Kumkum Bhagya 23rd June 2022 Written Update Unexpected

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd June 2022 Written Update Unexpected

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd June 2022 Written Update Unexpected The pregnancy revelation done by Prachi turns out to be a dream sequence again. Prachi’s pregnancy is still a suspense. Ranbir is forced to sit in the puja with Rhea. Pallavi asks him to get happy and welcome fatherhood. She wants him to give Rhea all the happiness, after all she is going to give them the family heir. Parmeshwari Maa ties them the Kalava to keep them away from bad sight. Ranbir requests her to tie the Kalava to Prachi’s hand as well, stating that Prachi is an important part of the family. Prachi stays upset, watching Ranbir with Rhea. Rhea is also upset seeing his never-ending concern for Prachi.

Later, Prachi gets targeted by Pallavi and Aaliya in front of the guests. Pallavi rebukes Prachi for her jealousy. She asks Prachi is it Rhea’s fault if Prachi isn’t having any good news, if Prachi isn’t getting a child. She tells that its just Prachi’s fault, Prachi couldn’t give the love to Ranbir, their marriage always lacked love else Prachi would have got pregnant with his child, instead Rhea. Aaliya taunts that Prachi can never conceive a child and become a mother. Prachi gets humiliated. When will Prachi and Ranbir disclose the pregnancy truth to the family? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Rhea asks Prachi not to spoil her celebrations. She calls Prachi jealous. She asks Pallavi to send Prachi away, she can do anything, she can harm her baby too. Aaliya agrees with Rhea. She tells that Prachi can get against Rhea. Shahana asks them to let Ranbir decide about his child. Pallavi asks her to shut up. Pallavi asks Prachi why didn’t she tell them before about her pregnancy. She also agrees with Rhea that Prachi is so jealous. She tells that she will never accept Prachi’s baby in the Kohli family.


Kumkum Bhagya 23rd June 2022 Written Update Unexpected:

Pallavi asks Prachi to leave the house, she and her baby aren’t a part of the house. She ousts Prachi. She asks Dida and Shahana not to say anything. Prachi’s imagination ends. She realizes that she didn’t tell Rhea about her pregnancy. Prachi takes Rhea downstairs. Pallavi asks why did she get late. Rhea tells that its not Prachi’s mistake that she got late. She tells her that she had a vomit. Pallavi tells that its totally normal, it happens in the initial three months. She cares for Rhea, and Prachi is left alone upset. Ranbir and Rhea are called for the puja. Prachi doesn’t want to fight for her rights, since Rhea’s baby isn’t at fault. She feels even her baby isn’t at fault.

She regrets that she didn’t get any such respect. Ranbir asks Parmeshwari Maa to tie the Kalava to Prachi as well, she is also a part of the family. Rhea tells that Prachi isn’t a part of this ritual, they are going to become parents. Parmeshwari tells that the kalava can be tied to anyone present in the puja. She calls Prachi and ties the kalava to her hand. This gives some relief to Ranbir. Pallavi asks them to start the puja. Prachi goes away. Dida asks Prachi to share her feelings. She tells that its her life and her decision. She asks Prachi to share things if she wants to. Prachi asks Shahana if Dida knows about her pregnancy. Shahana tells that if Dida knew it, then she would have not let this happen. Ranbir and Rhea complete the puja, and then head to take elders’ blessings. Pallavi, Aaliya, Dida and Vikram bless them to be happy.

The family celebrates the good news in a traditional way. They sing and dance. Pallavi makes Rhea sit in the swing, and keeps the charity items on the other side of the weigh balance. Prachi gets emotional. Aaliya asks Ranbir to dance for Rhea’s sake. Ranbir doesn’t want to dance, but is forced to dance with Rhea. Prachi sadly goes aside. Ranbir and Rhea dance together on a romantic song. Prachi gets an apple from the fruit basket to get blessings from Pallavi and all the elders. She is much upset and wants to be alone. She leaves.

Shahana asks Ranbir to let Prachi stay alone, because she is suffering a lot. Pallavi wants Rhea to take rest. She asks Aaliya to take care of Rhea, while she goes and sees off the guests. Aaliya tells Rhea that she is sensing a big problem coming. Rhea grows worried. Pallavi takes Aaliya along. Prachi sits on the swing and recollects the ritual told by Pallavi. She wants her baby to get blessings. She keeps the apple in the charity items. She tells her baby that he will always get protected from the evil sight and receive elders’ blessings. Pallavi and Aaliya see Prachi sitting on the swing. They make her away and scold her for causing a bad omen for Rhea. Aaliya asks if Prachi wants to curse Rhea’s baby.

Pallavi asks Prachi what is she thinking against Rhea. Prachi tells that she isn’t thinking wrong. Aaliya tells that its not any garden swing to sit, its meant for pregnant women. Pallavi accuses Prachi for not giving love and happiness to Ranbir, that’s the reason that Prachi didn’t get pregnant till now. She explains Prachi her mistake. Aaliya tells that Prachi can never get pregnant, she can never give a child to Ranbir, that’s why he didn’t stop her from leaving the house, he is getting his child from Rhea. Prachi feels hurt by their harsh taunts. Shahana argues with them and defends Prachi. She tells that they would have not accepted Prachi even if she was pregnant. Aaliya tells that she is right, but now there is no chance of Prachi’s pregnancy.

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  1. I wonder who is the father of Rhea’s baby, I’m certain that her baby father is Nick and because it is impossible for it to be Ranbir’s baby.


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