Kumkum Bhagya 7th July 2022 Written Update Cry story

Kumkum Bhagya 7th July 2022 Written Update Cry story

Kumkum Bhagya 7th July 2022 Written Update Cry story Prachi tells Aaliya that Rhea and she are twin sisters, their Bhagya is connected, there are other things as well but she doesn’t want to tell it to Aaliya. She doesn’t think its necessary to tell it to Aaliya. Rhea cries and asks Pallavi why didn’t she tell Prachi to leave the house. She tells that Pallavi should have asked Prachi to leave the house at the instant when she got to know about her pregnancy, but Pallavi didn’t. She shares her insecurities. She tells that whenever she sees Prachi, she feels scared for her baby. Ranbir tells Dida that Prachi is the best, she talks to everyone nicely, except him. He asks Dida if he is worse than Rhea. He sheds tears. Prachi overhears his complains and cries. They see each other. Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Aaliya tells that she has done everything to make Prachi leave, she can’t be wrong, even then her plans backfired, Rhea and her relation is also getting affected. She wants to make such a plan that Dida is left shocked. She doesn’t want Rhea to lose. She calls someone home to celebrate the birthday. Ranbir smiles seeing Prachi. She tells that she doesn’t like his staring. He asks her is it any high court decision. He tells that there is no rule, he can stare at his wife. Stanley tells that looking at wife is called love. Ranbir tells that there is much love between them. Prachi asks him not to look at her. Ranbir is impressed by Stanley’s smartness. Rhea finds Ranbir staring at Prachi with love. She gets upset. Aaliya thinks Prachi isn’t letting Rhea stay in peace.

Kumkum Bhagya 7th July 2022 Written Update Cry story:


Rhea tells Aaliya that she will deal with Prachi, she doesn’t want Aaliya’s help. Aaliya asks her to control herself and not cross her limits. Rhea tells that she has trusted Aaliya so she is seeing these bad days. Aaliya asks her to shut up, else she will see worse days. Rhea tells that she will use her fake baby to make her present better. She wants to win Ranbir somehow by using her baby. Aaliya tells that someone might have stopped Prachi, it would be Dida who stopped Prachi, else Prachi would have left by now. She conspires such a plan that Dida herself asks Prachi to leave from the house.

Meanwhile, Ranbir and Prachi get into a romantic moment, when the flowers fall over them on their collision. Prachi gets falling over her stomach. Ranbir holds her. He asks her to be careful when he walks, else anything could have happened. She tells that he won’t come all the time, he is busy taking care of his pregnant wife. Stanley finds them cute together. Prachi asks Ranbir to leave her hand, and not do this again. Ranbir leaves her hand. He tells that he didn’t leave his support, he is tired up listening to Pallavi, Rhea and her.

He tells that he is done following their instructions, he has his own life. He asks her not to threaten her, he can do anything next time. He goes to see the quotations. Aaliya tells that Rhea is her only family, she can’t let down Rhea, she won’t let Rhea get a defeat. She doesn’t want to lose either. She calls someone home to celebrate the birthday. Ranbir is happily staring at Prachi. She gets irritated by his stare. He tells that he likes to look at her. He adds that its his love that he can’t deny his heart and his feelings. Prachi asks him not to look at him. Stanley helps Ranbir with his love tips.

Ranbir compliments him. Prachi saves Dida from getting hurt. Ranbir finds Prachi really lovely. He just wants to love her. Rhea finds Ranbir staring at Prachi with love in his eyes. She gets disheartened like she is still at point zero in his life. Aaliya thinks Rhea isn’t wrong on her stand, they are the people who aren’t letting her stay in peace. Prachi sees Rhea and gets reminded of Rhea’s request. She tells Rhea that she just wants her happiness. Rhea asks Prachi to stay away and stop a good sister’s drama.

Aaliya asks Prachi not to give tension to Rhea, she is pregnant. Prachi tells that Rhea is her twin sister, their fate is also connected, they have issues, but they will sort out. Rhea asks Prachi why didn’t she leave the house if she really wanted her happiness. Aaliya stops Prachi from bothering Rhea. Prachi gets upset. Ranbir is around, but doesn’t hear or pay attention to the huge argument happening. Dida asks Prachi about the matter. Dida asks her to decide the entrance designs. Prachi walks towards Ranbir. Her saree touches his hand. He smiles like he got blessed. Rhea rushes to her room to stay alone. Pallavi reaches her and finds her cry. Rhea asks her to leave her alone. Pallavi asks her the matter.

Rhea tells that she got to know that Pallavi likes Prachi, so Prachi feels so overpowered. She feels that nobody cares for her and her baby. She stops Aaliya from intervening. She asks Pallavi why didn’t she ask Prachi to leave the house. She adds that she feels scared seeing Prachi in the house, she is worried for the baby. Pallavi tells that she has asked Dida to oust Prachi. Rhea tells that Dida and Prachi are taking her words lightly. She asks why is she seeing Prachi in front of her all the time, Prachi is giving her stress. Pallavi promises that she will fix everything. Rhea tells that she isn’t feeling well, she is dizzy and weak. Pallavi asks Rhea to take care, they will take care of everything.

He goes to tell Ranbir to call a doctor for Rhea. Aaliya realizes that Rhea is okay, she was just acting. Rhea tells that she was acting to send away Pallavi. Dida checks the designs, while Ranbir has his eyes on Prachi. Prachi does the decorations. Dida finds Ranbir and Prachi secretly looking at each other. She knows they love each other. Pallavi comes running to Ranbir and asks him to call the doctor, Rhea isn’t feeling well. Prachi asks them not to call the doctor, the medicines won’t be good in pregnancy, home remedies will be better. She tells that she will just make something for Rhea and help her.

Pallavi asks Ranbir to call the doctor. He asks her to give a chance to Prachi. Pallavi tells that she will call the doctor herself. Aaliya asks Rhea to respect her, why was she talking like that in front of Pallavi. Rhea tells that Pallavi would have justified herself if she just blamed her, now Pallavi will try to fix everything, she will make everything perfect. She clears that she was a bit upset, but hyped the matter. Aaliya tells that Pallavi will do anything to please Rhea. Rhea tells that she wants Ranbir and his attention. Aaliya tells that its strange that Ranbir isn’t behaving like a new father should.

Rhea tells that Ranbir will behave the way she wants, he is a nice person, he will give her all the attention, he will sink in guilt when she acts weak in front of him. She admits that she isn’t pregnant. Prachi reaches Rhea with lemon water and soup. She asks Rhea to take care of her baby. Ranbir finds Prachi really a good person that she is taking care of Rhea when she is herself pregnant and knows that Rhea wants to oust her from the house. Rhea asks Prachi to leave, Aaliya will take care of her. Prachi sees Ranbir and Dida at the door. She asks Ranbir not to worry, Rhea is fine. She wishes someone takes care of her and her baby. She feels sorry that nobody knows about her baby, who is Ranbir’s first child. Ranbir thinks Prachi should have told about her pregnancy to the family.

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  1. This is tooo much. How can the 2 person who are supposed to be in love misunderstand each other. Prachis character is so stupid and it looks she is neither with ranbir nor let ranbir with rhea. It looks how the writers are taking views for granted. I pne award function they got best jodi.. Is it for not understanding each other.. Stupid… Please stop this

  2. damn good kumkum bhagya dropped .it will continue to drop coz viewers are fed up of rhea n aliya crimes n conspiracies.rgea always winning.prachi only vex n crying.drunk ranbir having sex n impregnating slutty criminal rhea.
    2 wives 1 legal one is a high class mistress . 1 man 2wives n 2 pregnant for him.
    an complete arse Palllavi supporting criminal rhea.nothing worth watching this shit trash filth disgusting show.
    how long this shit goes on for? the end gamr is always rhea n ranbir


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