Udaariyaan 11th July 2022 Written Update Wedding chaos

Udaariyaan 11th July 2022 Written Update Wedding chaos

Udaariyaan 11th July 2022 Written Update Wedding chaos Broken Fateh returns to Virk house after dropping off Tejo to Sharan Ashram. Mahi asks Fateh if Tejo was fine. Fateh recalls betraying Tejo by lying to her and leaving her at Sharan Ashram. Fateh asks Mahi how Tejo would be fine without him as she had the habit of living with him all the time. He says who Tejo had in her life except him. Fateh says he is a loser/coward as he left Tejo in between strangers, without informing her. Fries cries and says that Tejo would be crying, screaming, beating thali’s and repeatedly asking everyone to call Fateh.

At the ashram, Tejo is seen tied to a chair and screaming Fateh’s name. Caretaker comes there. Upon touching Tejo’s forehead, she gets to know that Tejo is down with a high fever. Everyone opens Tejo and makes her have fever medicine. Tejo asks the caretaker to call Fateh once and tell him that his Tejo is calling her. Caretaker makes a fake promise to Tejo, telling her that she will make her talk to Fateh the next morning. Tejo’s friend makes a crying Tejo sleep somehow. Ashram caretaker and Tejo’s friends discuss that now they will have to be a little strict with Tejo as now no Fateh will come to take her.

She says today’s night is very tough for both Fateh and Tejo. At Virk house Fateh tells his family that he can’t understand if he did right or wrong. He tells Gurpreet that he is feeling restless. Gurpreet tells Fateh that they had to take such a big step as even Tejo’s parents failed to handle her. Fateh tells Gurpreet that he would have handled Tejo himself. Gurpreet asks Fateh for how much time he would have handled Tejo and by which right. Gurpreet and Khushbeer ask tired Fateh to have some rest. They also tell Fateh that he would feel better in some time. Fateh asks Khushbeer how he will get peace after leaving Tejo with strangers.


At Sandhu house, Rupy and Satti feel bad thinking that they threw their one daughter out of their house and the other wants to get married herself. They worry about whether Tejo would have eaten something or not. Satti says Tejo doesn’t even get sleep without Fateh. She says Tejo doesn’t even have her mother with her to make her sleep. They call themselves lousy parents. At Ashram, Tejo in her dreams, recalls the moments she spent with Fateh. She wakes up missing Fateh. Everyone tries to calm Tejo. Caretaker tells Tejo that Fateh won’t return now as he left her at Ashram to get fine/normal.

This information shocks Tejo. Tejo refuses to believe the caretaker. She says Fateh can’t leave her as he is a nice person. Tejo asks the caretaker to call Fateh as he will surely come for his Tejo. Caretaker asks Tejo if she can’t take care of herself for now. Tejo tells the caretaker that Fateh will take care of her. She also tells the caretaker to call Fateh and tell him that she will do all her work on her own from now onwards. Tejo’s face goes fully red because of crying. Everyone at Ashram feels bad for innocent Tejo. At Virk house, Fateh misses Tejo and recalls her wish and excitement to live with him.

In a fit of rage, Fateh starts punching the wall and blood oozes from his knuckles. At the same time, at Ashram, Tejo starts banging her head and blood starts pouring out of her head. Both Fateh and Tejo keep hurting themselves in pain of separation. Fateh recalls Tejo asking him to promise that they won’t leave each other’s side/support, even if fate stops supporting them. Tejo also recalls the moments she spent with Fateh. Fateh apologizes to Tejo saying that fate has played a big game with her but he won’t let anyone make fun of/play with her dreams. He says he made a big mistake.

Next morning, Mahi tells everyone that she is tensed about Fateh. She says Fateh hasn’t slept even a bit and kept himself locked inside his room. Before Gurpreet could get up to explain Fateh, Nimmo stops her. She asks Gurpreet to get Fateh married to Jasmine as soon as possible. Nimmo says Tejo will get out of Fateh’s mind, when he starts handling Amrik’s child’s responsibility. Jasmine arrives ast Virk house and overhears everything. She secretly smiles evilly. Seeing Jasmine Gurpreet walks towards her. Jasmine tells Virks that she won’t get married to Fateh ever.

She says Fateh won’t ever get convinced to marry her as he loves only Tejo. Jasmine also says that she doesn’t want to ruin her sister’s family or snatch her love in her absence. She further says she is ready to marry anyone else but not Fateh. This shocks Virks. Jasmine tells everyone that she will handle herself on her own. She also tells everyone that now the one who will marry her will be her upcoming child’s father. This tenses everyone. Jasmine tells Virks that she might make them meet her upcoming child only a few times, whenever her to-be husband will allow her. This information scares Virks.

Jasmine asks everyone to try understanding her that she can’t stay here anymore as it has become very difficult for her. She keeps acting innocent and helpless. Jasmine lies to everyone telling them that she wants to go far away from everyone and make her own family. Gurpreet says Fateh. Jasmine tells Gurpreet that Fateh doesn’t belong to her. She requests Gurpreet to not force Fateh and her to marry each other. Jasmine gets a call and she intentionally receives it in front of Virks. Virks gets tense hearing that Jasmine is going to converse with some Australian guy on video call for marriage.

Worried, Gurpreet folds hands in front of Jasmine and begs her to not do this to them. Jasmine pretends to have a stomach ache in front of Virks to scare them. Jasmine lies to Gurpreet that her baby kicked for the first time. She doesn’t let an emotional Gurpreet touch her stomach. Jasmine leaves with an evil smirk and ignoring Gurpreet’s pleas. Later, Gurpreet gets unwell. She refuses to even have water and requests everyone to make Fateh understand. Nimmo asks everyone to stop Jasmine from marrying someone else. Khushbeer asks Nimmo to get silent and not increase her sister’s BP by talking nonsense.

Gurpreet says Nimmo is saying nothing wrong. Fateh comes and asks Gurpreet why she is behaving stubborn and childish. Nimmo tells Fateh that his unconditional love for Tejo is suffocating everyone. Gurpreet requests Fateh to marry Jasmine, otherwise she will harm Amrik’s child. She says she wants Virk’s heir anyhow. Fateh asks Gurpreet what about Tejo. Gurpreet asks Fateh to take Tejo’s responsibility for whole life but marry Jasmine. Fateh feels disappointed with his family’s attitude towards innocent Tejo. Seeing Fateh going away, Gurpreet asks Fateh to choose one between her and Tejo.

Fateh walks out of Virk house, choosing Tejo. This panics Gurpreet. Standing outside Virk house, Fateh feels sad for getting forced to choose between his mother and his love. On the other hand, Jasmine asks the marriage bureau employee to send all shortlisted guys, even those who are aged 50, to her house. She says she wants her parents to meet all the guys who have agreed to marry her. Tejo’s grandmother and Lovely requests Rupy and Satti to have something as they are hungry since yesterday. Jasmine secretly smiles evilly hearing this.

Satti gets a call from Mahi. She tells the entire Sandhu family that the idiot Jasmine told the entire Virk family that she is looking for boys settled abroad for her marriage. Satti says that this made Gurpreet unwell. Jasmine pretends to be worried and tells Sandhu family that she informed Virks considering this as her duty, being their heirs mother. The Sandhu family reaches Virks house to see unwell Gurpreet. Satti tells Gurpreet that Jasmine’s marriage conversation hasn’t even started yet. She apologizes to Virks on behalf of Jasmine. Gurpreet tells Satti that Fateh will have to marry Jasmine for everyone’s wellness. She tells Jasmine that she can’t marry anyone else other than Fateh.

Gurpreet reveals that she has asked Fateh to either choose her by getting married to Jasmine or choose Tejo by leaving her. Fateh comes and tells Gurpreet that he is ready to marry Jasmine for her sake. Nimmo brings vermilion. Gurpreet hands over vermilion to Fateh. Fateh fills Jasmine’s hair line with vermilion. Jasmine gets happy and checks her forehead in her phone camera. She gets shocked seeing her hairline empty.

All this turns out to be Jasmine’s imagination. Virk house doorbell rings. Jasmine happily walks to open the door. She gets the biggest shock of her life on opening the door. Jasmine gets shocked to the core seeing Fateh and Tejo married. Everyone else also gets shocked seeing Fateh and Tejo married. Fateh holds Tejo’s hand tightly. Jasmine gets teary eyed and feels angry.

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