Kundali Bhagya 27th June 2022 Written Update Preeran meet

Kundali Bhagya 27th June 2022 Written Update Preeran meet

Kundali Bhagya 27th June 2022 Written Update Preeran meet Karan and Preeta get locked inside the storeroom in the school. Someone locks them by mistake. Karan isn’t tensed about going out someway. He gets busy in staring at Preeta, who is lying unconscious, and remembering their good times. He gets emotional seeing her close, but develops hatred for her when he remembers her deceive. He gets angered when Rishabh’s name flashes on her phone screen. Rishabh calls her when he feels worried for her. She doesn’t take the call, which makes Rishabh more nervous.

Moreover, Rishabh shares his concern with Sameer, that Preeta never neglects his calls, it’s the first time that she didn’t answer his call. Karan tells Preeta that she deserves to die. Rishabh awaits Preeta’s message, and hopes that she is safe. Karan thinks how did he not see her truth, was her love also a cheat, was he into an illusion for all these years. He feels frustrated.

Earlier in the show, Preeta misses Karan. Karan wants bad to happen with her. He curses her that the darkness surrounds her, she sinks in sorrow and loses her joy. He wants Preeta’s answer. He wants to know why did she cheat him and try to kill him. Preeta feels Karan is around her, she can feel his presence. Peon gets the keys and locks the door. Preeta tries to shout for help, but she gets locked. Anjali shouts on the hospital staff. She tells that Arjun is missing. She wants an answer. Nobody knows about Arjun. Anjali asks the doctor how can he be so careless. She yells at the staff.


Kundali Bhagya 27th June 2022 Written Update Preeran meet:

They ask her to calm down. Anjali tells that the staff is careless and didn’t look after Arjun. She warns the doctor. Preeta senses someone’s presence in the storeroom. Preeta falls short of breath in fear. She asks the hidden person to come out. Karan wants to know who is she that she cheated him. He regrets that he couldn’t see her truth.

Preeta asks who is around in the hiding. She asks the person to come out and not trick her. She starts feeling suffocated. She yells for help. Karan doesn’t pity her. He watches her faint down. Preeta turns dizzy while lying on the floor and seeing her phone fallen away, ringing. Karan goes close to see her. He tells her that she really deserves to die. He gets upset seeing Rishabh’s incoming call on her phone. Rishabh tells Sameer that Preeta isn’t answering his call. Sameer asks him not to worry. Rishabh tells that Preeta always takes his calls, he hopes she is fine. Sameer asks him to sign the papers. Rishabh replies that he can’t sign the papers until Preeta gives her consent for the deal.

Rishabh delays the meeting. He gets disturbed in tension. Sameer asks Rishabh if he loves Preeta so much. He apologizes for his awkward question. Rishabh answers that he respects her self-respect and character, he protects her, nobody can understand their relation which is much above the level of love. He sees Preeta and Pihu’s picture. He talks to Preeta’s picture. He tells that he respects her a lot, their relation is much above love, he will always protect her and keep his promise, he will not let anything happen to her, he will always support her in everything. He feels Preeta and Kavya are his responsibility.

He promises that he will not let any trouble touch Preeta. He sees Karan’s picture and misses him. He wishes Karan was around to see how he is taking care of Karan’s love Preeta. He wishes that Karan comes back to them. He badly misses Karan. He asks Karan if he misses him. Karan gets angered thinking of Preeta. He then remembers her caring side, and stops from leaving her alone in the storeroom. He doesn’t want to get so stone-hearted. He suddenly turns concerned for her. He tries to render her to consciousness. He breaks a window to get the flow of fresh air into the closed room. He makes Preeta lie on the bench close to the window. He asks her to open her eyes and breathe easy. Preeta opens eyes and sees him.

She falls unconscious again. He asks her why did she come in the storeroom when she is so scared of darkness. He shouts for help. Peon tells that the door is locked, he will get the key in five minutes. Karan panics that Preeta may lose her life. He hurriedly tries to break the door. He finally succeeds in breaking the door. The peon gets the key. Karan asks for water. He scolds the peon for the carelessness. He sprinkles water on Preeta’s face. Preeta gets conscious. She doesn’t see Karan in Arjun’s avatar. Karan walks away, telling that he isn’t like Rishabh and Preeta to take someone’s life.

He thinks he will not harm their lives, but he will take his revenge, he will make their lives hell, he will bring a storm in their lives and she won’t even know who caused it. Preeta asks the peon about Arjun. Peon tells that he doesn’t know about him. Preeta thinks who was he, who was following her like a shadow. Karan decides to not tell about his identity. He wants to play a game with her now. Preeta goes out and looks for him. She gets her purse and phone.

Sameer comes back to Rishabh, and finds him still stressed about Preeta. Rishabh is worried, saying that Preeta and Kavya are his responsibility. He sends Sameer to find out. Preeta checks Rishabh’s missed calls. She calls back. He apologizes for calling repeatedly. He asks her if everything is okay. She tells him that she doesn’t know what happened, she felt a strange thing, like Karan is around her. Rishabh swears that even he felt like Karan is around. Preeta tells that Karan can’t be at two places at the same time, they are just overthinking because of the pandit’s words. He asks her what happened. She tells that someone was following her, she felt that he was Karan, but it was just an illusion, Karan would have come in front of her.

She adds that she couldn’t see that guy’s face. He asks her who can it be, because Prithvi and Sherlyn are out of their lives. She tells that she is scared to leave from the school. He asks her not to get scared, he is just coming to pick her. Preeta thanks him. She wonders what’s happening with her. She feels that stranger wanted to hurt her. She wants to know who is he. Karan is hurt thinking of Rishabh and Preeta’s happy family. Elsewhere, Kritika shops in the local market and gets teased by some cheapsters. She shouts on them to lecture. She asks them to just leave.

The goons tease her and showcase their contacts. Kritika appeals to the public to help her. One of the goon proposes Kritika for marriage. Karan doubts Rishabh and Preeta’s affair. The past moments disturb him. He stops the car and weeps. He reaches the same market. He finds Kritika in trouble. He is shocked at the sight. Karan attacks the goon and saves Kritika. He gets into a big fight with them. He rebukes the goon, saying Kritika is his sister. Kritika gets grateful to Arjun for saving her. He makes the goons apologize to Kritika. Karan returns her dupatta to her. Kritika remembers Karan on seeing Arjun.

She thanks him for risking his life and protecting her. He tells that every girl has at least one brother, like every child has a mother. He talks of their relation of last birth. He blesses her and asks her to take care. Rishabh meets Preeta at the school. He tells her that he has come, she is totally safe now, she shouldn’t worry now. He relieves her. He tells that Kavya’s class will end in five minutes, they will go home. She apologizes that he had to leave his work and come. He tells that family is more important than work for him, when family needs them, its important to stand by them. He apologizes that he sent Preeta alone with Kavya. He wants to accompany her every day so that no such problem arises again. He asks her to describe that guy. She tells that she didn’t see his face, but just his clothes, which made him appear like Karan.

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