Udaariyaan 24th June 2022 Written Update Fateh stuns

Udaariyaan 24th June 2022 Written Update Fateh stuns

Udaariyaan 24th June 2022 Written Update Fateh stuns Tejo is seen sitting and having ice cream with Jasmine. Jasmine sees Tejo’s old friend and colleague passing from nearby. She stops Tejo’s old friend and colleague and asks her why the Principal called Fateh in her cabin. Jasmine asks what is happening in the principal office. Tejo’s old friend and colleague tells Jasmine that once because of Tejo, Fateh got so much motivation. She says Tejo motivated Fateh to play and win for his college. Tejo’s friend and colleague tells Jasmine that Fateh even got his job back because of Tejo.

She says today because of that same Tejo only Fateh has to listen to people’s scoldings and even his job is in danger. Jasmine returns to Tejo. She accuses and blames Tejo for Fateh’s present and bad condition. At Virk house, Gurpreet keeps blaming Tejo for Fateh’s life’s problems. She requests her family to explain to Fateh that Tejo is not right and capable for him. At the same time in the principal’s office, Fateh tries to justify himself but gets rebuked in return. Principal requests organizers/deans to listen to Fateh and understand him once.


Deans speaks ill about Tejo. Fateh reminds the dean that it’s the same Tejo who was and is the honor of their college. He also reminds them that Tejo was the best professor of the whole punjab and loved and respected by all students, staff and principal of college. Fateh tells the deans that Tejo was awarded as best teacher of the whole Punjab. He says Tejo was an “All rounder”. Fateh reveals that their college even launched an award in Tejo’s name, given to students for their excellent performance, named, “Tejo Sandhu excellence award”. He says that he thought their college would understand Tejo’s pain and support her as she was the excellent and best teacher of their college.

Fateh says that time and circumstances have done a lot wrong with Tejo. He asks why we people become so helpless and go against those, who supported and loved us unconditionally. He says people who are suffering like Tejo should be supported and given love and respect, otherwise what’s the use of them being educated. Outside Jasmine keeps making Tejo feel guilty and keeps provoking her to go and help Fateh. Satti and Rupy are seen going to Fateh’s college, being worried about Tejo and Fateh. Fateh tells deans/organizers that he accepts his mistake that he shouldn’t have brought Tejo to watch his match. He says that he should have thought that Tejo could react this way seeing players’ aggression in the match.

Fateh says he is ready to bear any punishment but can’t hear anything against Tejo. Tejo enters the principal college and starts apologizing to the principal, dean and staff. Fateh stops Tejo and cleans her hands covered with ice-cream. Worrierd Satti and Rupy reach college and stand outside the principal cabin with sports students and Tejo’s old friend and colleague. Fateh asks Tejo to stop and wait for him outside. Tejo refuses to leave Fateh alone in trouble. She starts doing sit ups, holding her ears. Jasmine grins evilly seeing all this. She thinks that now Fateh will realize that he will always get humiliated by being with Tejo. Everyone else sees this with teary eyes and feels bad for Fateh and Tejo.

Fateh stops Tejo and hugs her. Seeing Tejo innocently apologizing for whatever she did just to save Fateh, except Jasmine everyone gets emotional. Deans asks what drama is going on. Jasmine gets shocked seeing Fateh still caring for Tejo, even after getting humiliated because of her. Principal mam says and students tell deans/organizers that Fateh and Tejo aren’t at fault. They request deans/organizers to rethink their decision. Jasmine gets shocked and feels irritated.

On innocent Tejo’s requests, apology, students and principal’s requests, the dean forgives Fateh. They tell Fateh that they are letting him go, giving him warning and last chance. They also tell Fateh that they won’t accept and forgive any mistake or issue from him next time. Deans leaves saying that they will soon declare their decision on whatever happened. Fateh thanks the deans. Tejo happily hugs Fateh and students happily hug each other and jump in joy. Jasmine feels very angry and irritated seeing everything sorted out.

Tejo’s old friend and colleague goes to Jasmine. She tells Jasmine that she doesn’t know what has happened to Tejo. Tejo’s old friend and colleague leaves telling Jasmine that it’s very clear that Tejo loves Fateh a lot. Jasmine grows envious and angrier seeing that her plan failed. Satti and Rupy apologize to the dean and principal for whatever Tejo. They also thank the dean and principal for forgiving Fateh and giving him another chance. Principal tells Rupy that it’s fine. She tells Rupy that she believes that Tejo will get fine for sure, one day. Rupy tells the principal that Tejo will get well soon with her blessings.

Dean asks Rupy if he doesn’t think that he shouldn’t let Tejo wander outside home. Rupy tells the dean that he doesn’t think so. He says Tejo also has full rights to roam around and talk to people freely. On the other hand, Fateh buys an ice-cream for Tejo. Tejo’s ice cream falls down just after she and Fateh have a bite from it. Fateh starts cleaning ice-cream from Tejo’s feet. Jasmine comes outside and provokes and manipulates Gurpreet against Tejo on call. She instigates Gurpreet more by showing her that Fateh is cleaning Tejo’s feet. Gurpreet feels embarrassed seeing Fateh cleaning Tejo’s feet in front of everyone.

Jasmine disconnects the call seeing Rupy and Satti coming from behind. Tejo offers ice cream to Rupy and Satti. She tells her parents that she apologized to everyone and then no one punished Fateh. Fateh convinces Tejo to go to Sandhu house and have lunch. He promises Tejo that he will soon come to meet her after getting freshened up and changing. Tejo leaves for Sandhu house with Satti, Rupy and Jasmine. Fateh returns to Virk house. Gurpreet starts scolding Fateh for taking 24*7 care for Tejo. She tells Fateh that they got to know that he lost his job because of Tejo.

Fateh feels doubtful and asks Gurpreet who told her that he lost his job. He says his job is safe and just got a warning. Gurpreet asks Fateh if he is ready to lose everything in Tejo’s love. She tells Fateh that everyone in the village saw what Tejo did and how he handled her. Gurpreet asks Fateh why he took Tejo to watch his match and care for her so much. She reminds Fateh that he got this job after a lot of effort. Gurpreet asks Fateh what if he would have lost his job. Fateh asks Gurpreet if she forgot how and by whose help he got his job. He reminds Gurpreet that he got his lost job and reputation/respect back only because of Tejo.

Fateh says Tejo might be mad for people but is very sensible and deep for him even today like earlier. He reveals that Tejo did everything possible to defend him, save him and to save his job today. Fateh reminds Gurpreet that Tejo always stood for them and helped them in all types of circumstances. He says today Tejo needs him the most and he won’t leave her support or take care of her. Fateh says everyone can forget whatever Tejo did for them, but he can’t forget that ever. Gurpreet tells Fateh that everything looks right, if done within limits. She also tells Fateh that she won’t tolerate him wandering around Tejo like a mad lover.

Gurpreet further tells Fateh that she can’t tolerate seeing him cleaning Tejo’s feet or sacrificing his sleep for her. This information shocks the Virk family. Fateh feels doubtful thinking how Gurpreet knows all this. Gurpreet tells Fateh that she will make a decision for him. She tells Fateh that he won’t visit Tejo’s house (Sandhu house) now. Gurpreet also tells Fateh that he can help Tejo’s parents with her treatment. She further tells Fateh that he won’t remain 24*7 with Tejo. Gurpreet tells Fateh that he will have to accept her decision.

Gurpreet’s decision shocks everyone, especially Fateh. At Sandhu house, Satti shows affection and care for Jasmine. She gives milk to Jasmine and asks her to rest. Jasmine tries provoking and manipulating Satti against Tejo. Satti gets into Jasmine’s fake innocence drama and asks her to rest as other family members are there to take care of Tejo. At Virk house, Fateh refuses to accept Gurpreet’s decision and apologizes to her for it. He tells Gurpreet that by separating from Tejo, she is separating him from his god and life (Tejo). Fateh says he loves only Tejo and is alive only because of her. He says he can’t see or think about society, village, the world and worldliness. above Tejo.

Gurpreet asks Fateh if for him, Tejo has become important above his mother and his other relations. Fateh says Tejo is most important for him now. He apologizes to Gurpreet and tells that he can do anything for Tejo. Fateh says he can go to any limits for his Tejo. He tells everyone that he doesn’t feel ashamed for doing anything for Tejo. Fateh says doing anything for Tejo gives him peace of being with and near Tejo. He says he feels peaceful while doing everything for his love and life Tejo. Fateh says that he has decided that he will live like Tejo, no matter what condition she is living in. Fateh’s decisions stuns and shock everyone.

Tejo is seen counting and waiting for Fateh as he asked her to. “Awaara Bhanwre” song starts playing. Tejo gets happy seeing butterfly shadow behind her room curtains. Fateh comes and surprises Tejo. Both Fateh and Tejo collides with each other and falls on bed. They laugh a lot and enjoy their moment. Fateh caresses Tejo’s face with love. Udaariyaan title track plays in the background. Tejo also caresses Fateh’s face with love. Fateh shows Tejo that he showed her butterfly shadow using his hands. On Tejo’s insistence, Fateh teaches her how to make butterfly shadow with hands. Both Fateh and Tejo happily hugs each other.

Jasmine comes outside Tejo’s room in hope to see her crying and panicking for Fateh’s arrival. Her evil grin turns into shock, seeing Fateh and Tejo hugging each other happily. Jasmine realizes that she can’t get or make Fateh hers, till Tejo is living in Sandhu house. She decides to make Tejo leave Sanshu house. In the next episode, using a kite, Fateh will make Tejo say, “I love you” to him. Fateh will tell Tejo that he loves her too. Jasmine will get envious and angry witnessing Fateh and Tejo’s kite flying and lovey-dovey moments. She will grow violent and say that Fateh will have to marry her only. Angry Jasmine will be seen holding a big scissor. Fateh’s forehead will be seen wounded.

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