Anupama 5th July 2022 Written Update Pakhi’s decision

Anupama 5th July 2022 Written Update Pakhi's decision

Anupama 5th July 2022 Written Update Pakhi’s decision Baa asks Pakhi to see what Vanraj and Kavya’s friendship led to. Pakhi rudely requests Baa to not make the whole conversation cheap using cheap words and language. She says she liked Adhik and thus she became friends with him. Before Pakhi could say anything further, Vanraj tells Pakhi that all this isn’t accepted in this country. Pakhi asks Vanraj if an extramarital affair and second marriage in the age of 50 can be accepted in this country, then why not a girl and boy can have a normal friendship.

Baa says friendship between a boy and girl can’t be accepted. Pakhi tells Baa that their country and its thinking has turned modern. Paritosh tells Pakhi that all this isn’t accepted in their house. Pakhi reminds Paritosh that he himself married his girlfriend by running away from the house. She says even Samar had a girlfriend and Anupama supported his love story. Pakhi tells everyone that Adhik is just her friend and they don’t know where their friendship will reach. She asks everyone if they are having problems with just a friendship between her and Adhik.

Pakhi says she again and again wished to go to Kapadia house just because of Adhik. She reveals to everyone that she likes Adhik. This shocks everyone. Adhik increases everyone’s shock by saying that even he likes Pakhi. Anupama asks Pakhi and Adhik to give both families some time to think about what they told them. Vanraj says that there is nothing to think about as Adhik is trying to trap his daughter. Ankush rudely asks Vanraj if he has too much wealth, for which Adhik will try to trap Pakhi. Vanraj and Anupama indulge in an argument. Anuj tells Vanraj that Pakhi is right as she and Adhik are adults. He says Pakhi and Adhik are in the age where for two people having feelings for each other is normal.


Anuj says they should give right direction and guidance to Adhik and Pakhi’s feelings, instead of curbing them. He says there is no issue if Pakhi and Adhik meet each other under elders supervision. Anuj says if they will stop Adhik and Pakhi from meeting each other, they will meet each other behind elders back, either outside or in locked rooms. He asks Vanraj what they will do in that case then. Vanraj asks Anuj if everyone should become a lover like him. Anuj tells Vanraj that it’s better being a lover, than being in an extramarital affair like him. Vanraj shouts and says that he doesn’t want to talk now. He says he just knows that Adhik won’t come near Pakhi from now onwards.

Adhik requests Vanraj to try to understand that he and Pakhi aren’t doing anything wrong and Pakhi wants to meet him. Pakhi says she will meet Adhik. This angers Vanraj. Pakhi makes Vanraj leave her hand. She tells Vanraj that he can’t control her life. Pakhi tells Vanraj that she likes Adhik and he can’t stop her from meeting Adhik. Pakhi’s stubbornness shocks everyone. Pakhi tells her family that she won’t step back, even if anyone beats her as she isn’t wrong. Rakhi enjoys everyone’s shocked faces. Pakhi walks to Adhik and says that liking someone isn’t wrong.

Anupama asks everyone to be calm saying that they will discuss all this by sitting peacefully. Rakhi congratulates everyone, telling Shahs and Kapadias that their relations are getting stronger. She tells Barkha that she very soon got first hand experience of the Shah family as she already told her about it beforehand. Rakhi says it’s the new normal how the Shah family turns on everyone rudely and bitterly. Baa threatens Rakhi that she will slap her, if she will say even one more word ahead. Rakhi asks Baa how she is at fault if she (Baa) doesn’t have any control over her own granddaughter. Baa asks Rakhi if she had any control on Kinjal. She reminds Rakhi that even Kinjal married Paritosh by running away from the house.

Rakhi reminds Baa that Paritosh made Kinjal run away from her house and got married to her. Rakhi says that Pakhi isn’t at fault as children learn from their parents only. She says at least it’s Pakhi’s age to fall in love but Vanraj had an extramarital affair after marriage and Anupama got married for the second time even being a divorced mother of 3 children. Rakhi tells Pakhi that she is proud of her as she also went behind her mother to Kapadias house. Vanraj shouts at Rakhi. Anupama asks Rakhi if it’s important to add fuel to every type of fire. She asks Rakhi to stay quiet for sometime. Rakhi refuses to stay silent. She tells everyone that she is tolerating everyone because of Kinjal.

Kinjal shocks everyone by angrily asking Rakhi to leave. She threatens Rakhi to leave. Rakhi leaves the Shah house shocked. Paritosh takes Kinjal inside on Anupama’s instructions. Anupama and Anuj request Pakhi to go inside. Baa tells Pakhi that it’s not her age to fall in love. Pakhi rudely asks Baa if the age for falling in love comes after giving birth to three children just like Anupama and Vanraj. Pakhi asks Anupama why she is not supporting her when she herself stood for her own love in front of the whole world. Samar tries to make Pakhi calm down but she argues with him too. Bapuji shuts everyone.

Anupama tells Pakhi that she is right that it’s not wrong to love or like anyone. She explains to Pakhi that she first needs to make a good career for herself. Anupama tells Pakhi that in earlier times parents used to get their daughters married at an early age and stop their education and career. She also tells Pakhi that here her parents are struggling and working hard to educate her and make her career but she isn’t a bit interested in all this. Pakhi goes speechless. Vanraj says Pakhi is doing stupidity by being interested in Adhik. Vanraj’s foul words for Adhik angers Ankush.

Anupama asks Vanraj why he can’t talk to anyone without shouting. She apologizes to Ankush and requests him to keep patience. Pakhi fails to talk to Adhik in front of everyone, when Anupama asks her to. Anupama asks Pakhi to try giving some time to her and Adhik’s relationship as even Anuj waited for her till 26 years. Pakhi argues with Anupama, saying that she can’t wait like Anuj. Vanraj gets angry and asks Pakhi to stay shut. He tells Pakhi whatever will be the decision, they will make it later together. Vanraj screams at Pakhi asking her to go to her room. Pakhi doesn’t pay heed to Vanraj. She goes to her room on Adhik’s request. This shocks everyone.

Vanraj requests Kapadias to leave. He tells Barkha that Adhik shouldn’t be seen near Shah house. Barkha tells Vanraj that she will handle Adhik. She asks Vanraj how he will handle Pakhi. Barkha asks Vanraj if he saw and understood now who was at fault in actuality from between Pakhi and Adhik. Vanraj asks Barkha if she is accusing his daughter. Adhik tells Vanraj that he likes to talk and chat with Pakhi. Vanraj tells Adhik that he won’t do all this from now onwards. Ankush tells Vanraj that they all could have sorted everything peacefully but he can’t do it because of his ill mannered attitude. Vanraj tells Ankush that it’s easy to taunt a girl’s father.

He reminds Ankush that they also saw Kapadia’s manners when they visited his house. Vanraj asks Anupama to leave with her slave like husband. Anupama is about to stand up for Anuj, but Anuj stops her. He tells Anupama that a person who doesn’t respect his own wife considers loving and respecting husbands as wives slaves only. Vanraj asks Anuj why he is standing in the house of an insolent person. Anuj tells Vanraj that he came to Bapuji’s house, not his. He asks Ankush, Adhik, Sara and Barkha to return home as he needs to be with Anupama. Ankush requests Anuj and Anupama to return home with them.

Anupama requests Anuj to return home as she won’t be able to tolerate his humiliation. Anuj leaves on Anupama’s request. Before Vanraj could properly blame Anupama like always, Anupama tells Vanraj that she is to be blamed for whatever happened, is happening, that didn’t even happen, that can happen and even for whatever is going to happen. She asks Vanraj if he is happy and satisfied now. Making Vanraj speechless, Anupama leaves. After returning to Kapadia house, Barkha starts scolding Adhik. Anuj requests Barkha to talk to Adhik politely. Adhik tells Anuj that it’s fine, let Barkha speak. Barkha and Ankush ask Adhik why he fell for only Vanraj’s daughter in this whole world.

Adhik reminds everyone that even Anuj fell for Anupama at first sight. He also reminds Barkha that even she and Ankush started dating each other after meeting each other just once. Adhik defends Pakhi in front of Barkha. Anuj asks Adhik to tell him what actually happened at Shah house between him and Pakhi. Adhik tells Anuj that even he didn’t know that he will suddenly express his feelings to Pakhi at Shah house. He explains to his family that he suddenly found it the right moment to express his feelings to Pakhi. Adhik says he took Pakhi to a room to just talk to her, Vanraj suddenly came there and misunderstood him and Pakhi.

Barkha tells Adhik that he should have thought beforehand that he is expressing his feelings to Anupama’s daughter, not any other girl. Adhik says he doesn’t have any direct relation with Anupama. Barkha asks Ankush to explain to idiot Adhik that it’s complicated. Ankush requests Adhik to try understanding Barkha and the situation. Sara asks Adhik if he genuinely likes Pakhi. Adhik confidently says yes he genuinely likes Pakhi. At Shah house’s kitchen, Anupama recalls Pakhi and Adhik’s confession in front of everyone. Anupama feels confused and tense. Samar hugs a tense Anupama from back. He asks Anupama to not take stress as they will handle everything. Anupama cries and tells Samar that she is very scared.

In the next episode, Vanraj in an orderly tone will ask Anupama to separate her maternal family (Shahs) and her in-laws (Kapadias). Anupama will tell Vanraj that he isn’t a part of her maternal home and family. She will also tell Vanraj that she suffers a serious headache, recalling him even by mistake. On the other hand over a video call, Adhik will tell Pakhi that it’s only their right to make decisions for themselves, not anyone else’s. Vanraj will tell Anupama that neither Pakhi will visit Kapadia house, nor Adhik or his family will visit Shah house from now onwards. This will shock everyone and anger Anupama. Adhik will request Pakhi to not accept defeat.

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