Anupama 2nd July 2022 Written Update Resolute Anupama

Anupama 2nd July 2022 Written Update Resolute Anupama

Anupama 2nd July 2022 Written Update Resolute Anupama Outside the Shah house, Rakhi starts manipulating and instigating Barkha against Anupama, using the fact that the whole Kapadia property, business and Anupama dance academy is on Anupama’s name. Barkha asks Rakhi, how does it matter? Rakhi tells Barkha that she would have got affected, if she would have been in her place. Rakhi tells Barkha that Anupama without any fear or shyness talks to her ex husband and Shahs. Barkha tells Rakhi that there is much love filled in the Shah family. Rakhi calls Shah family fraud.

Rakhi explains to Barkha that the image of the Shah family being a happy and loving family is fake. Barkha gets worried hearing this. Rakhi shocks Barkha by telling her that once Baa threw Bapuji out of the Shah house. Barkha gets worried, when Rakhi tells her that Vanraj left Anupama for Kavya but he still keeps meeting and talking to Anupama using their children as an excuse. She tells Barkha that because of the children, Anupama is still deeply connected to the Shah family. Barkha asks Rakhi to not talk ill about another woman, being a woman herself.


Rakhi tells Barkha that she is talking about Vanraj, not Anupama. She tells Barkha that she can’t even imagine what all has happened at Shah house. Flashbacks of Shah’s ugly past is shown. Rakhi tells Barkha that many things happened after Anuj entered Anupama and Shah’s life. She also tells Barkha about Vanraj and Malvika’s business deal. Rakhi further tells Barkha that Anupama gets angry, once she starts slapping people. Flashback of Anupama slapping Kavya hard is shown. Barkha grows worried. Rakhi tells Barkha that she thought of telling her what type of family they got connected to. She also tells Barkha that Anuj is also deeply connected with the Shah family and is crazy about Anupama.

Barkha gets worried seeing Anuj walking behind Anupama like a mad lover. Anupama puts a pillow behind Kinjal to make her feel comfortable. Rakhi tells Barkha that she has already been stuck with the Shah family and Anupama, due to Kinjal’s relation with them. She asks Barkha to be careful of the fake Shah family and especially Anupama. Rakhi lies to Barkha by telling her that Anupama is clever and wants to handle everything and everyone herself, be it Kapadia’s business, property, Shah family’s property, family, Children, elders and all relations. Anupama overhears some of the conversation of Rakhi and Barkha. She says yes she wants everything and everyone.

Anupama asks why she should leave anything or anyone, if she has everything and everyone. She asks Rakhi how she is wrong, if she is trying to handle everything and everyone. Anupama says according to her every woman should keep/maintain a balance between her maternal home, in-laws home, family, office, job and children. She says if one of these things/people gets affected, others also get affected with it. Anupama says she loves both her old and new relations equally and can’t leave anyone. She says she is ready to accept that she is selfish in matters of relations. Anupama says this selfishness saves the families from breaking.

She leaves asking Rakhi and Barkha to come inside. Samar announces a “wheel of fortune” game. He asks everyone to take out one chit from a bowl. Sara and everyone gets excited hearing out the game and its rules. Kinjal moves the wheel and the game starts. Barkha notices Anupama handling every relative and their emotions carefully. Everyone teases each other and enjoys a lot, while playing with each other. Anupama and Anuj say that Bapuji has positive energy and vibes. They say that Bapuji’s heart is clean just like a newborn baby and the upcoming baby will be very happy with him.

Anuj and Anupama get happy when Wheel of Fortune says that Kinjal’s baby will sleep quickly in Anuj’s lap, but Baa feels angry hearing this. Kinjal teasingly gives the night duty of her upcoming baby to Anuj. Excited Anuj says he loves babies. Anupama recalls Anuj sharing with her that everyone desires their own child to live their childhood with him/her once again. Baa thinks that Vanraj won’t even let Anuj touch Kinjal’s upcoming baby. Pakhi gets happy when Wheel of fortune says that Kinjal’s baby will become like Adhik after growing up. Adhik notices this. Samar jumps in joy, when Wheel of Fortune says that he will be Kinjal’s baby’s best friend.

Through the wheel of fortune results, Baa gets the duty of changing Kinjal’s baby’s diapers. Everyone except Rakhi gets happy, when the wheel of fortune says that Kinjal’s baby will love Anupama the most. Kinjal says no one can be a better and loving mother than Anupama (her mummy). Anupama hugs Kinjal. All this makes Rakhi feel angry. Kinjal says Rakhi also loves her but being a businesswoman she was unable to give her that much mother’s attention or love that she (Kinjal) required. Kinjal says that she understood mother’s full and real love, care and attention through Anupama after entering the Shah house.

She requests Rakhi to not get her wrong as she loves her too. Teary eyed Rakhi tells Kinjal that she loves her too. Kinjal says that she got full and complete family love from the whole Shah family and Anupama for which she always craved for. She says that she became a part of the Shah family because of Anupama only. Kinjal shocks Rakhi by requesting Anupama to become her upcoming baby’s godmother. She tells Anupama that her baby should surely get her values and blessings. Barkha notices Rakhi’s sadness. Anupama accepts to become Godmother of Kinjal’s baby. She explains to Kinjal that her baby should get both maternal and paternal grandmother’s love equally.

She further explains to Kinjal that Rakhi used to go to work, leaving her at home to prepare a better future for her. Anupama tells Kinjal that Rakhi put in a lot of effort to give her all the comforts of life. She explains to Kinjal that it’s not easy for a mother to leave her little baby/child behind and go to work. Anupama further explains to Kinjal that it would not have been easy for Rakhi too, to leave a little version of her (Kinjal) at home and go to work. She tells teary eyed Rakhi that she is proud of her. Anupama tells Rakhi that she may have failed to give time to Kinjal, but gave her very good values. She also tells Rakhi that they will together raise Kinjal’s upcoming baby with good values.

Everyone gets teary eyed and claps hearing this. Rakhi hugs Anupama with teary eyes and a smile. Kinjal gets happy seeing both of her mothers together. Rakhi goes aside and says that she listens to her brain, not heart. Barkha comes there and with a smirk tells Rakhi that her daughter trusts and loves Anupama, more than her. She tells Rakhi that she feels very sorry for her. Rakhi asks Barkha to save her sympathy for herself as she will need it soon. She shows Barkha that Sara is clinging to Anupama more than her. Barkha joins Rakhi against Anupama.

Anupama gets confused seeing Barkha and Rakhi shaking hands with each other. Everyone, have fun while discussing songs to dance. Everyone teases each other and enjoys their time. Pakhi and Adhik stare at each other. Anuj starts the dance on the song “Didi Tera Devar Deewana”. In the next episode, everyone will be seen enjoying and dancing. Seeing everyone busy, Adhik will take Pakhi aside. Later, an angry Vanraj will come into the Shah house’s hall with Adhik. Everyone will get shocked seeing Vanraj grabbing Adhik’s collar and slapping him. Kapadias will get angry seeing this. Anupama and Pakhi will get worried.

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