Udaariyaan 23rd June 2022 Written Update Fateh firm stand

Udaariyaan 23rd June 2022 Written Update Fateh firm stand

Udaariyaan 23rd June 2022 Written Update Fateh firm stand In the first minute of the match, Fateh makes a goal for his team. Everyone praises Fateh for playing excellently. Tejo enjoys Fateh’s game/play. Jasmine feels bored and irritated. She sees Sweety’s brother covering the match as a reporter. Jasmine gets an idea and goes aside to call Sweety. She asks Sweety to ask her brother to keep his and his camera’s focus on Fateh and Tejo. Jasmine tells Sweety that this way her brother will get great masala news. Jasmine and Tejo continue seeing Fateh’s match.

On the other hand, Virks are seen watching Fateh’s match on TV. Gurpreet tells the whole Virk family that Fateh might be playing this match without taking any rest. She reveals to them that Tejo created a drama at 2 AM last night and Fateh left to meet her. Gurpreet also reveals that Tejo went to see Fateh’s match with Jasmine. She says that pregnant Jasmine had to be in sunlight because of Tejo, to take care of her. Gurpreet’s tone sounds that she is blaming Tejo for everything and for all troubles in their life. Fateh’s Grandmother also gets worried for Fateh as well as Amrik’s upcoming child. At the ground/stadium, Fateh falls by an opponent player’s push. This worries Tejo.


Jasmine manipulates Tejo by telling her that her Fateh got badly injured. She increases Tejo’s tension by telling her that Fateh won’t be able to play further and win the trophy. Tejo gets angry and is about to run to Fateh. She stops at her place, recalling Fateh’s instructions to not move from his special seating arrangement. This irritates Jasmine. Fateh starts playing the game/match again. This makes Tejo happy. Jasmine addresses Fateh as her’s while cheering for him. This infuriates Tejo and she scolds Jasmine for this. Jasmine apologizes to Tejo for her mistake. Fateh and Tejo’s old friend-cum colleague notices Tejo and Jasmine’s tiff from a distance. Tejo’s old friend and colleague wonders why Tejo is behaving so differently. Jasmine notices this and thinks of an evil idea against Tejo.

Jasmine asks Tejo to wait for her, till she brings popcorn. Tejo tells Jasmine that she loves popcorn and asks her to bring it quickly. Jasmine leaves from there. Fateh keeps playing well. Tejo cheers for Fateh using a kid’s noise making toy. Satti gets worried seeing all this. She says she is wondering about people’s reactions to Tejo’s present mental health condition. Rupy tells Satti that they shouldn’t and don’t care about people’s reactions. He asks Satti for how much time they will hide Tejo from the world and people. Rupy explains to Satti that they can’t change the truth and will have to accept it confidently.

He tells Satti that they have to think about their daughter Tejo, not people. Rupy says it’s people’s habit to talk rubbish and nonsense. He says people will slowly accept Tejo, when initially her family will accept her. Rupy explains to Satti that they have to teach Tejo how to face society and people, not to hide from them. He says if people really loved the educated and intelligent lecturer Tejo, they would understand Tejo’s pain and innocence.

Jasmine on the other side meets Tejo’s old college friends and colleagues. She tells Tejo’s friends and colleagues about Tejo’s present mental condition. Jasmine lies about Tejo’s aggressiveness to everyone. She stops Tejo’s old friends and colleagues from meeting Tejo by scaring them about Tejo’s reaction towards them. Jasmine’s words shocks Tejo’s old friends and colleagues. Tejo’s old friends and colleagues say that God didn’t do good with Tejo.

Jasmine smiles evilly and leaves excusing herself. She thinks that now Tejo’s old friends and colleagues will spread the news about Tejo’s mental instability in the whole college. Jasmine says she is ready to enjoy the upcoming drama. Fateh keeps making goals for his college team. Jasmine gives popcorn to Tejo. Half-time is announced. Fateh meets Tejo. Tejo praises Fateh’s gameplay like a kid. Fateh tells Tejo that he is returning to his team to play the other half of the match. He asks Jasmine to take care of Tejo. Jasmine says okay. Tejo feeds popcorn to Fateh and he leaves eating some. Jasmine feels irritated seeing Tejo and Fateh’s strong bond. Tejo wishes “All the best” to Fateh.

The other half of the Match begins. Jasmine notices that everyone including the camera person’s focus is somewhere else. She intentionally pushes Tejo. This angers Tejo. Both sisters start fighting and keep calling Fateh as theirs. Jasmine does call Fateh as hers intentionally to provoke Tejo. Tejo’s old friend and colleague notices the Sandhu sisters fighting. Camera person (Sweety’s brother) turns his camera towards Sandhu sisters. Virk and the Sandhu family get shocked and worried seeing Jasmine and Tejo fighting. To calm Tejo, Jasmine tells Tejo that Fateh belongs to her only. Tejo’s college staff, old friends and colleagues start talking and spreading news about Tejo’s mental instability with each other.

Gurpreet asks Khushbeer to explain to Fateh that he will always get humiliated by being with Tejo. She says that it doesn’t seem that Tejo will get normal again. Gurpreet says that Jasmine is being mature this time. She says even Jasmine can lose her maturity by getting tired, taking care of Tejo. Gurpreet asks Khushbeer to explain Fateh as he will listen to him only. Khushbeer says Fateh isn’t a kid and can take his decisions on his own. He asks Gurpreet till when they will make Fateh work according to their wishes and happiness. Khushbeer leaves asking Gurpreet to trust her own upbringing and let Fateh do whatever he is doing.

Gurpreet says Fateh will get mad this way. Nimmo asks Gurpreet to let Fateh do whatever he is doing. She says only this way Fateh will realize that it’s not easy to live such a life. Nimmo says Fateh will realize his mistake, when today people will make fun of him seeing him with mentally unstable Tejo. Jasmine executes her next evil plan. She signs the opponent team player. The Opposing team player intentionally pushes Fateh. Fateh falls with a thud. This worries everyone except Jasmine. Tejo gets tensed seeing Fateh bleeding.

Jasmine manipulates Tejo by telling her that the tall player from the opposing team is intentionally making Fateh fall, so that he and his team could defeat Fateh and his team. She keeps on provoking Tejo. Jasmine asks Tejo to prove her love and care for “her Fateh”, today. Tejo runs to Fateh’s rescue, not understanding the situation. She cuts a guard’s hand or arm to reach Fateh. Fateh gets shocked seeing Tejo coming towards the ground in anger. Jasmine enjoys the show as everything works according to her plan. Everyone including Fateh gets shocked seeing Tejo beating the opponent team player badly.

Seeing all this Satti tells Rupy that she was scared thinking about such a situation. Tejo’s behavior shocks Virks too. Gurpreet says Tejo doesn’t leave her son Fateh or let him live peacefully. She says Fateh will end Fateh’s reputation in the world, this way. Mahi doesn’t like hearing Gurpreet bad mouthing about Tejo. She chooses to remain silent, considering the situation. On the other hand, Fateh calms down Tejo by caressing her face. He gets angry when an opposing team player calls Tejo mad. Fateh loses his temper and starts beating the opponent team player black and blue. People stop Fateh somehow.

Jasmine smiles evilly. She says now Fateh will realize how it feels to live with a mad/mentally unstable person. “Saara jag chad ke, bas tenu hi hai chuneya”, plays in the background. Scared Tejo hugs Fateh. Fateh hugs Tejo protectively. A staff arrives and scolds Fateh for ruining college’s reputation for his personal matters. The staff tells Fateh that he will have to face the consequences of losing the match. Fateh pushes the media and takes Tejo away from everyone. He seems very protective towards Tejo. An announcement is made that the opponent college team is declared as winner because of Fateh’s improper behavior. Jasmine enjoys the announcement.

She thinks that she won’t let Tejo get Fateh. Jasmine hopes that Fateh soon realizes that being with Tejo will give him nothing, except humiliation. She meets Fateh in the corridor. Jasmine pretends innocence and tells Fateh that she went to bring ice-cream for Tejo. She tells Fateh that she left to bring ice-cream for Tejo because she didn’t want to make her more angry. Fateh tells Jasmine that the match ended. A peon informs Fateh that the principal has called him to her office. Fateh convinces to stay with Jasmine, till he returns. Jasmine still pretends that she doesn’t know what happened.

On the other hand, some people are seen scolding Fateh’s college’s principal for Fateh’s behavior. Fateh enters the principal cabin. Principal and everyone asks Fateh, why he brought mentally unstable Tejo to the college’s important match. Dean scolds Fateh and tags him as irresponsible. Principal requests deans to let Fateh justify himself once. Dean refuses to give Fateh a chance to justify his actions. He says action will be taken against Fateh. Outside, Jasmine scares Tejo by telling her that because of her behavior, Fateh will get scolded badly and even get fired from his job. Jasmine waits for Tejo to react to this.

In the next episode, Gurpreet will tell Fateh that she has made a decision for him, being his mother. She will tell Fateh that he won’t go to Tejo’s house from now onwards. This will shock everyone. Fateh will refuse to accept Gurpreet’s decision. He will decide to leave Virk house for Tejo, saying that Tejo is his god and everything. Fateh’s decision will shock everyone.

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