Kumkum Bhagya 28th June 2022 Written Update Pranbir ripped

Kumkum Bhagya 28th June 2022 Written Update Pranbir ripped

Kumkum Bhagya 28th June 2022 Written Update Pranbir ripped Rhea tells that she has defeated Prachi, she has won, she is Mrs. Rhea Ranbir Kohli. She rejoices that she has finally won. Shahana angrily congratulates Ranbir that he is soon going to become a father. She makes him sulk in guilt. Ranbir remembers his promise to Prachi that he will fulfil always be with her. He wants to fulfil one of the main promise which will fulfil all his promises. He wants Prachi to believe him that he just loves her. Prachi makes Ranbir away from her, denying to believe his so called true love, filled with infidelity. She is hurt that he always professes love and then breaks her heart after snatching every hope that she binds with him. Ranbir loses hopes of union with Prachi. Elsewhere, Dida finds Prachi’s pregnancy reports. She is shocked to realize that Prachi is also pregnant with Ranbir’s child, and wonders why did Prachi keep her pregnancy a secret till now.

Earlier in the show, Prachi rebukes Ranbir for his cheat, though he denies it. She tells that Rhea’s pregnancy is a proof of his cheat. He hugs her to calm, but she shoves him away. She asks him to stay away, he always breaks her heart. He tells that she doesn’t want him to touch her. He tells that he didn’t touch Rhea, he just loves Prachi.

He hugs her against her wish, and calms her anger. They both cry profusely. He tells her that he will never get away from her. She asks him to not lie, he ended their relation himself, their love story, he killed them. She doesn’t give him a chance to explain. He pleads to get heard once. Shahana gets angered seeing Aaliya. She asks Aaliya to understand others and feel humanity. Aaliya tells that she won’t tolerate her nonsense. Shahana threatens her. She isn’t able to find Prachi. She grows worried. She blames Aaliya for making Prachi cry. She further tells that she won’t spare anyone when she makes up her mind to seek justice for Prachi. Aaliya cares a damn.


Kumkum Bhagya 28th June 2022 Written Update Pranbir ripped:

Dida and Vikram ask Pallavi why did she call them to the room. Pallavi tells that the guests are not his priority right now, its something else. He asks her not to get troubled, Rhea and Ranbir didn’t come for the puja. Pallavi tells that the guests are confused about Prachi being their bahu, because Prachi is still living in their house. She adds that Rhea is pregnant, which means Ranbir has moved on and accepted Rhea, he loves Rhea, he used to love Prachi before, not now. She wants to make Prachi out of the house. Rhea hears them talking. She gets happy. Dida asks Pallavi where would Prachi go if they oust her. Pallavi wants Rhea’s pregnancy to go smooth.

She can’t hurt Rhea by keeping Prachi home. Dida and Vikram tell Pallavi that they can’t make Prachi leave the house for Rhea’s sake. Pallavi tells that Prachi has to leave, Dida has to ask Prachi to leave, if anything happens to Rhea, then Dida will be responsible for it. She doesn’t want Rhea to live with her Sautan and get stressed. Vikram tells that Prachi is Rhea’s sister. Pallavi tells that Rhea and Prachi are Sautans now, just one of them is Ranbir’s wife. She doesn’t want to repeat her mistake. She tells that Rhea has proved that she is the bahu of their house by giving them a good news. She asks Dida to do anything but send away Prachi. Dida and Vikram grow much worried.

Aaliya tells Shahana that Rhea is her niece, she loves Rhea a lot, she doesn’t care of Shahana’s threatening because she doesn’t love Prachi, she doesn’t care for Prachi, who is a big problem for Rhea’s married life. She adds that she will pray that nobody finds Prachi. Shahana prays that nobody gets a Bua like Aaliya. She threatens Aaliya. She tells that she won’t tolerate her nonsense. Prachi comes home. Shahana sees her and runs to her. Aaliya pities Shahana. She decides to hurt Prachi and trouble Shahana. Prachi cries and thinks of Ranbir. Shahana finds her in pain. She weeps seeing Prachi shattered.

Prachi gets under the shower and cries profusely. Rhea meets Aaliya. She tells that she has just seen Dida who looked much worried. She shares her exciting plan. She tells that Pallavi was asking Dida to oust Prachi from the house. She wants to see Dida, how she asks Prachi to leave. Aaliya takes her to the room. Rhea tells that they don’t need to get scared of anyone. Aaliya tells her that Prachi is shattered, she is Pragya’s copy, she can do anything that Pragya would have done in this situation. She adds that Pragya was brave, even Prachi can take a big step against them in this tough situation.

She gives an idea to Rhea. She asks Rhea to manipulate Pragya emotionally. She tells that she used such tricks on Pragya. She asks Rhea to convince Prachi to leave the house. She is sure that Prachi will listen to Rhea and leave the house, because Prachi will sacrifice just like Pragya used to do. Rhea tells that she can make any emotional appeal to Prachi. Aaliya asks her to make Prachi emotional about her baby’s future. Rhea doesn’t agree to her. Dida reaches Prachi’s room and weeps, thinking of the task that Pallavi gave her. She comes across Prachi’s pregnancy file.

She is shocked to know that Prachi is pregnant. Ranbir arrives home crying. Shahana sees him and gets angry on him. She feels ashamed of herself that she supported him and trusted him, by going against Prachi. She blames him for breaking Prachi’s heart. He asks her to not misunderstand him. She tells that he is going to become a father. She asks him not to fool himself. She tells that Prachi always saved him, but she got a humiliating life in return. She asks him to realize Prachi’s pain, she is broken because of him. He asks her to trust him, it’s a promise that he will fix everything. She asks him not to promise when he can’t keep his word. She congratulates him for becoming a father of Rhea’s child.

Ranbir sheds tears. Prachi comes out of the washroom in drenched clothes. Dida takes care of her. She hugs Prachi and asks her to leave the things on fate. She knows Prachi is worried. She asks Prachi to think of her coming child. Prachi is shocked to know that Dida knows her secret. Dida tells that she knows the truth. She advises Prachi to stay happy so that the baby stays well. Prachi tells that she will stay happy. Dida tells that she has a right to tell Prachi to take care of Ranbir’s child. She asks Prachi why did she hide this from her for so long. She wants to take care of Prachi.

Prachi tells that she wanted to tell Ranbir and Dida, but she saw Ranbir close to Rhea. She adds that she couldn’t tell because of Rhea’s pregnancy news. She knows that even Ranbir won’t care for this good news at this moment, because he is getting this happiness from someone else. Dida consoles her. She asks Prachi to promise that she will stay happy. Prachi promises her. She asks Dida to promise that she won’t tell this to anyone. She makes Dida swear on her. Dida promises to keep the secret. Prachi apologizes to her. Dida just wants her happiness.

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  1. If prachi dies this will be a very sad story and not to watch anymore because Ranbir is also a good upcoming star and yet to enjoy acting instead becoming a father so soon

  2. Stop showing spiking the drinks and doing anything repeatedly same thing otherwise it will be common in real also. The characters are really very good but story……

  3. I don’t really understand what this show is all about. Encouraging lies and supporting evil. Is ths this what this series is all about. I don’t get it. The producers supporting deceit, so my question is what is the moral lessons of this new generation series. Are you encouraging Auntys to be teaching evil to one niece and the other who is good to be enduring rubbish.

    Besides why is Ranbir the only man in the show where a sister knows he loves the other and aunty and niece planned to destroy her other niece. stupid culture


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