Udaariyaan 27th June 2022 Written Update Tejo gains memory

Udaariyaan 5th July 2022 Written Update Tejo tricked

Udaariyaan 27th June 2022 Written Update Tejo gains memory Jasmin acts to leave the food and fall sick only because of the tension that her marriage won’t happen with Fateh. She doesn’t talk of aborting the child now to threaten the family, but indirectly pressurizes them into listening to her demand, by emotionally blackmailing them about the child’s safety and well-being. Gurpreet meets Jasmin and finds her pale-looking. She yells at Sandhus for not looking after Jasmin well. She tells them that Tejo’s mental state isn’t good, they should lock Tejo in a room and keep her away from Jasmin. Jasmin wants to separate Fateh and Tejo and break their hearts. She plans to send Tejo to the mental asylum. She tells that she will make such a plan that Fateh will give up on Tejo himself. Fateh becomes a kid to please Tejo and plays with her. They enjoy their time playing and then head to the tea stall to sip some hot tea.

Tejo is slowly regaining her memory. She asks Fateh why didn’t he add the sugar in her tea. She calls him Lafandar, which shocks him and reminds him their past moment. He asks her if she remembers that she used to call him Lafandar and he used to call her Shadayan. Fateh gets sure that Tejo will regain her memory soon. Jasmin keeps an eye on them. She gets angered to take revenge. She tells that she will not let them unite, she has made such arrangements that Tejo will never gain her memory. Fateh gets hopeful and rejoices the possibility of Tejo’s normalcy.

Earlier in the show, Lovely says everyone just cares for Tejo, not pregnant Jasmine. Sweety comes there and lies to Sandhus as instructed by Jasmine. She lies to Sandhus that Jasmine hasn’t eaten anything since last night. This worries everyone as they trust Sweety’s words. Tejo in a lower voice tells Fateh that Jasmine and Sweety are liars. Fateh asks Tejo to stay silent, being unaware of the truth. Lovely shows everyone that Jasmine has thrown last night’s food given by Satti and is hungry since last night. Jasmine secretly winks at Sweety. Sweety smiles evilly, getting stunned by Jasmine’s amazing acting. The Sandhu family, especially Satti, gets worried for Jasmine.


Udaariyaan 27th June 2022 Written Update Tejo gains memory:

Doctor is seen examining Jasmine. She scolds Sandhu and Virk family for not being able to take care of pregnant Jasmine. Tejo gets scared seeing the doctor giving Jasmine an injection. Fateh calms down a scared Tejo. Gurpreet feels angry. Doctor leaves asking Sandhu and Virk family to take care of Jasmine. Jasmine smirks secretly. She pretends to wake up from unconsciousness. Jasmine asks Satti if her child is fine. Satti tells Jasmine that yes her child is fine. Rupy asks Jasmine why she isn’t feeling like eating anything.

Gurpreet angrily asks the Sandhu family if they don’t care for Jasmine. She asks Satti if she doesn’t know that pregnant women feel restless and vomiting all the time. Gurpreet tells Satti that being a mother, she should make Jasmine eat whatever she feels like. Jasmine smiles evilly and recalls throwing the food given by Satti. She says she can’t eat anything after having a lot of pizzas and burgers. She also eats chocolate. Flashback ends. Satti asks Jasmine to tell her whatever she wants to eat, as she will make everything for her. Jasmine cleverly takes out her and Fateh’s old wedding card.

Gurpreet notices this. She snatches the wedding card from Jasmine and tells everyone that Jasmine wants to marry Fateh. Fareh sends Tejo on the Terrace with Navraj. Tejo walks outside the room with Navraj but stays hidden outside. Gurpreet says a girl whose marriage would have broken a few days ago will obviously feel like crying and sad. Tejo comes inside the room and snatches the wedding card from Gurpreet. She says that Jasmine is lying. She says Jasmine is a bad and an evil girl, who throws the food given by her parents in dustbins. Tejo hugs Fateh and says that it’s her anr Fateh’s wedding card and Jasmine is lying.

Fateh takes Tejo outside. Gurpreet asks the Sandhu family why they don’t keep mentally unstable Tejo locked inside a room and focus on Jasmine. Angry Rupy tells Gurpreet that he can’t do injustice to one of his daughters for another daughter. He says even Tejo has the right to live in an open environment and meet people. Rupy tells Gurpreet that it’s natural that a family should act accordingly and tenderly, when one of their family members staying with them is mentally unstable. Jasmine feels irked. Gurpreet gives Jasmine her swear and asks her to never stop eating/having food. Jasmine promises Gurpreet that she will have food at proper intervals.

On the other hand, on the terrace, Fateh convinces Tejo to stop calling Jasmine bad. Later, Gurpreet and Khushbeer see Fateh and Tejo happily spending time with each other on the terrace. Khushbeer feels happy and emotional. He recalls blessing Tejo, her good deeds and care towards everyone. Gurpreet doesn’t get affected and feels angry.

Khushbeer and Gurpreet reach Virk house. Khushbeer explains to Gurpreet to try understanding Tejo and Fateh. Khushbeer also tells Gurpreet that she is forgetting Fateh’s pain and condition, when they assumed that Tejo died. He further tells Gurpreet that she is forgetting everything and everyone else in Amrik’s upcoming child’s love. Flashback of Fateh yearning for Tejo in the past is shown. He says he is happy seeing his son happy after a long time with Tejo, now. Gurpreet tells Khushbeer that he is not thinking about future days and the future consequences of the present situation. She angrily leaves towards her room. Fateh overhears everything and feels sad. Gurpreet talks to Nimmo on the phone.

At Sandhu house, Rupy covers a sleeping Jasmine and caresses her with love. At Virk house, Gurpreet and Nimmo discuss that Fateh has gone crazy behind mentally unstable Tejo. Nimmo asks Gurpreet what the doctor said about Tejo’s condition. Gurpreet tells Nimmo that she doesn’t know as she isn’t able to talk to Fateh these days. She says Fateh stays with Tejo almost for the whole day.

Fateh comes there and thus Gurpreet and Nimmo disconnect the call. Fateh tries to make Gurpreet have food. Gurpreet shows anger, disappointment and reluctance. She reminds Fateh that she always stood for his and Tejo’s love in the past. Gurpreet also reminds Fateh that she stood with Tejo, even when he left/hurt her for Jasmine. She explains to Fateh that considering the current situation, now Tejo isn’t good and capable of becoming his wife and Virks daughter-in-law. Gurpreet asks Fateh if Tejo has become so important for him now. On the other hand, Tejo feels bad knowing that Fateh left her alone. She keeps demanding to call Fateh and cries profusely. Rupy and Satti feel bad seeing Tejo’s condition.

At Virk house, Fateh tells Gurpreet that the doctor told him that there are 30-40% chances that Tejo will get fine and normal again. Gurpreet asks Fateh, if he will ruin 100% of his life for that 30-40%. She tells Fateh that it’s not maturity but foolishness. Fateh tries leaving but Gurpreet stops him. Gurpreet tells Fateh that he is doing something in which failure is confirmed. On the other hand, Rupy gives in seeing Tejo’s tears but Satti refuses to call Fateh at the Sandhu house, recalling Gurpreet’s bitter words. She recalls Gurpreet taunting them for making Fateh, Tejo’s 24 hours servant.

Satti tells Rupy that they will handle their daughter Tejo on their own as she is their responsibility. At Virk house, Fateh reminds Gurpreet that Tejo has kept her respect and happiness at stake for their family, many times. He says Khushbeer considered Tejo as his daughter as Tejo st every step proved that she is Virk’s daughter and well-wisher. Fateh tells Gurpreet that he will do everything possible for Tejo and whatever Tejo did for him and his family.

Gurpreet asks Fateh if he wants his family to stop caring about their house, family and society for Tejo. She tells Fateh that they will always face troubles being Tejo. Fateh says Tejo is everything for him, his life and reason to live. He shocks Gurpreet and leaves telling her that he won’t leave Tejo’s support at any cost. Gurpreet grows worried. At Sandhu house, Rupy tells Satti that she is right, that they should take care of Tejo on their own. Satti sings a lullaby for Tejo which she used to sing for Tejo in childhood. Flashbacks of Satti making little Tejo sleep similarly in the past is shown. Flashback ends. Tejo falls asleep.

In her sleep, Tejo addresses Satti as “Maa”. She requests Satti to continue singing the lullaby. This stunns Rupy and Satti and makes them happy. Satti makes Tejo again address her as “Maa”. When Tejo once again addresses Satti as “Maa”, emotional Satti kisses Tejo a lot. Emotional Rupy starts pressing Tejo’s leg to soothe her and make her sleep peacefully. Next morning, Fateh arrives at Sandhu house. Satti tells Fateh that last night she made Tejo sleep herself by singing an old lullaby. She also tells Fateh that Tejo addressed her as “Maa”. Fateh gets happy and hugs Satti.

Tejo runs and hugs Fateh and Satti. Jasmine sees this and gets angry. Tejo feeds food to Fateh. Jasmine’s anger grows and says that Fateh isn’t coming to her to ask about her condition, even once. She says that Fateh cares only for Tejo. In a unique and cute way, Fateh convinces Tejo to visit a doctor with him and family. Rupy and Satti help Fateh in convincing Tejo. Jasmine feels irked seeing everyone loving and caring for Tejo only. She runs inside her room, hearing that Fateh is coming to meet her. Fateh meets Jasmine and gives her fruits. Jasmine pretends innocence and asks Fateh to take care of Tejo.

Fateh requests Jasmine to support him in making Tejo fine by taking care of herself. Jasmine falsely promises Fateh that she will support and help him by taking care of herself. As Fateh leaves, Jasmine thinks that her game plan will ruin, if Tejo will get normal and fine again. She decides that she will never let Tejo get fine, normal or revive her old memories.

In the next episode, Fateh and Tejo will be seen spending a good time with each on a truck. They will be seen playing with rose petals. Jasmine will get determined that she will worsen Tejo’s condition to an extent that Fateh will accept defeat himself. Tejo and Fateh will visit their previously visited place. Tejo will tell Fateh that she remembers that they used to visit this place. She will also tell Fateh that he likes the kulhad and fritters of this place. Seeing Tejo regaining her memory slowly, Fateh gets happy and hopeful.

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