Bhagya Lakshmi 13th July 2022 Written Update Shocker

Bhagya Lakshmi 13th July 2022 Written Update Shocker

Bhagya Lakshmi 13th July 2022 Written Update Shocker Lakshmi asks Rishi to do anything he wants, she is always with him. Rishi wants the truth out of Balwinder somehow. He tells that he will make Balwinder admit the truth. Malishka tells Kiran that she didn’t see Rishi so angered till now, she didn’t see his such avatar, this time he is really determined to know the truth, he will make Balwinder speak up. Rishi asks Balwinder who told him about Lakshmi’s pregnancy. Ayush forcibly feeds the truth serum to Balwinder. Balwinder gets more beaten up. He finally points his finger towards Malishka. Rishi is shocked. He tells Malishka that he couldn’t imagine that she can do such a disgusting thing. Malishka tries to defend. Rishi calls it enough and yells at her. Rishi asks her not to say a word more. The entire family is shocked by the revelation against Malishka. Will they believe Balwinder? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Neelam asks Ahana where is her class, how can she beat Balwinder with her sandals. Ahana tells that they had heard Balwinder’s cheap statements against Lakshmi, and now they are talking about class. Neelam asks Ahana not to take an advantage of her love. She warns Ahana and sends her. Balwinder asks Lakshmi to get a glass of water for him. Dadi slaps him. Rishi tells Malishka that he has thought well, there is no one in the family what can spoil the family respect, some stranger has done this, maybe someone from the staff. He tells that nobody can spoil the name of Oberoi family. He tells that he is comparing relations for the last time, Lakshmi has tolerated a lot for Ahana’s respect, and Malishka is asking him to let go the family enemy. He feels disappointed with her.

Bhagya Lakshmi 13th July 2022 Written Update Shocker:


Ayush tells Lakshmi about the truth serum, he had added it in the juice for Balwinder, and now once Balwinder consumes the juice, he will just speak the truth. He takes the tray of the juice glasses. He gets hurt. He mixes the spiked juice glass with the other glasses. He tells Rishi that everything is set. He worries seeing his blunder. He gets afraid to tell Rishi. Karishma asks Ayush why did he get the juice. Rishi tells that its for everyone, except Balwinder.

Balwinder feels thirsty and asks him to give him some juice. Ayush tells Rishi that the glass got mixed in the tray. Rishi asks him to make a fresh glass of spiked drink. Ayush tells that he had finished the serum. He tells the family that he had added the truth serum in the juice to make Balwinder speak the truth, but the problem is, the glass got mixed with the other glasses. Rishi tells that he will make Balwinder speak out. He beats Balwinder like before. Balwinder asks for water. Ayush tells that he won’t get any juice or water. Rishi tells that he has another idea to get the truth out.

Ayush tells that they did it. Rishi tells that he did it. He scolds Ayush for making such a mistake. Rishi tries to guess the glass with the serum. Ayush asks is this his plan, the glass isn’t confirmed. Rishi and Ayush forcibly feed the juice to Balwinder. Malishka adds the sleeping pills in the juice glass. She wants Balwinder to fall asleep and not say any truth. Ayush asks Balwinder to tell the truth now. Malishka wishes that pills work before the serum. Rishi asks Balwinder his name, where does his stay. Balwinder answers him. He tells that he likes Lakshmi a lot, she is really nice.

Rishi asks him why did he say nonsense about Lakshmi. Balwinder tells that he lied that day, Lakshmi is pure like Ganga. Rishi asks if Lakshmi asked him to touch her ever. Balwinder tells that she never told her, she failed his evil plans, she is from Satyug, she just loves Rishi, she is dying for Rishi. He calls Rishi lucky to get Lakshmi in his life. He asks Rishi to understand her worth. He feels sleepy. Rishi and Ayush wonder why is Balwinder falling asleep. Ayush tells that maybe it’s the effect of truth serum. Rishi asks Balwinder who told him about Lakshmi’s pregnancy. Balwinder feels sleepy.

Malishka feels saved that Balwinder slept. Virender tells that Balwinder might have slept because he got much beaten up. Rishi doesn’t think that’s the reason. Malishka gets some time to think. Karishma asks Rishi how long will he keep Balwinder in the house. Rishi tells that he will keep Balwinder until the latter tells the truth. Karishma tells that Balwinder is a goon. Rishi insists that he won’t let Balwinder free until he knows the truth. Lakshmi asks Shalu to go home and stop worrying for her. Shalu is worried for Lakshmi. Lakshmi tells that everything will get fine.

Shalu feels Lakshmi is tolerating a lot. She hugs Lakshmi. Lakshmi tells that Shalu is her sister, and also a part of her. She asks Shalu to take care of Bani. Rishi is angered that Balwinder fell asleep, their plan flopped. Ayush tells that the plan just paused, the serum effect will end by then. He tells that he can’t arrange the serum now. Rishi is much upset. Ayush asks what will they do now. Rishi tells that he will do anything it takes. Lakshmi gets cold water for them. She tells that she got cold water to calm their anger. Ayush tells that he needs some space. He lets them talk.

She tells that everything is happening because of her. Rishi tells that he can’t leave Balwinder free, Balwinder wants to malign the family respect, at least she should understand why he is doing this. She tells that she understands him, but she didn’t see him so angry before. He tells that its about his family, she is also his family. She doesn’t want to remember that she has to leave him some day. Malishka thinks how long will Balwinder tolerate, Balwinder will admit the truth soon. She tells Kiran that Balwinder will tell her name to Rishi. She feels terrified.

Kiran blames Malishka for spoiling everything. Malishka doesn’t want to lose courage. She tells that she is ready to do anything to get Rishi. She asks Kiran not to scold her. She tells that she will not leave Balwinder, who has become a threat for her. She doesn’t want Lakshmi to win this battle. Kiran asks her not to play with fire. Malishka tells that they have to make Balwinder out of their way anyhow. Ayush comes at the door. Malishka gets scared sensing he has overheard everything.

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