Udaariyaan 4th July 2022 Written Update Fatejo’s love

Udaariyaan 4th July 2022 Written Update Fatejo's love

Udaariyaan 4th July 2022 Written Update Fatejo’s love Jasmine grabs Tejo’s hand and forces her to cross the road with her. She intentionally makes Tejo push her in front of the car. Jasmine pretends to fall in front of the car and faint. Car stops in front of everyone. This shocks everyone and panics Tejo. Tejo’s college students and other people run towards Jasmine. A student tries calling Fateh but the latter doesn’t pick up his calls. Jasmine opens her eyes and makes only Tejo see her. Tejo sees Jasmine smirking and says Jasmine is a bad sister. An ambulance is called and Jasmine is taken to a hospital.

On the other hand, Virks gets shocked and worried knowing about Jasmine’s accident. Gurpreet gets worried about Amrik’s unborn child. Sandhus also gets tense knowing about Jasmine’s accident. On knowing that Jasmine and Tejo were together, Gurpreet assumes that Tejo is responsible for Jasmine’s accident. Nimmo says why Jasmine took Tejo with her, when she knew that Tejo is mentally unstable. Later, Rupy calls Fateh and tells him about Jasmine’s accident. This shocks Fateh and he runs to the hospital.

At hospital, worried Gurpreet, Nimmo and Khushbeer are seen trying to know what actually happened. Tejo’s students request Gurpreet to calm a tense and nervous Tejo. Everyone sees Tejo asking for Fateh. Her friend or student tries to calm her. Angry Nimmo makes Gurpreet angry by telling her that Tejo has defamed Fateh everywhere. Khushbeer goes to Tejo and asks her to not worry as Fateh is coming soon. Tejo says that she won’t talk to Fateh as he didn’t come. Nimmo tries to instigate Gurpreet against Tejo. On Gurpreet’s questioning, witness students tell her that Tejo pushed Jasmine in front of a coming car.


This information shocks Nimmo and Gurpreet. Gurpreet tells Tejo’s students that their Tejo Ma’am is mad. She says that Tejo doesn’t deserve to live between normal people and can harm anyone, anytime. Gurpreet says now she will see to it that Tejo isn’t left unlocked/open between normal people. Satti and Rupy overhears Gurpreet and students’ conversation. Angry Rupy asks Gurpreet to talk about Tejo after thinking carefully. Nimmo and Gurpreet ask Rupy can’t he see that Tejo is becoming dangerous as today she pushed Jasmine in front of a moving car. They ask Tejo’s parents what more dangerous, they are waiting for.

Satti and Rupy run to Tejo. Satti hugs Tejo and asks her where she went without informing her. Tejo tells Satti that Fateh called her to the market and himself didn’t come. She says she won’t talk to Fateh at all ever. Nimmo asks Gurpreet to not get pressured by anyone this time and do something to get rid of Tejo. Gurpreet breathes a sigh of relief on knowing that both Jasmine and Amrik’s child are fine. As the doctor leaves, Gurpreet grabs Tejo and asks her why she pushed Jasmine. She humiliates Tejo in front of the whole hospital.

Gurpreet tells Rupy that only he can’t understand that people like mentally unstable Tejo live in a mental asylum. Nimmo asks Gurpreet to calm down as no one would get affected by her words or understand her. Nimmo shuts Tejo from calling Jasmine a bad sister. She tells Tejo that she is a bad sister who intentionally pushed Jasmine. Tense Tejo gets panicked and runs away. Everyone fails to notice that Tejo ran away in a panicked condition. Rupy and Gurpreet keep on arguing. Fateh comes there and asks everyone to stop it.

Fateh asks Rupy where Tejo is. On finding Tejo missing, everyone except Gurpreet and Nimmo gets worried. Everyone runs to find Tejo in the hospital. Fateh finds Tejo in the hospital’s store room. Fateh hears Tejo saying that she won’t talk to anyone, even Fateh. Tejo says everyone keeps on scolding her even when she doesn’t do anything. In a cute way, Fateh meets and tries to convince Tejo to not be angry with him. After trying various funny and cute ways, Fateh finally convinces Tejo. Seeing Fateh’s way of convincing Tejo and making her smile irks Gurpreet and Nimmo.

Taking the advantage of the situation, Nimmo instigates Gurpreet more against Tejo. Gurpreet leaves angrily. Tejo and Fateh spend a happy time with each other in the store room. They also hug each other tightly. As Fateh and Tejo come outside, Gurpreet stops them. She tells Fateh that she won’t let him be with Tejo anymore. Fateh asks Gurpreet to see Jasmine for now as they will talk later at home. Fateh leaves with Tejo and this shocks Gurpreet. At night, Fateh returns to Virk house. Gurpreet tells Fateh that she won’t forgive him if anything will happen to Amrik’s child because of him or Tejo. Fateh tells Gurpreet that he is understanding that she wants to separate him from Tejo using Jasmine’s accident as an excuse.

Fateh’s Grandfather explains to Fateh that a person has to listen to his/her brain, not heart, at some points in life. Fateh’s Grandmother asks Fateh to think if Tejo in her childishness harms Amrik’s child in any way. Fateh tells his grandmother that everyone can forget Tejo for their own good but he can never forget Tejo. He says Tejo doesn’t even want to be Jasmine but still Tejo was with Jasmine the whole day. Fateh also says he can’t trust Jasmine at all and thus will find out the truth anyhow. He leaves telling his family that presently Tejo needs their support and love, to get well again.

Worried about Amrik’s child, Gurpreet thinks that she can’t let Jasmine live in Sandhu house for much longer. She decides to do something about it. Next morning, in her thoughts, Jasmine thanks her unborn child for making everyone take care of her. Fateh comes to Sandhu house. He angrily asks Jasmine why she took Tejo outside. Jasmine reminds Fateh that she isn’t wella and injured. On Fateh’s questioning, Satti tells Fateh that Tejo went outside, without informing anyone. Jasmine says she took Tejo outside. Fateh says he already had doubts that Jasmine hasn’t changed and is evil like earlier.

Jasmine lies to everyone that she took Tejo out because she was insisting on going out. Satti asks Jasmine why she didn’t inform her. Jasmine asks Satti why she needs to inform her for taking Tejo outside. She also asks Satti if she is a child who can’t take care of her sister. Jasmine further asks Satti, if she is also doubting her intentions towards Tejo. She says she only wanted to lift up Tejo’s mood by buying her something. Fateh asks Jasmine if she is sure that her intentions towards Tejo were clean. Jasmine asks Fateh to shut as she also cares for her sister.

Fateh tells Jasmine that Tejo gets uncontrollable or panicked, whenever she is seen with Tejo. He reminds everyone that Tejo got violent and angry when Jasmine was with Tejo at the football ground and also when Jasmine took candles to Tejo’s room. Scared Jasmine reminds and lies to Fateh that mental Tejo pushed her and put her and her child’s life in danger yesterday. Fateh angrily asks Jasmine to not dare to call Tejo “mental”. Jasmine asks Fateh what a mentally unstable person should be called instead of mad. She tells Fateh that by changing words, he can’t change their meaning.

Fateh angrily tells Jasmine that soon his Tejo will get well and tell everyone the truth about who is really mad. Angry Jasmine asks everyone to throw her out of the house, if they also believe/consider that she is wrong. She screams and uses her unborn child as a weapon to prove herself innocent. Fateh asks Jasmine to stop her drama as everyone, especially he is aware of her reality. He tells Jasmine that he can’t trust her easily. Fateh also tells Jasmine that there’s something fishy in her existence, which panics Tejo. He threatens Jasmine that he won’t spare her, if this time something happens to Tejo. Fateh shocks Jasmine by warning her to stay away from Tejo.

Later, Tejo excitedly calls everyone to see that Lovely returned. Lovely angrily tells Tejo that she left the house because of her and also returned because of her. Tejo runs and hugs Fateh. Lovely tells everyone to stop their pretense of being happy seeing her. She says she came to take care of Jasmine as there is no one to take care of Jasmine in Sandhu house. Lovely reveals that Jasmine called her home. Jasmine smirks seeing Lovely scolding everyone, especially Tejo. Satti asks Lovely how she even thought that she would discriminate between both of her daughters. Lovely asks everyone how they can still think that Tejo is fine even after she ruined Abhiraj’s wedding proposal and harmed Jasmine.

When Fateh defends Tejo, Lovely asks Fateh to not interfere in their family matters. Lovely and Gurpreet ask Sandhus to send Tejo to the mental asylum. Tejo recalls Gurpreet scolding her and gets scared. Fateh takes Tejo away from family arguments. Gurpreet and Nimmo say they will do anything to keep Jasmine and Amrik’s upcoming child safe. Nimmo tells Rupy and Satti that they will file a complaint in the police station, if they won’t get Tejo admitted to a mental asylum. This shocks Satti and Rupy. Jasmine feels happy thinking that her arrow hit the right on target. She thinks that now no one can stop Tejo from going to the mental asylum.

On the other hand, Fateh tries calming scared Tejo. Both Fateh and Tejo caress each other’s face and calm down. They also hug each other tightly. Fateh recalls kissing Tejo’s forehead in between farms. Fateh and Tejo smile and make a heart of their hands. A Similar moment of Fateh and Tejo from the past is shown.

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