Kumkum Bhagya 27th June 2022 Written Update Madness

Kumkum Bhagya 27th June 2022 Written Update Madness

Kumkum Bhagya 27th June 2022 Written Update Madness Pallavi finds Rhea upset. She tells that she didn’t give any pregnancy gift to Rhea, so here it is. She assures that she will oust Prachi from the house, she will make Rhea get rid of Prachi permanently. She tells that she will not let Prachi stay in the house, very soon, she will throw out Prachi. On the other side, Prachi returns home safely. She gathers all her energy to confront Ranbir. She tells him that Rhea’s pregnancy is a proof of his disloyalty and cheat. She calls him a liar.

Ranbir tells that he just loves her, she shouldn’t say such harsh things to him. He hugs her to calm her down, but his touch makes her more hyper. She yells at him after pushing him away. She asks him not to touch him. Ranbir is shocked to see Prachi’s rage at its peak. Pallavi and Aaliya plan to kick out Prachi from the house, while Prachi decides to leave from Ranbir’s life on her own. How will Ranbir justify his act of romancing Rhea in an intoxicated state? Keep reading.


Earlier in the show, In the flashback, Rhea tells Aaliya that Ranbir has never touched her, he doesn’t love her. Aaliya asks her to just fake the pregnancy. Rhea tells that she can’t fake the pregnancy for long. Aaliya advises her to spend a night with Ranbir and then he will be convinced by her story. He asks her to plan such a night again so that Ranbir believes her pregnancy story. Rhea plans to spike her drink and make him believe that something happened between them. She tells that her pregnancy will shock him. Aaliya wishes her luck. After the flashback, Aaliya asks Rhea how did she get pregnant. Rhea tells that her pregnancy isn’t fake, but real. Aaliya can’t believe this.

Kumkum Bhagya 27th June 2022 Written Update Madness:

Rhea tells Aaliya that one day, she had seen Prachi and Ranbir fighting. She adds that she had gone to overhear their fight, Prachi was really mad at him by her disbelief, Prachi was thinking that Ranbir loves her/Rhea. In the flashback scene, Rhea watches Prachi throwing out Ranbir from her room, and telling Ranbir that their love and faith, their relation, its all over. Prachi asks Ranbir to just go away if he loved her ever. Rhea finds him heartbroken. She goes after him and finds him sinking himself in alcohol. She asks him to be strong, he doesn’t need alcohol, but love. He tells her that he didn’t get any love. She asks him to see love in her eyes, she is with him, she will love him a lot. She hugs him.

He tells her that he doesn’t want her love. He warns her to go away from him. He blames her for the problems in his life. He tells her that Prachi left him, because he married Rhea. He asks Rhea to tell Prachi that she threatened him and forced him to marry. She tells Ranbir that everything happens for its own good, she loves him a lot, Prachi left him but she is with him. Ranbir cries and hugs her. She tells that she is always there for him. Ranbir weeps inconsolably. She tells him that she loves him a lot.

Ranbir starts imagining Prachi in her, and apologizes that he is sorry to give her Kumkum to Rhea, and just leave Prachi so lonely in sorrow. Rhea lies to him that she is his Prachi. She tells that she has forgiven him. He thankfully hugs her. He sees Prachi in Rhea and kisses her. They share intimate moments. Rhea remembers that night and tells Aaliya that she is really pregnant with Ranbir’s child. Aaliya asks Rhea is she crazy, Ranbir will not love her, his mind and heart love Prachi, this wasn’t the time to go close to him. Rhea tells that she doesn’t care a damn, even if Ranbir loves Prachi all his life. She doesn’t want Ranbir’s love, but her control on Ranbir and his surname. She just wants his baby to rule on his life.

She tells that she doesn’t care who he loves. Aaliya slaps her. She asks her not to lose like a loser. She doesn’t want Rhea to do any melodrama. Rhea agrees that Prachi is always melodramatic. She tells that she will always be the same, she will use Ranbir’s child so that she gets Ranbir forever. She wants to celebrate her victory. Aaliya takes care of Rhea, who runs to puke. She tells that pregnancy is really tough, there would be many problems coming. Rhea tells that its okay, she will show these problems to win Ranbir, Ranbir will leave Prachi forever, he will sacrifice his love. Aaliya realizes that Rhea is right, Ranbir and Prachi’s relation will end by this pregnancy.

Ranbir also reaches the old flat. He looks for Prachi, thinking it’s the same house where they stayed together and made beautiful memories, this house is like a temple for her where she gets peace. He can feel that she is around. He hears her sobbing voice and goes to see her. Prachi sits in the room and weeps. She senses Ranbir’s coming. She turns to see. Ranbir lacks courage and hides from her. She thinks Ranbir won’t come to her, he has left her long time back, he is the one who moved on, and she is the one who kept hopes till now. Ranbir finally walks to her. He wants to console her.

He doesn’t want her to take stress in the pregnancy state. He feels he is so unfortunate to not be able to tell her that he is with me, that he loves her. Meanwhile, Pallavi meets Aaliya and Rhea. She asks them to come downstairs and attend the guests, even Ranbir has left for some work. Rhea apologizes. She tells that she was feeling vomitish. Pallavi understands it. Aaliya tells that she is excited and also worried for Rhea’s pregnancy. Pallavi tells that Rhea would be fine. Rhea tells that she is feeling better, she will go to attend the guests. The guests congratulate Pallavi and Rhea. The lady asks Pallavi about Prachi, who is also pregnant. Pallavi tells that Rhea is pregnant.

The lady tells that Prachi is Ranbir’s wife, Prachi is the Kohli bahu as known to her before. She asks Pallavi did anything happen that she doesn’t know. Rhea turns upset. She sheds tears, telling Pallavi that many people will comment on her and humiliate her, by calling Prachi the Kohli bahu. Pallavi consoles her. She tells that the party and blessings are for Rhea. She asks Rhea to feel pride in her pregnancy. She promises to throw Prachi out of the house, as a gift to Rhea for her pregnancy. She tells that she will not let Prachi cast her evil shadow over Rhea and her baby. Pallavi adds that Rhea is Ranbir’s wife and the mum of his would be baby, she has the first right on the house. Rhea gets glad.

Aaliya rejoices that Rhea is using her pregnancy well to get rid of Prachi. Prachi sees the bedroom and recalls her past memories with Ranbir. She remembers Ranbir’s secret promise that even if their relation faces many ups and downs, he will never leave her, because their souls are interconnected. Ranbir gets a clarity from his memories. He wants to stay with Prachi. His memories remind him the promise. He wants to just be with Prachi, no matter what Rhea tells him. He remembers his promise to his would be baby, that he will start a parenting life in the same flat where he started his married life.

Prachi doesn’t see him sitting behind. He holds her arm. Prachi gets to see him. She starts yelling on him to silent him. She asks him not to lie. Ranbir asks her not to misunderstand him, he has come to fulfil his promise. She tells that he doesn’t love her, he loves Rhea, that’s why he has impregnated Rhea. He tells that he just loves her. She tells that Rhea’s pregnancy is a proof of his cheat. He hugs her to calm, but she shoves him away. She asks him to stay away, he always breaks her heart. He tells that she doesn’t want him to touch her. He tells that he didn’t touch Rhea, he just loves Prachi.

He hugs her against her wish, and calms her anger. They both cry profusely. He tells her that he will never get away from her. She asks him to not lie, he ended their relation himself, their love story, he killed them. She doesn’t give him a chance to explain. He pleads to get heard once. Shahana gets angered seeing Aaliya. She asks Aaliya to understand others and feel humanity. Aaliya tells that she won’t tolerate her nonsense. Shahana threatens her. She isn’t able to find Prachi. She grows worried. She blames Aaliya for making Prachi cry. She further tells that she won’t spare anyone when she makes up her mind to seek justice for Prachi. Aaliya cares a damn.

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  1. This show is about the drunk ranbir n tje slutty rhea only romancing for sex.better these 2 actors act in some 18yrs n over show yes.

  2. So she is really pregnant by Ranbir how come she did not tell her aunt s unless it is all her imagination something is fishy how come no one knows

  3. So if she isnt oregnant why did she faint n constantly vomitting? this show is just disgusting n filthy now.so ranbir cant figure out rgea n tell his mom the truth that is prachi he loves.when will we get rid of rhea n alliya? vikram n hus mum need to treat palkavi the way she treating prachi.get a second wife for vickram.


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