Anupama 25th June 2022 Written Update Befitting reply

Anupama 25th June 2022 Written Update Befitting reply

Anupama 25th June 2022 Written Update Befitting reply Anupama gets emotional seeing Bapuji wiping the floor. She gets angry seeing Rakhi’s dirty footprints on the floor. Anupama takes the dipped in wiper and makes it touch Rakhi. Rakhi gets angry and asks Anupama to not make her heels dirty. Anupama reminds Rakhi that she stained Shah house’s floor. She tells Rakhi that she will get tit for tat. Baa feels happy witnessing this. Anupama tells Rakhi that even she knows that outside shoes aren’t allowed inside the Shah house. She asks Rakhi to be ashamed of her mistake of entering Shah house with outside slippers, when Bapuji was wiping/cleaning the floor.

Anupama apologizes to Kinjal for making her mother’s heels dirty. Kinjal tells Anupama that it’s okay. Rakhi asks Kinjal if it’s okay that her heels got dirty. Kinjal tells Rakhi that making her home dirty is also not okay. Paritosh makes Kinjal sit. Anupama asks Baa, Bapuji and Anuj to sit. She starts wiping/cleaning the floor. Baa asks Anupama why she is doing all this. Anuj asks Baa to let Anupama do it as a person shouldn’t feel ashamed of cleaning and wiping own house’s floor. Anuj tells Bapuji that he shouldn’t do all this work and instead do cardio in the garden with GK.


Rakhi humiliates Anupama by saying that she is wiping the floor even after becoming the owner of a rich house. Anupama asks Rakhi why she considers work done using effort as low class work. She also asks Rakhi to learn to respect hard work and efforts of people. Rakhi tells Anupama that according to her sources, Barkha humiliated Bapuji at her new house Griha Pravesh party. Everyone gets irritated with Rakhi’s words. Baa feels embarrassed. She glares at Anupama angrily. Kinjal asks Rakhi if her sources didn’t inform her that Anupama gave a befitting reply to Barkha and her evil guest.

She tells Rakhi that she obviously knows about it but her interest lies only in masala and nonsense information, which can lead to arguments and fights between people. Rakhi asks Kinjal where she went early in the morning, if everything is fine. This worries everyone. Kinjal tells Rakhi that she had a fun sleepover at Anupama’s house and has now returned home. She asks Rakhi if she wants to ask anything else. On the other hand, Adhik is seen trapping Pakhi in his love over the call, using sweet words. Anuj surprises Bapuji with the sugar free cream rolls made by him. Anupama cutely warns Bapuji to not mix house sugar in sugar free cream tolls.

She tells Baa that she doesn’t need to work in the kitchen for today as she brought breakfast. Seeing Baa angry, Paritosh tells Baa that he told Anupama that Vanraj and Kavya aren’t at home. Baa asks Anupama what was the need to bring all this as she is still alive. Anupama tells Baa that she will be alive for more than 100 years. She also tells Baa that it’s her wish if she wants to have the breakfast made by her or not. Suddenly, Rakhi starts beating the utensils and asks for attention. She tells everyone that she has organized Kinjal’s baby shower (godh bharai) tomorrow. While scolding Rakhi, Baa insults Barkha’s choice of clothes.

This makes Anuj feel a little angry and Anupama awkwardly looks at him. Rakhi tells Baa that Kinjal’s baby shower will take place tomorrow for sure as it’s a very auspicious day and time the next day. This shocks everyone. Kinjal and Anupama ask Rakhi why tomorrow. In a lower voice, Anuj asks Bapuji why Rakhi’s behavior changed suddenly as she got so emotional and sweet on the day of his and Anupama’s wedding. In a lower voice, Bapuji tells Anuj that he doesn’t know. Anuj says Rakhi is weird. Anupama tells Rakhi that it’s good that she cared about auspicious muhurat/time.

She also tells Rakhi that she should have told Baa in advance, as she is an elder in the family and house. Anupama tells Rakhi that even the Shah family needs the time to prepare and organize for Kinjal’s baby shower. Baa tells Rakhi that pooja is done at a pregnant woman’s baby shower. She says many preparations are made like arranging the priest and buying proper pooja samagri/items, which takes time. Baa asks Paritosh to bring their dholak from Patel’s house as it will be needed in the baby shower function. Irritated Rakhi tells Baa that dholak is not needed.

She reveals that she hired the best event company and best DJ. Rakhi tells Shah family and Kapadia family that they don’t need to do anything as she has arranged everything. She asks the Shah family and Kapadia family that they just need to come all decked up. Rakhi says that she can even send a hair and makeup team, if they have problems in getting decked up. Anupama asks Rakhi to watch her words. Rakhi tells Anuj and Anupama that she said all this for the middle class Shah family as Kapadia family doesn’t need her help in anything, being even more richer than her.

Baa thinks that thank God Vanraj isn’t at home as otherwise blood war would have occurred. Rakhi asks Baa where Vanraj is as if he would have been here, blood wars would have occurred. Baa gets shocked hearing Rakhi saying the same thing, which she just thought in her mind. She tells Rakhi that Kavya and Vanraj have gone out of town. Rakhi congratulates Paritosh telling him that after his mother, his father went for honeymoon. Bapuji asks Rakhi why she talks nonsense.

Anupama tells Rakhi that everyone has the right to arrange Kinjal’s baby shower. She asks Rakhi to sit and discuss Kinjal’s baby shower arrangements with everyone. Rakhi tells everyone that she has already made a final decision about Kinjal’s baby shower. She angrily asks everyone to come decked up and attend Kinjal’s baby shower at her home at 12 PM. Everyone gets shocked with Rakhi’s rude attitude. Baa angrily tells Rakhi that Kinjal’s baby shower won’t take place without Kavya and Vanraj. She also tells Rakhi that Kinjal’s baby shower will take place at Shah house and nowhere else.

Baa taunts Kapadias and Rakhi, saying that everyone is just showing off their richness, these days. She says every festival and celebration can take place at the Shah family’s small courtyard too. Anupama tells Rakhi that Baa is right as the baby shower takes place at the to-be mother’s in-laws house. She says even her baby shower took place at Shah house only. Rakhi says that her baby shower took place at her maternal home. Baa tells Rakhi that they can’t work according to her family or house wrong rules and customs. Rakhi tells Baa that her in-laws’ and maternal house is the same as Kinjal’s father lives at her maternal home only, since their marriage.

Baa says Paritosh doesn’t live in Kinjal’s maternal home. Rakhi says it’s final that Kinjal’s baby shower will take place at her home only. She asks everyone to reach her home on time. This shocks and angers everyone. Kinjal asks Rakhi to not put in so much effort as she won’t come. Shocked Rakhi asks Kinjal why. She tells Kinjal that she is doing all this for her only. Kinjal tells Rakhi if she wants to do something for her, let her baby shower take place at her in-laws house as per customs. She asks Rakhi to invite her friends to the Shah house. Rakhi feels angry and Baa enjoys it.

Rakhi says the baby shower will take place at Shah, but tomorrow only. Everyone gets shocked. Anupama says Kinjal’s baby shower can’t take place without Vanraj and Kavya. Anuj says Anupama is right as elders’ presence at baby showers is considered good. Rakhi tells Baa that she won’t agree to every demand of hers. She says either the date or place will be decided by her. Baa scolds Rakhi and both of them get indulged into a big argument. This irritates anyone. While Baa keeps scolding Rakhi, Rakhi keeps humiliating Baa.

Anupama stops Baa and Rakhi. Anupama, Anuj and Bapuji say both the Dave and Shah family have equal rights on Kinjal and the upcoming baby. Paritosh says he does want Kinjal to choose between her in-laws and maternal family. Baa says her son isn’t at home and in town, what about Vanraj’s attendance and presence. Bapuji says he will talk to Vanraj. Baa and Rakhi show attitude to each other. This worried everyone, especially Anupama. Rakhi asks Baa, how will the Shah family arrange/organize Kinjal’s baby shower as both Vanraj and Paritosh are unemployed. Rakhi’s words shocks and angers everyone.

Samar comes there and reveals that Vanraj isn’t sitting idle at home. He says Vanraj has always handled the Shah family and will handle everything now too. He asks Rakhi to not worry and leave everything on Vanraj. Everyone smiles hearing Samar’s befitting reply to Rakhi. Rakhi says now Samar has now become Vanraj’s devotee from Anupama’s devotee. Anupama asks Rakhi how it matters to her. Baa gets angry when Anuj says that Kinjal’s baby shower will be with much fanfare. She says she will handle everything on her own. Everyone understands that Baa is jealous of rich Anuj.

Rakhi angers Baa by telling her that she can take monetary help from Anuj and Anupama for Kinjal’s baby shower preparations. She also tells Baa that the Shah family will become famous if Kapadia’s will attend and sponsor their family’s function. Everyone gets angry. Baa recalls how Bapuji got humiliated by Barkha and her guest at Kapadia house’s Grih Pravesh pooja and party. Baa stops Rakhi from inviting Anupama’s in-laws for Kinjal’s baby shower. Baa says that only Anuj, Anupama and GK will attend Kinjal’s baby shower from Kapadia family. Rakhi enjoys the tension growing between Shah and Kapadia family.

Rakhi leaves from the Shah house. Baa angrily goes inside. Bapuji apologizes to Anuj for Baa’s words. Anuj tells Bapuji that it’s absolutely fine as it’s not good to invite anyone without a happy mind and heart. Anupama feels bad for Anuj. Anuj hides his anger and disappointment. At Kapadia house Ankush and Barkha have a sweet talk. Barkha says she wishes to be away from the Shah family’s drama. Ankush tells Barkha that this isn’t possible as Anuj and Anupama believe in keeping relations and family together, not breaking them apart.

Barkha tells Ankush that everything and everyone can’t be kept together forever. She says like water and fire, there is no match between Kapadias and Shahs. Anupama fights Baa for her in-laws. She tries convincing Baa to invite her in-laws too at Kinjal’s baby shower. Anupama asks Baa to at least think about Anuj’s feelings. Baa says no one cared for her son, Vanraj’s feelings too. She reminds Anupama that Barkha humiliated Bapuji. Baa says that she can’t see the face of a person who humiliated Bapuji. Anupama reminds Baa that she also once humiliated Bapuji.

She asks Baa if she can forgive herself, then why not Barkha or others. Anupama reminds Baa that Anuj stood for the Shah family at the house-warming party against his own brother and sister-in-law. Baa feels irritated as Anupama keeps convincing her to invite her in-laws to Kinjal’s baby shower. Baa threatens Anupama to uninvite her too. Anupama tells Baa that she will anyhow attend Kinjal’s baby shower, even being uninvited. She tells Baa that she (Anupama) never let go of her rights.

Baa refuses to invite Barkha, Ankush, Sara and Adhik. Anupama tells Baa that she has always done injustice to her. She reminds Baa that she used to keep her maternal family from Shah house initially and now is keeping her in-laws away from Shah house. Baa gets shocked seeing Anupama’s defensiveness for her in-laws.

In the next episode, Anupama and Bapuji together will invite Barkha, Ankush Sara and Adhik for Kinjal’s baby shower through video call. Ankush will tell Bapuji that they will attend Kinjal’s baby shower for sure. On the other hand, Baa will inform Vanraj and Kavya about Kinjal’s baby shower taking place the next day. Kavya will ask Baa how Kinjal’s baby shower can take place without her and Vanraj’s presence. Baa will tell Vanraj and Kavya that she doesn’t care about the auspicious muhurat. She will tell Vanraj and Kavya that Kinjal’s baby shower will take place in their presence only, after their return. Vanraj will be shocked with news of Kinjal’s baby shower function taking place without his presence. Anupama and her children, on the other hand, will be seen very happy.

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