Udaariyaan 18th July 2022 Written Update Tejo recovers

Udaariyaan 18th July 2022 Written Update Tejo recovers

Udaariyaan 18th July 2022 Written Update Tejo recovers Tejo acts like an ideal caring wife for Fateh. He returns home after work, and gets surprised seeing Tejo asking about his day. Fateh asks her to just relax and sit with him. She asks if he got much tired. He tells that his day was good. She massages his head. He tells that he is okay. Sandhus smile seeing her. Jasmin tells Gurpreet that she is going to meet Yash’s parents. Gurpreet asks her to go. Gurpreet doesn’t react and this shocks Jasmin. Jasmin tells that she will find a way to get Fateh, he isn’t her love but just her stubborn wish, she will get him at any cost. She plans to burn Tejo alive and get rid of her forever. Jasmin traps Tejo at some dark place and lights the fire. She tells that Tejo’s chapter is now over. Tejo sees the fire and recalls the incident when she was trapped in the fire.

Fateh prays that Tejo gets her memory back. Fateh reaches there and saves Tejo, who falls unconscious. Later, Tejo sees Fateh and Jasmin together. She doubts them and pushes Fateh away. She tells that Fateh and Jasmin are her murderers, who tried to burn her alive before. Fateh is shocked on receiving hatred from Tejo. Tejo regains her memory. Fateh is happy that his prayer got fulfilled and she regained her memory. At the same time, he gets worried seeing her hatred for him due to the misunderstanding. Jasmin acts to make Tejo suspect Fateh’s loyalty even more. How will Fateh win Tejo’s faith and make her believe his true love? Will Jasmin succeed in separating Fatejo again? Keep reading.

Dilraj runs when Tejo tries setting his hair. Satti asks Dilraj to let Tejo set his hair. Fateh returns from work. Tejo runs to him and keeps his bag aside as his wife does. She makes Fateh sit by addressing him with respect. Tejo leaves, asking Fateh to sit and wait. Confused and stunned Fateh using sign language asks Sandhu family members what is going on and what happened to Tejo. Everyone using sign language tells Fateh that they can’t speak anything. At Gurudwara, Jasmine gives prasad to Gurpreet.


Jasmine tells Gurpreet that she is going to meet Yash’s parents today. She gets shocked when Gurpreet asks her to go and meet Yash’s parents. Gurpreet tells Jasmine that she will pray to God for her and her upcoming child. Gurpreet starts leaving, Jasmine wonders why Gurpreet suddenly changed her decision to get her married to Fateh. At Sandhu house, Tejo serves water to Fateh. Like a traditional wife, Tejo asks Fateh how was his day at work. Fateh stutters in surprise and tells Tejo that his day went well.

Tejo tells Fateh that “Aaloo Matar” has been prepared at home today. She asks Fateh if she should bring “Aaloo Matar” for him. Surprised Fateh by looking at Sandhu family members with questioning eyes, tries to know why Tejo is behaving like a traditional wife. He tells Tejo that he doesn’t want to eat anything at present. Tejo keeps feeling shy, while Fateh feels awkward. On Tejo’s request, Fateh addresses Tejo with respect like a traditional husband and asks her what she did the whole day. Tejo gets shy and hugs Fateh telling him that she kept waiting for him the whole day.

Including Fateh, everyone smiles wholeheartedly seeing Fateh and Tejo’s cute and innocent bond. At Gurudwara, Jasmine stops Gurpreet from leaving. She asks Gurpreet if her health is fine. Gurpreet tells Jasmine that now it’s better to understand that everything is alright. She also tells Jasmine that now she won’t stop her from doing anything. Gurpreet tells Jasmine that she can’t stop her from doing anything because she failed to stop her own son from doing whatever he wants to. At Sandhu house, Fateh asks Tejo why she is behaving like a traditional wife.

Tejo tells Fateh even Satti behaves the same when Rupy returns home. She says even she is trying to be like Satti. Fateh smiles seeing Tejo’s innocence. He stops Tejo from removing his shoes. Seeing Tejo not wearing footwear, he makes Tejo wear her footwear. Tejo gets angry at Fateh. She tells Fateh that he messed up everything. Tejo further tells Fateh that wives do all these works. Fateh tells Tejo that everything happened perfectly. He explains to Tejo that they are special husband and wife and thus even their relationship is special.

As everyone moves their head in yes, Tejo agrees that she and Fateh are special. She hugs Fateh. At Gurudwara, Gurpreet tells Jasmine that Fateh and Tejo are very happy together. She also tells Jasmine that now even her parents are supporting Fateh and Tejo. Gurpreet further tells Jasmine that now she won’t stop her from doing anything as she also has the right to make decisions in her life. Gurpreet tells Jasmine that, to get Amrik’s child, she can’t lose Fateh. She blesses Jasmine and leaves telling Jasmine that she hopes that she won’t keep Virk’s grandchild away from them. Jasmine gets worried for herself.

She wonders where she will go if Gurpreet has really accepted Tejo as her daughter-in-law. Tense Jasmine decides to do something to separate Fateh and Tejo. Jasmine returns home and grows furious seeing Tejo enjoying and playing with the whole family. She tries to calm her anger. Jasmine recalls that with how much difficulty she made many members of both the Virk and Sandhu families against Tejo. She also recalls how even Gurpreet left her support like other family members. Jasmine walks angrily in the rain recalling Gurpreet telling her that Fateh and Tejo are very happy together.

She also recalls Fateh calling off their engagement just because of Tejo’s return. Jasmine further recalls seeing Fateh and Tejo married again. She imagines Fateh romantically twirling her in his arms in between the rain. Jasmine’s smile fades away when in her imagination Tejo takes her place in Fateh’s arms. She grows angrier and throws stuff and stones at her imagination of Fateh and Tejo’s romantic moment. Jasmine screams in anger. She says Fateh is not her love but her obsession. She decides to get Fateh at any cost. Jasmine visits the place where Tejo met with the fire incident, got separated from Fateh, and lost their child.

She says Fateh can’t ever be Tejo’s. Jasmine also says that her stubbornness/adamance to get Fateh will remain alive, till she is alive. She plans to once again bring Tejo to the fire incident place and again put her on fire. Jasmine thinks this way, hopes of Tejo getting normal again and Fateh’s love will get ruined. She also thinks that after that Fateh will have to bow down to her. Jasmine madly and repeatedly screams that after all this, only Fateh and Jasmine will be left. She returns home and looks at Fateh and Tejo evilly. Jasmine confidently thinks that soon she will break Tejo and Fateh’s relationship (dor).

Next morning, Jasmine pretends to be crying and feeling bad. When Satti asks her what happened. Jasmine lies to Satti that she is feeling bad realizing that Tejo still hates her and thinks that she is the same old evil Jasmine. She tells Satti that she doesn’t like it when Tejo addresses her as “Gandi Behen” (bad sister). Jasmine also tells Satti that she does like Tejo’s present behavior towards her. She fools Satti by telling her that she is worried thinking if her upcoming child will get his/her Tejo’s (maternal aunt’s) love or not. Jasmine smirks evilly when Satti decides to fix her bond with Tejo.

Tejo on the other hand, acts like Fateh in front of the mirror, wearing Fateh’s shirt. Satti makes Tejo touch Jasmine’s stomach. She tells Tejo that Jasmine is having a little child in her womb. Satti reminds Tejo that she loves children. Tejo says yes. Jasmine acts like her child is addressing Tejo as “Maasi” and asking Tejo to play with him/her. Satti convinces Tejo to take care of Jasmine’s child being her maternal aunt. Tejo smiles and tells Satti that she will become Jasmine’s child’s maternal aunt. Tejo says God blessed Jasmine with a baby and thus she became good from bad.

She tells Jasmine that now she will never address her as “bad sister”. Tejo also tells Jasmine that she will take care of her child and love him/her. Jasmine tells Tejo that she will also take care of her and love her a lot. Satti feels happy and emotional seeing her both daughters happy and together. Jasmine secretly grins and thanks Satti, in her thoughts. At Night, Fateh prepares Noodles for Tejo and takes them to Tejo sitting on the terrace. Tejo asks Fateh to come and sit on the terrace stairs. Fateh gets happy recalling that he and Tejo earlier also used to sit at the same place while eating noodles. Jasmine keeps a watch on Fateh and Tejo.

Tejo tells Fateh that his cooked noodles taste bad just like in earlier days. She also tells Fateh that he secretly brought the bad taste noodles prepared by him, when she came to stay at her mother’s place. Fateh recalls the same moment from the past. Jasmine recalls the same. While Fateh gets happy seeing Tejo getting her memories back, Jasmine gets worried. Jasmine angrily decides to never let Tejo recall her past memories. Tejo asks Fateh why he married her again as they were already married. She also asks Fateh if he likes her so much. Fateh says yes. Tejo tells Fateh that she also likes him a lot and can marry him many times.

She says, “I love you” to Fateh and hugs him. Fateh grows very happy and emotional, understanding that Tejo is getting her memories back slowly. Jasmine calms her anger somehow seeing all this. Fateh tells Tejo that she is getting her memories back and will soon get normal/fine. Tejo tells Fateh that she doesn’t want to get normal again. Fateh asks Tejo why she is saying this. Tejo tells Fateh that she is feeling scared thinking that he will not love or care for her like this if she gets normal/fine. Fateh tells Tejo that he can stop living, but can’t stop loving her. He promises Tejo that he will always be her Fateh.

Tejo gets happy and tells Fateh that now they will always be friends and remain together for 7 lives. Fateh says okay and hugs Tejo happily. Next morning, everyone celebrates Satti and Rupy’s wedding anniversary. Everyone wishes and congratulates Satti and Rupy. Navraj, Abhiraj, and Fateh leave home for their own work. Jasmine feels happy. She decides to make everyone busy to make Tejo alone. Jasmine plans to attack Tejo today itself and end her game.

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