Udaariyaan 25th June 2022 Written Update Jasmin reverts

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Udaariyaan 25th June 2022 Written Update Jasmin reverts Jasmine recalls Tejo addressing Fateh as her groom. She angrily tears her own and Fateh’s wedding card. Jasmine recalls telling Sweety that she bought a beautiful wedding lehenga for herself to wear on her wedding with Fateh. She shows the wedding lehenga to Sweety in the flashback. Flashback ends. On the other hand, Tejo tells Fateh that she enjoyed spending time with him. Fateh smiles hearing this. He asks Tejo to have some sleep.

Tejo tells Fateh that she isn’t feeling sleepy at all. She also tells Fateh that people sleep at night only. Fateh asks Tejo who told her that people sleep at night only. Tejo calls Fateh stupid for saying this. Jasmine in her locked room is seen tearing her wedding dressing as she recalls Sweety asking her to not forget that she still is Amrik’s widow and he died only 2 months ago. In the flashback, Jasmine asks Sweety what she wants to say. Sweety tells Jasmine that Fateh is marrying her only for Amrik’s child’s sake. Flashback ends. She says that if mentally unstable Tejo wouldn’t have returned, then she and Fateh would have been living a happy married life.

Jasmine says that Fateh cares for Tejo more than Amrik’s child. Jasmine says that she will make sure that Fateh will marry her only. On the other hand, Tejo tells Fateh that she and Billo sometimes used to sleep on the ashram terrace and witness the beautiful sky filled with stars. Jasmine tears her wedding lehenga brutally with scissors. Lovely knocks Jasmine’s room door. Jasmine gets alert and starts hiding the torn wedding cards and lehenga. Then she opens the door for Lovely. Lovely asks Jasmine why she opened the door taking so much time. Jasmine lies to Lovely that she was hiding her tears saying that Tejo already made everyone cry a lot today. Lovely keeps milk for Jasmine in her room.


Lovely tells Jasmine that she feels very bad for her. She tells Jasmine that earlier she used to think that she is evil but now can understand her pain. Jasmine hugs Lovely and thanks her. She tells Lovely that for the first time she feels that she is having someone’s support. Jasmine manipulates Lovely against Tejo. She tells Lovely that she doesn’t want to come in between Fateh and Tejo. Jasmine also tells Lovely that she is just worried about her upcoming child. She further tells Lovely that she will live her life anyhow but how will her upcoming child live without a father’s love and name. Lovely tells Jasmine that Fateh should marry her but he, Rupy and Fateh are only worrying about Tejo. She says that she doesn’t know how to make her parents understand what is right.

Jasmine pretends crying and feeling alone in front of Lovely. On the other hand, Fateh surprises Tejo with a night sky setup inside the home only. Both Fateh and Tejo lie under the sky setup together, arranged by Fateh. Tejo enjoys the sky setup as it looks exactly like a night sky filled with stars. Both Fateh and Tejo count the stars and have fun moments together. Next morning, Satti tells Tejo that she made something tasty for her, which she likes to eat. Navraj asks Tejo to guess what Satti cooked for till Fateh comes. Tejo makes some wrong guesses. One by one all members of the Sandhu family except Lovely and Jasmine make wrong guesses.

Tejo gets curious and excited. She hears everyone’s guesses. Fateh arrives and Tejo hugs. He makes a right guess and says that Satti cooked Punjabi Kadhi for Tejo today. Satti says Fateh is absolutely right. Tejo says she likes Kadhi a lot. She jokingly tells Navraj that she won’t give her even one pakoda from curry as he didn’t tell her what Satti cooked. Tejo says she will give all the pakoda’s to Fateh. Whole family laughs together. Jasmine comes downstairs and feels jealous and angry seeing everyone happy with Tejo.

Lovely notices Jasmine’s disappointment. She tells Jasmine that the family should take care of her as every child of the Sandhu family grew up together with Tejo. She asks Jasmine if she will have Kadhi Chawal. Jasmine pretends to be unhappy and leaves telling Lovely that she won’t have anything as she isn’t hungry. Satti asks Jasmine to have pyaaz parathas that she made for her. Jasmine refuses to have anything and leaves, informing that she is going to the mall with Sweety. Satti runs behind Jasmine to give her tiffin but she leaves, ignoring her caring mother. Satti says that Jasmine should at least care about her upcoming child.

Satti shares her worries about Jasmine’s behavior with Rupy. She tells Rupy that she is stuck between Tejo and Jasmine’s care. Satti also tells Rupy that they all are aware about Tejo’s mental health condition. She says that at least Jasmine should understand the present situation and take care of herself as well as her upcoming child. Rupy tells Satti that Jasmine’s behavior is justified. He says Jasmine must be feeling bad that her and Fateh’s wedding got canceled after Tejo’s return. He asks Satti to give some time to Jasmine. Rupy says everything will get fine for sure. Both Satti and Rupy witness Fateh and Tejo feeding food to each other happily.

Satti tells Rupy that she is worried thinking about what will happen, if Jasmine will turn like her old times (stubborn and idiot), due to the current situation. Rupy asks Satti to not worry as he has assured his support to Jasmine, which was her usual major concern and complaint. He says Jasmine won’t repeat her old mistakes as he is with her this time. Later, Tejo kisses Satti and Fateh’s hands. This makes everyone, especially Satti and Fateh happy. Satti asks Tejo why she kissed her hand. Tejo tells Satti that her ashram caretaker says that one should kiss the person’s hand, who cooks good and tasty food. She says her ashram caretaker also says that one should also kiss the person’s hand, who feeds us with love.

Rupy tells emotional Satti that today Tejo kissed her hand and some day will address her as “Maa”. Satti gets hopeful for that day. She prays to God for her both daughters’ well-being. Whole Sandhu family smiles seeing Fateh and Tejo happily feeding each other. Satti calls Sweety and requests her to feed Jasmine as she left home hungry. Sweety disconnects the call saying okay to Satti. Fateh tells Satti and Rupy that he talked to a good psychiatrist. He says that they have to take Tejo to meet a psychiatrist tomorrow.

Fateh says that he is sure that the psychiatrist will help Tejo in some way for sure. Rupy shows gratitude to Fateh and apologizes to him for considering him as a wrong person. Fateh tells Rupy that it’s fine. He goes to Tejo and wipes her mouth. On the other hand, Jasmine meets Sweety. Sweety asks Jasmine why Satti called and told her that she (Jasmine) isn’t eating well these days. Jasmine gets happy knowing that Satti is getting worried about her. She tells Sweety that this is her plan. Sweety asks Jasmine what plan. Jasmine asks Sweety to leave it as she will get dizzy hearing out her evil plans. They leave to watch a movie.

At Sandhu house, Navraj, Fateh and Tejo are seen making kites. Navraj goes downstairs to bring another kite for him. Fareh writes, “I Love You” on the kite. He gives it to Tejo. Tejo curiously sees what’s written on the kite. Fateh smiles and recalls his beautiful moments and memories with Tejo from the past. “Main Tere Naal Hi Rehna Ji ” song plays in the background. Fateh kisses Tejo’s forehead. Both Fateh and Tejo fly a kite together. Fateh comes closer to Tejo and flies a kite with her. Jasmine returns home and Satti asks Jasmine what she will drink and eat.

Jasmine tells Satti that she is having a headache and is going to rest. Navraj comes downstairs and asks for money from Satti. He reveals that Tejo and Fateh are flying a kite together. Jasmine sees Fateh and Tejo happily flying a kite, being closer to each other. She feels very angry. Satti comes there and Jasmine screams out her anger at her. Satti tells Jasmine that she will oil her hair to soothe her headache. Jasmine angrily asks Satti to take care of Tejo as she needs them the most, not her. She angrily goes to her room and cleans her makeup. Jasmine laughs evilly saying that she looks weak like she hasn’t eaten anything since the last 10-15 days.

She gets determined to take advantage of being hungry. Jasmine goes downstairs. She notices that Fateh and Tejo’s kite got cut and fell down in the hall near her. Angry Jasmine destroys Fateh and Tejo’s kite using her slippers and hides it under the carpet. She pretends to fall unconscious seeing Navraj coming. Navraj calls everyone downstairs. Everyone gets worried seeing Jasmine unconscious. Lovely accuses Sandhu family of focusing only on Tejo and not pregnant Jasmine. Thos shocks everyone. Jasmine enjoys the show. She is made to lie on a cot. Fateh asks worried and scared Tejo to not worry as Jasmine will get alright in some time. He calls the doctor home.

Lovely says everyone just cares for Tejo, not pregnant Jasmine. Sweety comes there and lies to Sandhus as instructed by Jasmine. She lies to Sandhus that Jasmine hasn’t eaten anything since last night. This worries everyone as they trust Sweety’s words. Tejo in a lower voice tells Fateh that Jasmine and Sweety are liars. Fateh asks Tejo to stay silent, being unaware of the truth. Lovely shows everyone that Jasmine has thrown last night’s food given by Satti and is hungry since last night. Jasmine secretly winks at Sweety. Sweety smiles evilly, getting stunned by Jasmine’s amazing acting. The Sandhu family, especially Satti, gets worried for Jasmine.

Satti and Jasmine’s Grandmother prays to God for their family’s children. Jasmine feels happy seeing her evil plan of fooling everyone, getting successful. She thinks that now she will see how Tejo keeps her away from Fateh. In the next episode, seeing Jasmine ill, Gurpreet will rudely ask Sandhus can’t they keep mentally unstable Tejo locked inside a room. Jasmine will smirk seeing Gurpreet’s anger. On the other hand, Fateh and Tejo will be seen enjoying a bike ride together. Jasmine will get determined to worsen Tejo’s condition, to make Fateh leave her.

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