Kundali Bhagya 15th July 2022 Written Update Preeta slaps Arjun

Kundali Bhagya 15th July 2022 Written Update Preeta slaps Arjun

Kundali Bhagya 15th July 2022 Written Update Preeta slaps Arjun Karan keeps the party going by stopping the Luthras from leaving. Karan asks Preeta for dance. He calls her Mrs. Preeta Karan Luthra and then taunts her saying she is now Mrs. Preeta Rishabh Luthra. He tells her that he is just asking for dance, she shouldn’t be surprised. Preeta agrees to dance with him. Karan touches her like before to make her sense him. Preeta gets restless by Karan’s touch. She makes him away and slaps him in anger. Karan gets mad in rage of revenge. He tells that Preeta is trying to insult her, but he won’t spare her. Rakhi suspects that Arjun is her son Karan. She wants to find out the truth about Arjun’s identity. Later, Karan tells Anjali that Preeta has snatched everything from him, and now he will snatch her everything. He wants Preeta to know the meaning of pain, since she has hurt him a lot by attempting to kill him, his love and his faith.

Earlier in the show, The Luthras are shocked. Preeta screams out Karan’s name and cries profusely. She tries to run away, but the media stops her. Rakhi goes to Karan and hugs him. Kareena doesn’t know why Rakhi is hugging Arjun when he has hurt their sentiments. Karan tells that everyone got angry on him, how did she come to him, isn’t she angry. She calls him mad to do this without any second thought. She tells that he kept the party to celebrate that he won Karan’s auction, he didn’t know that they will get troubled watching this skit, Preeta will be troubled too.

She adds that she loves Preeta as her daughter, Arjun has hurt her daughter today. She doesn’t understand why she feels kind towards Arjun after all this, because she is a mother, she wants to stand by him even if he is wrong. She tells that he has made Preeta’s personal life a drama, he has done too wrong. The Luthras cry. Karan tells that she knows everything, then why did she support him. Rakhi tells that she knows that he is Karan. The family is shocked by Rakhi’s disclosure.


Kundali Bhagya 15th July 2022 Written Update Preeta slaps Arjun:

Rakhi tells Arjun that she knows he is Karan. He clears that he is like Karan, his behavior and actions are impulsive, his intention isn’t wrong. She blesses him with love. Preeta asks Rakhi to come. Karan stops them. Preeta asks Rakhi why is she talking to Arjun, who doesn’t know what to do in front of people, he is dangerous, he can do anything and hurt them, they should stay away from him. Kareena tells Arjun that he did too wrong. Bani tells him that she was expecting him to do something good, that he would disclose some good secret about Karan, but he did this to give them sorrow. Mahesh asks him why did he dig out his old wounds. Karan tells that he has kept this party in Karan’s memory, they remember what happened in Karan’s life, he didn’t do anything wrong in revisiting the memories.

The guests support Arjun. Karan tells that their perception is wrong, their reactions are wrong, bad things have happened in Karan’s life, he can’t just show only good things, he has shown them the truth, not anything fake. He answers them about his intentions. He tells that truth is bitter as they may know. He asks Anjali to switch on the music, the party is still on. The guests ask Rishabh not to leave, he should control his emotions, there was nothing that they should feel bad about it, the play was excellent, they wanted to see the end, they got to see Karan’s real life story, thanks to Arjun. The guests ask Luthras to enjoy the party. Karan feels disturbed. Rakhi goes to him.

Rakhi asks him if he will listen to her. He asks her if she is staying back in the party, Rishabh and Preeta are leaving. She asks why is he so angry. She tells that nobody is leaving, they were mistaken, they thought that the skit was planned to insult them, but he did this for Karan’s fans, he has explained his intentions well, so they aren’t going home. Karan goes and collides with Mahesh. He hugs Mahesh and weeps silently. Mahesh asks Rakhi what happened to Arjun. Rakhi doesn’t understand. Anjali tells Arjun that Luthras are staying back. Karan tells that he got tears when Rakhi and Mahesh embraced him, he wished the time to stop right there.

He tells that everyone hates him, except Rakhi and Mahesh, just because of Rishabh and Preeta. He angrily stares at Preeta and condemns her. He calls her Mrs. Karan Luthra. He apologizes and calls her Mrs. Rishabh Luthra. He asks her for dance for Karan’s memories. He tells that if the people see her hatred for him, then people will get angry on her, her image will get spoilt. He asks her to appreciate his efforts and not disrespect him. He tells that Karan isn’t here, but he is still here. Kareena, Bani and Kritika ask Preeta to dance with Arjun. Preeta agrees to dance with Arjun.

Karan dances with her aggressively and reminds her their last dance in the farmhouse party. Karan reminds her of Karan’s death and asks her how did Karan die, he fell down the cliff, she can tell him the truth. Preeta asks him what is he asking her. He asks her if Karan danced with her this way. Preeta angrily slaps him. The family is shocked. Rishabh and Sameer return to the party, and find the slap drama going on. Rishabh asks Preeta what happened. She asks him to ask Arjun. Karan tells that he was just talking about Karan.

She calls him shameless to talk weirdly, and ask personal things about Karan and her relation. Rishabh catches Karan by his collar and asks him how dare he treat Preeta like that. A new tension arises when Rishabh warns Arjun to stay in limits. Karan tells that he knows his limits well. Rishabh asks him to shut up. He asks Arjun if he wanted to insulted Karan and his family, that he kept this exhibition. He asks what harm did they cause to him that he is taking revenge. He reprimands Arjun, while defending his brother Karan. Rishabh holds Preeta’s hand and takes her home. Rakhi tells that Preeta slapped Arjun, which means Arjun has done too wrong. She feels at fault that she regarded him a son.

She calls him bad. She rebukes him for his actions. The reporters ask Arjun if he was really asking personal questions to trouble Preeta. Anjali asks the reporters to leave. Karan goes to his room. He turns mad and laughs at himself. Anjali asks him to calm down and control his feelings. He tells that Preeta got too irritated and slapped him, her truth has come out, she couldn’t tolerate that he brought her true face out. He tells that Preeta broke his heart and left him incomplete, she has snatched his identity. He hates Preeta and wants revenge on her.

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  1. Karan is now another villain in the show he is blind always that don’t see the truth very bad show too much negative stuff


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