have been happy today, if he wouldn’t have appreciated and acknowledged his singing talent in the past.

Raj thanks Rudra for supporting him, taking his responsibility and bringing him to his home. Rudra asks Raj to thank his talent, as what he is today, only because of his talent. He also asks Raj to work hard saying that his success will be his biggest gift. Both Rudra and Raj hug each other. Rudra’s cousin comes there and gets shocked as well as angry knowing that Raj got admission in the college he is studying in. He pretends to be happy for Raj. Rudra asks his cousin studying in 3rd year to take care of Raj as he will be his junior in college now. Rudra’s cousin promises Rudra that he will take care of Raj.

As Rudra leaves, Rudra’s cousins ask Raj to not let anyone in college know that they know each other. Raj smiles and says okay. Rudra’s cousin leaves for college informing Sharda and saying goodbye to the kids. Raj comes and informs Sharda that he also got admission in college. Sharda congratulates Raj. Raj also leaves for college informing everyone. Rudra and Ruhi wish “Good Morning” to each other. Saaransh angrily leaves the breakfast table as Rudra sits there. Ruhi and Sharda feel upset and bad. Ruhi in her thoughts tells Prisha that Rudra and Saaransh remain angry and argue with each other a lot, since she left.


Flashback shows Rudra returning home, without Prisha. He tells his family that he failed to find Prisha even after searching her everywhere. Saaransh comes and tells Rudra that he will never-ever find Prisha. He also tells Rudra that he doesn’t deserve Prisha. Rudra asks Saaransh how dare he talk to him like that. Saransh tells Rudra that only his real son matters to him and not him. Rudra asks Saaransh what rubbish/nonsense he is talking about. Saaransh tells Rudra that he heard him saying the same thing to Prisha. He reveals to everyone that Rudra scolded Prisha for choosing him over their real newborn son.

Saaransh tells Rudra that he used to consider him as his own real father but he did the opposite. Rudra tells Saaransh that he is misunderstanding him hearing half and incomplete conversation. He tells Saaransh that he loves all his children equally. Saaransh tells Rudra that he is lying and cares only for his real and blood related children. He also tells Rudra that he and Prisha don’t matter to him at all, which is why Prisha left him. Saaransh tells Rudra that he prays that Prisha never returns to him, even after he keeps trying to find her. He tells Rudra that he isn’t worthy of Prisha and his newborn son, who died.

Angry Rudra raises his hand to slap Saaransh but Sharda and Ruhi stops him. Ruhi runs behind Saaransh. Sharda explains to Rudra that Saaransh just lost his mother and is a child, who is very angry. She asks Rudra to not feel bad because of Saaransh’s words. Rudra tells Sharda that his heart died long ago. He says he first lost his child, then Prisha and now Saaransh is very angry with him. Rudra asks Sharda what he should do now. He accepts that his temper is very bad and wrong. Rudra says Prisha knows his nature. He asks Sharda why Prisha left her children alone, whom she loves more than anything/anyone in this world.

Sharda explains to Rudra that now he has to take Prisha’s place in his children’s life in Prisha’s absence. She asks Rudra to forget himself and just concentrate on his children. Sharda motivates Rudra to take care and full responsibility of his children. Rudra agrees to take care of his children and not let Saaransh get distanced from him. Flashback ends. Ruhi thinks that she won’t let Rudra be sad and decides to do something. At night, Rudra returns home and walks inside his room, while talking on call. According to Ruhi’s plan, Rudra slips because of her planted skate board and tears her Teddy Bear outfit. She pretends to be angry and sad.

Ruhi asks Rudra what she will wear in the school fancy dress competition tomorrow morning. Rudra and Ruhi tear the Teddy bear outfit to make Ruhi’s fancy dress for competition. They enjoy tearing the teddy bear, a lot of cotton comes out of it and gets stuck to Ruhi’s hair. Rudra starts stitching the empty teddy bear to make an outfit for Ruhi. He asks Ruhi what is the result of Saaransh’s latest school test. Ruhi says Saaransh failed. Shocked Rudra by mistake hurts his finger with a stitching pin. Ruhi gets worried for him. Rudra tells Ruhi that he is fine.

Ruhi tells Rudra that she was joking and reveals that Saaransh scored highest marks in his class as she forced him to study strictly. Within their cute conversation, Ruhi by mistake took Prisha’s name. On seeing Rudra sad, Ruhi apologizes to him and wipes his tears. Rudra tells Ruhi that she doesn’t need to apologize. Ruhi and Rudra finally make a cute Teddy Bear outfit. They play with cotton together. Sharda smiles seeing Rudra and Ruhi playing and smiling. Later, when Sharda questions Ruhi, Ruhi reveals that she did all this and lied about competition to make sad Rudra happy and smile.

Sharda hugs Ruhi and tells her that she is just like Prisha. She tells Ruhi that she did good as Rudra keeps him busy for about 20 hours a day to not miss Prisha. She says after returning home at night, Rudra again gets sad remembering Prisha. Sharda calls Ruhi “Little Prisha”. Ruhi asks Sharda to not be sad as she will somehow make everyone happy. Sharda asks Rudra to sleep early as tomorrow there is orientation in Raj’s college. Rudra says okay. On the other hand, Prisha asks Kanchan why she is so nervous. Kanchan tells Prisha that she is nervous and worried thinking, how she will handle Pihu’s college formalities and settle her up in Delhi.

Pihu and Kanchan express their wish to send Prisha to Delhi with Pihu. Kanchan thinks of an idea. Next morning, Kanchan shocks Armaan and Digivijay by telling them that Prisha and Pihu went to Delhi. Digvijay questions Kanchan why instead of her Prisha went to Delhi with Pihu. Flashback shows Kanchan convinces Prisha and Pihu to leave early for Delhi as this way Armaan won’t be able to stop them. She asks Prisha to convince Armaan after returning. Prisha gets convinced with Pihu and Kanchan’s insistence. Flashback ends. Armaan decides to leave for Delhi. He tells Digvijay that he won’t let Prisha meet Rudra at any cost.

On the other hand, Pihu and Prisha reach Delhi airport. Prisha feels some connection with Delhi but ignores it for the time being. Pihu and Prisha leave for the hotel. Rudra and Raj reach college. Raj thanks Rudra for coming to orientation as his guardian. Rudra asks Raj to call him Rudra just like Saaransh. Raj fails to call Rudra by name. He tells Rudra that he can address him in any other way, except Sir. Pihu and Prisha reach the college gate. Prisha gets down from her car. Rudra is seen talking on call nearby. Prisha and Rudra fail to see each other. Pihu and Prisha tell each other that their destiny/fate brought them to Delhi and Delhi’s best college.

Pihu tells Prisha that she may also get something in Delhi. At the same time, college students who are Rudra’s fans start clicking selfies with him. Rudra fails to see Prisha standing behind him and visible through the rear cameras of students’ phones. Rudra and Prisha again have a hit and miss.

In the next episode, Armaan and Digivijay will get shocked seeing the news, showing that Rudra is present in the same college where Pihu and Prisha went. Later, Armaan, Digivijay and Kanchan will be seen riding in a car. On video call, Prisha will tell Armaan that Delhi’s college is best for Pihu. On video call, Armaan will get shocked and scared seeing Rudra standing behind Prisha and Pihu. Later, Prisha will get stuck in the washroom. In order to help Prisha, Rudra will get the washroom door unlocked through college peon. As the door will get unlocked, Rudra will get shocked seeing Prisha lying unconscious, inside the washroom.

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