Kumkum Bhagya 11th July 2022 Written Update New Drama

Kumkum Bhagya 11th July 2022 Written Update New Drama

Kumkum Bhagya 11th July 2022 Written Update New Drama Vikram is much excited for his dream project. He praises his son Ranbir for being so dedicated towards fulfilling his dream. He tells Pallavi that Ranbir is the best son and the best gift from her side. Ranbir meets Vikram and looks worried. On Vikram’s asking, Ranbir reveals the tense matter. Ranbir tells that he is really sorry, he couldn’t complete Vikram’s dream project, village in the city, his dream is shattered totally just like a pack of cards. He adds that the project can’t get completed now. Vikram is shocked on hearing this. He asks Ranbir to shut up. He angrily slaps Ranbir.

The slap hurts Ranbir, and also Pallavi who watches the emotional breakdown of Vikram. She had seen the old Vikram, full of life and joy back after a long time. She gets remorseful that Vikram’s happiness was short-lived. Vikram asks Ranbir to just get out, because he doesn’t want to see the latter’s face. Earlier in the show, Rhea comes to tell Prachi that she will have Ranbir and her baby soon. She blames Prachi for snatching her baby’s dad. Prachi finds Rhea upset. She blames Ranbir for the drama.

Ranbir asks Prachi to speak to him with love, but she denies. Shahana likes to see Prachi and Ranbir’s cute fights. She sees Stanley and gets into an argument with him. Stanley tells that love has no boundaries, he will stay in the house to work with Ranbir on a big project. Shahana tells that she is also staying in the house to help Prachi. He tries to befriend her, but she refuses. Prachi asks Rhea where is she going. Rhea tells that Prachi didn’t leave the house, so she is leaving, two Sautans can’t stay under the same roof.


Kumkum Bhagya 11th July 2022 Written Update New Drama:

Rhea tells that she can’t stay in the same house with her Sautan, so she is leaving. Prachi asks her to think of her baby and not go out at midnight. Rhea reminds that she begged Prachi for her baby’s sake, but the latter didn’t pay heed. Prachi asks her to talk later, and not spoil Vikram and Pallavi’s happiness. Vikram brings Pallavi to the living room to give her a surprise. Prachi and Rhea to go see the surprise. Ranbir pulls Prachi’s hand. He tells her that if she can’t love him, then at least she can talk to him with love. He adds that he will force her to love him. Vikram gifts a diamond necklace to Pallavi and wishes her happy birthday. Dida also wishes Pallavi.

Aaliya, Ranbir, Rhea and Prachi also wish Pallavi. Pallavi thanks them for making it special for her. Rhea tells that tomorrow will be a special day for Pallavi. Prachi tells that Pallavi will have everything of her choice. Pallavi thanks them and hugs them with love. She doesn’t hug Prachi. Ranbir brings Prachi to share the group hug with the family. Vikram asks Prachi to make sure that the birthday party is memorable. Prachi tells that she will try. He makes Prachi promise. Later, Rhea rushes to wake up Aaliya. She tells that she couldn’t sleep all the night.

She doesn’t think Prachi is like Pragya, she didn’t leave the house, she is still in the house, she is acting like a good-valued Bahu, she promised Vikram that she will make Pallavi’s birthday memorable. Aaliya asks her to calm her mind and not think of anything such. Rhea feels just Pallavi has kept a distance with Prachi. Aaliya asks her what’s the point. Rhea asks what kind of aunt is she. Aaliya asks her to talk with manners. Rhea tells that Prachi will become everyone’s favorite. She plans to frame Prachi, that the latter was planning to kill her coming back on pretext of the decorations.

She tells that Prachi made a big mistake by staying back, and now she will pay a very big price. She tells that she will cross all the limits this time. Dida overhears them and questions Rhea. Aaliya and Rhea fool her. Dida gives her the laddoos that’s beneficial for Rhea in her pregnancy. Rhea thanks Dida and takes her blessings. After Dida leaves, Rhea tells that she doesn’t want the disgusting laddoos. Aaliya stops her from trashing the laddoos. Rhea tells that its not a tough task to fool Dida. Dida tell Shahana that nobody can fool her. Shahana asks her why does she feel that Rhea is planning against Prachi. Dida tells that she made laddoos for Prachi and also gave some to Rhea, she heard Rhea saying all limits will be crossed, Rhea lied about the movie.

Dida and Shahana decide to protect Prachi from Rhea and Aaliya’s evil plans. They want to stay with Prachi as her shadow. When the party begins, Ranbir is happy to see Prachi’s smiling face. Ranbir stares at Prachi, while Rhea stares at him with a plan. Rhea wants to use her baby to get close to Ranbir. She tells Aaliya that Ranbir is looking at her and smiling. Aaliya finds Ranbir looking at Prachi with love. Dida and Shahana keep an eye on Rhea. They want Rhea to accept the truth that Ranbir loves Prachi. Dida tells Shahana that Stanley is always after Ranbir, Stanley loves Ranbir. Shahana tells that everyone loves Ranbir. Dida tells that Stanley is interested in Ranbir. Shahana tells that Ranbir just loves Prachi.

Ranbir reminds Stanley their plan for the party. Ranbir goes after Prachi. Rhea doesn’t know what Ranbir sees in Prachi. Ranbir tells Prachi that the juice is tasting really terrible. She doesn’t believe it. He asks her to try it. She drinks the juice. She tells that the juice tastes good. Ranbir tells that he will make someone else drink it and testify. She tells that he can’t serve the leftover drink. He replies that he will have it. He calls Prachi cute. Prachi thinks if the baby is naughty and dramatic like Ranbir, then it will be tough for her to handle the baby. Ranbir performs in the party for his parents. Prachi joins him, and this upsets Rhea. Rhea corners herself to shed tears. Aaliya consoles Rhea.

The guests Ranbir for his amazing business and dance skills. Ranbir tells that he can’t take the credit himself, Prachi is his life partner, she deserves the credit. Pallavi stops Ranbir. She tells that Ranbir always jokes such things, he will soon become a father of Rhea’s child, Prachi was his first wife, but now Rhea is his wife. She doesn’t want to talk of the past. Rhea wants Prachi out of the house. She gets executing her plan. She tells Aaliya that she got an idea to frame Prachi as someone who wants to harm her baby. She shares her idea with Aaliya.

She tells that they can make the fake wall tumble down, and then blame Prachi. She wants the entire family to get against Prachi. Aaliya asks her to stop chanting about her baby. Rhea tells that she can’t spoil her figure by planning her pregnancy. She plans her miscarriage to blame Ranbir and sink him in guilt. She does an impressive drama. She tells that Ranbir will never leave her because of his guilt. She explains her plan to Aaliya.

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