Anupama 22nd June 2022 Written Update Anuj warns Anupama

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Anupama 22nd June 2022 Written Update Anuj warns Anupama Vanraj in a loud voice aaks Anupama to speak up. Anuj comes and reveals that Kinjal and her baby are absolutely fine. He says there is nothing to worry about. Everyone relaxes hearing this. Vanraj asks Kinjal if she is fine. Kinjal signs in yes. Anuj asks everyone to not worry as a child who is protected by so many people’s blessings and prayers, no one can harm him/her. Ankush asks Anupama and Kinjal why they are crying if everything is fine. Anuj tells Ankush that Kinjal is crying because of her fear and Anupama is crying in guilt.

Anuj asks Anupama to relax. He says that everyone keeps big and unrealistic expectations from mothers in this world. Anuj explains that even a mother keeps big and unrealistic expectations from herself. He says that a mother keeps blaming herself for everything her child faces, even when she isn’t connected to her child’s suffering anyhow. Anuj tells Anupama that a mother’s status is almost equal to God. He asks Anupama to not make a mother’s status fully equal to God. Anuj explains to Anupama that she can’t make everything go perfect or correct.


He says he knows that whatever happened was really very scary and scared everyone. Anuj reminds Kinjal that the doctor said that everything is alright.he requests Kinjal to stop crying and scaring everyone. Kinjal hugs Anupama. Vanraj feels angry. He also gets jealous seeing that Kinjal’s bond is still very strong with Anupama. Bapuji asks Kinjal to stop crying as everything is fine now. Vanraj shouts at Anupama when she apologizes again. He angrily asks to keep her apology to herself. Anuj angrily asks Vanraj to stop. He tells Vanraj that no one can talk to his Anupama in such a loud voice/tone. Vanraj tells Anuj that he doesn’t need to learn how to talk to anyone from him.

Everyone gets tense with Vanraj and Anuj’s tiff. Ankush tells Vanraj that he needs to learn many things and they can start from manners. Ankush tells Vanraj that he has insulted his wife and brother, which he won’t tolerate. Vanraj angrily asks Ankush what he will do, if he doesn’t stop. Anuj asks Vanraj and Ankush to calm down. He tells Vanraj that he is not saying anything to him because he can understand his panic, tension and worry. Anuj says he doesn’t spare the person who talks badly and his Anupama. Vanraj angrily tells Anuj that he doesn’t want to stand in his house.

He calls Anuj an outsider and tells him that he won’t understand his worriedness for his daughter-in-law and upcoming grandchild. This shocks Anupama. Anuj asks Vanraj to calm himself down as by god’s grace both Kinjal and her child are absolutely fine. Vanraj grows more loud and accuses Anupama of being careless towards her responsibility, Kinjal and her upcoming child. He says this happened because Anupama is no longer a middle class family’s daughter-in-law. Vanraj says because of this he never wanted his children to ever visit Kapadia house. He says both rich house’s daughter-in-laws, Barkha and Anupama are at fault as one pushed Kinjal and Anupama let it happen.

As Vanraj keeps on taunting and blaming Anupama, Anuj asks Vanraj to not challenge the limit of his patience. He says he won’t tolerate anyone pointing fingers at his pride, Anupama. Vanraj asks Anuj what he will do. He also asks Anuj if he will ever move forward from empty threats or warnings. Anuj starts laughing and tells Vanraj that the difference between them will end, if he will move forward to execute his threats. He tells Vanraj that the difference between them should always stay. Vanraj feels irritated. Anuj threatens Vanraj by telling him that the day the difference between them will end, he will be the one in trouble. Kavya gets shocked and worried.

Anuj asks Vanraj to take care of Kinjal instead of creating a drama here, if he really cares for Kinjal and her baby. Anuj tells Vanraj that it’s not easy for Anupama to see his face daily after their bitter past. He reminds Vanraj that Anupama has always forgiven lakhs of his mistakes for her children and family’s happiness. Anuj asks Vanraj if he can’t forgive one mistake of Anupama, which is imaginary and a mistake which Anupama didn’t commit. Vanraj says Anupama is at fault. He even shuts Kavya for trying to stop him. Vanraj asks Anupama how Kinjal fell down in her presence. He asks Anupama what if something would have happened to his upcoming grandchild.

Anuj tells Vanraj that he gets fit every 1-2 weeks. He also tells Vanraj that he is unnecessarily increasing the matter. Vanraj asks Anuj if it’s a small issue that his daughter-in-law and upcoming grandchild fell into danger. Anuj angrily tells Vanraj that they all accept that Kinjal and her baby went through big danger. He says it’s not Anupama’s fault. Vanraj asks Anuj who is at fault, if not Anupama. Vanraj asks Anupama if she couldn’t have stopped children from dancing. He also asks Anupama if she couldn’t have taken care of Kinjal. Vanraj tells Anuj that Anupama has forgotten all her responsibilities since she got married to him.

Anuj asks Vanraj if he himself is an excellent example or great statue of responsibilities. He tells Vanraj that if he would have been a nice person, he wouldn’t have been screaming in front of his pregnant daughter-in-law. Both Anuj and Vanraj scream at each other. Bapuji shouts and shuts both Anuj and Vanraj. He supports Anuj in all this. Bapuji asks Vanraj if Baa is at fault for all the injuries he suffered since childhood. He also asks Vanraj how Anupama is at fault in whatever happened with Kinjal. Bapuji says by god’s grace both Kinjal and her baby are fine.

He declares that no one will say anything else after this. Anupama and Kinjal hug each other. Vanraj stops Anupama from taking Kinjal inside Kapadia house. He restricts Kinjal and his children from staying even a minute at Kapadia house. Ankush asks Vanraj if there are landmines set up at Kapadia house that his children can’t stay here. He indirectly taunts Anupama for not having time for her grandchild. Vanraj addresses Anupama as “Mrs. Anupama Anuj Kapadia” and tells her that his children, daughter-in-law and family won’t step in Kapadia house ever. This shocks everyone.

Kinjal requests Vanraj to let her stay with Anupama. Vanraj asks Paritosh to stay with Kinjal at Kapadia house. Anupama apologizes for failing in taking care of Kinjal and the upcoming baby. She promises that she won’t repeat her mistake ever again. Vanraj taunts Anupama by telling her that she changed after getting rich. This shocks Anupama. He tells Kapadias that he wants Kinjal absolutely fine at his house next morning. Anuj and Vanraj give each other an angry glare. Vanraj leaves, giving an angry glare to Anupama. Whole Shah family except Kinjal and Paritosh leaves from Kapadia house.

Kavya and Pakhi worry seeing Vanraj driving angrily. In another car, Samar tells Bapuji that he is worried about what drama or discussion Vanraj will do after reaching Shah house. Bapuji tells Samar that Vanraj is not angry but scared. He says Vanraj is like a child who starts hiding his toys, hearing about guests’ arrival at home. Bapuji explains to Samar that Vanraj is like a scared child, who fears that people/guests will steal his dear or loveable toys from him. He says Vanraj’s anger, arguments and fights are his fear in actuality. Bapuji tells Samar that Vanraj feels like everything is getting snatched from him one by one. This worries Samar.

On the other hand, Kinjal lies on bed hugging Anupama. On Kinjal’s questioning, Anupama assures Kinjal that her baby is absolutely fine now. Barkha comes to Kinjal and apologizes to her for pushing her by mistake. Kinjal apologizes to Barkha for whatever Vanraj said to her in anger. She explains to Barkha that including Vanraj, everyone got scared with the incident/accident that happened with her. Barkha feels angry recalling Vanraj’s accusations. She tells Kinjal that it’s fine as she can understand Vanraj’s worry. Barkha gives milk to Kinjal. She asks Kinjal to ring the bell, if she will require anything else. Barkha asks Kinjal to call either her or Anupama, in any need.

Paritosh asks Barkha to not worry as they usually call for help by shouting, “Mummy‚Ķ. Mummy”. Barkha leaves and Anupama makes Kinjal drink turmeric milk. Anupama wards off bad sight from Kinjal. Paritosh asks Anupama to sleep as he will call her if needed. Anupama prays to God to take care of Kinjal and everyone. She leaves Kinjal’s room by switching off the lights. Later, Anuj thanks Ankush for making coffee for him. As Anupama comes, Anuj asks her if Kinjal and baby are fine. Anupama tells Anuj that everything is fine and Kinjal has fallen asleep.

Anuj asks Anupama if she is fine. Anupama asks Anuj, how she could be fine. Both Anuj and Anupama hug each other. Barkha says pregnant Kinjal should have avoided a place where there are lots of people, enjoying, playing and dancing. Anupama tells Barkha that she is right. She says she is at fault as she insisted and brought Kinjal to Kapadia house. Barkha tells Anupama that being mothers themselves they can understand that the last 3 months of pregnancy are very crucial in which a pregnant woman should be very careful. She says Kinjal should return to Shah house. Anuj says Barkha is right. Barkha smirks hearing this, while Anupama feels shocked.

He explains to Anupama that he is saying all this because she couldn’t have forgiven herself ever, if something would have happened to Kinjal and the upcoming baby. Anuj says even Vanraj created a lot of drama. He also asks Anupama to think what would have Vanraj done if something would have really happened to Kinjal and the upcoming baby. Anuj tells Anupama that they both are connected to the Shah family and respect elders of the Shah family. He also tells Anupama that Vanraj has no right to again and again come to Kapadia house and create drama. This shocks everyone, especially Anupama.

Anuj tells Anupama that whatever happened with Kinjal could have happened by even Vanraj’s carelessness and mistake. He says Vanraj has no basic intelligence, common sense, prudence and wisdom. Anuj tells Anupama that he can’t tolerate whatever Vanraj did today at Kapadia house as it is unacceptable. Barkha recalls how Anuj and Vanraj’s bond at their house-warming party was fine and got ruined now. Later Vanraj, Kavya and Pakhi reach Shah house. Angry Vanraj drinks water. He asks Pakhi why she is standing outside. Vanraj asks Pakhi if she is feeling ashamed of entering her father’s middle-class house.

Kavya reminds Vanraj that Pakhi is still a child. Pakhi enters the Shah house. Vanraj screams out his anger at Pakhi. He tells Pakhi that he asked her to not go to Anupama’s house, but she didn’t listen to him. Vanraj says even Anupama failed to take care of Kinjal. Pakhi tells Vanraj that Anupama is not at fault in whatever happened with Kinjal. Vanraj asks Pakhi, if now she will tell her father, what is right and what is wrong. Pakhi tells Vanraj that she is only telling him the truth that Anupama is not at fault. Vanraj shouts and asks Pakhi to shut up. Pakhi asks Vanraj to not shout at her unnecessarily.

At Kapadia house, Barkha tells Anupama that Anuj is right. She also tells Anupama that she and her guests apologized to Vanraj at the house-warming party for their mistake, because they were wrong. Barkha tells Anupama that she can understand Vanraj’s angry reaction towards Anuj, her and Ankush. She also tells Anupama that Vanraj’s ill behavior with her (Anupama) is not acceptable as she is his children’s mother. Adhik smirks. Barkha asks Anupama to think that Vanraj’s behavior scared everyone. She says Vanraj didn’t realize anyone’s guilt and tension. Barkha tells Anupama that Vanraj didn’t even think about how his ill words will affect pregnant Kinjal.

She says according to her observation, Vanraj has the habit of creating drama. Barkha tells Anupama that she will always be in tension thinking about Vanraj’s drama creating habit. Anuj tells Anupama that Kinjal belongs to them and they love her very much. He also tells Anupama that according to the present situation, he thinks dropping Kinjal back to Shah will be the right decision. Anupama feels shocked and confused.

In the next episode, Anuj will ask Anupama to stop defending Vanraj for once. Anupama will ask Anuj why she will defend Vanraj as he doesn’t matter to her at all. Anuj will ask Anupama to stay away from the Shah family for some days. This will shock Anupama. Barkha will smirk. Anuj will tell Anupama that he will not let her goodness and honesty become her weakness. Anupama will tell Anuj that she will not let the elder’s differences affect both families’ children.

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