Bhagya Lakshmi 16th July 2022 Written Update Rishmi unite

Bhagya Lakshmi 16th July 2022 Written Update Rishmi unite

Bhagya Lakshmi 16th July 2022 Written Update Rishmi unite Rishi tells Lakshmi that he is fearless. He boasts of his strength. Lakshmi makes scary sounds and scares Rishi. He screams in fear. She laughs calling him a coward. They have a cute funny banter. Rishi and Lakshmi share a laugh. They have a romantic moment as well. He tell that they got locked in the room, they should think of going out. He asks her to get the thing needed to unlock the door. She asks what does he mean to say. He forgets the name of the tool, and asks her if she doesn’t understand it. Lakshmi likes spending time with Rishi, and wishes that Malishka never comes between them. What will Malishka and Balwinder plan next to separate Rishi and Lakshmi? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Rishi tells that Malishka had got Balwinder home to stain Lakshmi’s character. He rages that Balwinder touched Lakshmi because of Malishka. He tells that Lakshmi is his wife, Balwinder has gone too far, he will not tolerate Balwinder. He reprimands Malishka. Malishka still defends herself. Neelam tells that Malishka can’t defame the family, she can’t bring the dirt home. She regrets that Malishka tried to impure their home. Everyone gets against Malishka. Lakshmi asks them not to count Malishka’s mistakes, else she will just clarify. Malishka asks her not to interfere. Lakshmi tells that Malishka shouldn’t dare, because she/Lakshmi was insulted because of Malishka. She tells that a girl’s character shows her parents’ value. She rebukes Malishka that she had hurt her parents’ souls too. Malishka gets really tensed.

Bhagya Lakshmi 16th July 2022 Written Update Rishmi unite:


Virender hugs Lakshmi and apologizes. He assures that no injustice will happen with her now. He tells that Lakshmi is right for Rishi, if Malishka has done this, then even Rishi is responsible. Malishka denies the blames and cries, begging them to believe her. Rishi asks her not to do this drama, because she has fallen too low. Neelam asks Malishka to go away and take the dirt Balwinder along. She warns Malishka. She asks Kiran not to defend her daughter. She asks Ayush to call the police. Balwinder runs away from there. Kiran takes Malishka with her. This turns out to be Malishka’s dream.

Balwinder tells Rishi that Malishka told him about Lakshmi is pregnant, he even has a proof for it. He looks for his phone. He tells that he had a proof in his phone. Malishka tells that he is lying. Kiran tells that Balwinder is saying right, Malishka is wrong. She asks them to think if Malishka will do such a thing that Rishi and his family hate her, Balwinder is lying. She asks if they will believe Balwinder. Balwinder tells that Malishka told him about Lakshmi. Rishi slaps him. He tells that Balwinder is accusing Malishka, because she stopped his friends from freeing him, he is taking revenge on Malishka.

He believes Malishka. She gets glad. Balwinder asks Rishi to believe him, Malishka is a liar. Rishi asks him to shut up. Kiran tells Malishka that everything is okay. Malishka doesn’t find any threat now. Dadi gets scared and calls the family members. She shouts for help and runs out of her room. Balwinder tells that Malishka paid him money when he came home and claimed that he fathered Lakshmi’s baby. Malishka tells that Rishi had told it, she can’t do this. Lakshmi tells that Malishka can do this. Malishka asks if she trusts Balwinder. Lakshmi tells that Malishka is lying.

Balwinder tells the truth that he loves Lakshmi. Rishi slaps him, saying Lakshmi is his wife even now. Balwinder tells that they will talk after two months. Virender rebukes Balwinder, while defending Lakshmi. Balwinder jokes that Virender calls Lakshmi his daughter and then insult her every day, he should decide if the family loves her or hates her. He tells Lakshmi that he loves her, he is ready to die for her. Virender beats him in anger. Dadi asks him to stop it. Balwinder thanks her for saving him. Dadi also slaps him and asks him to not dare take Lakshmi’s name.

Dadi tells them that she got scared in her room and looked around, she didn’t see anyone, she feels there is a ghost in her room, so she thought to come downstairs. Ayush feels scared and runs behind Virender. Karishma asks him to stop the kiddishness. Balwinder opens the ropes and frees himself. He thinks to run away, seeing everyone engaged in Dadi’s story. Rishi tells that maybe Balwinder’s friends have escaped from Dadi’s room. Balwinder runs towards the door. Dadi hits the bottle at him and stops him. Ayush calls it a good shot. Balwinder faints down. Rishi checks him. Dadi asks did she murder him. Lakshmi also checks him and tells that he is alive.

Virender tells that Balwinder’s friends can re-attempt to free him, they shall shift Balwinder to some room. Rishi tells that he will keep Balwinder in his room and keep an eye on him. Ayush and Rishi take Balwinder, while Dadi praises her sharp aim. Neelam asks Ayush to go with Dadi, and sleep in her room. Virender asks Rishi to be careful and tell him when Balwinder wakes up. Even Virender wants to know the truth. Rishi and Ayush tie up Balwinder. Dadi is still busy in praising herself. Malishka follows everyone to Rishi’s room. Ayush jokes on her. Lakshmi asks her what is she doing there. She tells that Malishka can’t come to Rishi’s room, when Balwinder has taken her name.

She knows that Malishka wanted to oust her. Malishka tells that Rishi trusts her. She doesn’t care what Lakshmi thinks. Rishi tells that Lakshmi’s opinion also matters, Balwinder did wrong with her. Malishka tells that she doesn’t like Lakshmi, but Balwinder is lying. Rishi wants a proof this time. He tells Malishka that he trusts her, but he wants a proof, he can’t trust her until the truth comes out. She asks why did he trust her and beat up Balwinder. Malishka gets upset that Lakshmi is accusing her. Dadi asks Lakshmi and Rishi to keep an eye on Balwinder. She asks Malishka to come with her. Malishka tells that she can also stay back. Dadi and Ayush ask her to end the matter and just come with them. Malishka is tensed that Balwinder may prove her wrong. She worries that Rishi and Lakshmi can come close. Lakshmi asks Malishka to stay in the guest room. Malishka looks at Rishi. Lakshmi shows Malishka her place.

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