Anupama 21st July 2022 Written Update Anupama’s fears

Anupama 21st July 2022 Written Update Anupama's fears

Anupama 21st July 2022 Written Update Anupama’s fears Anupama gets happy when Anu tells her that she enjoys traveling by auto. Anu says she sat in the auto in Mumbai many times. She asks Anupama when she is the mother of all Pakhi, Samar, Paritosh and Kinjal, then why they don’t live with them. Anu also asks Anupama why her other kids live separately from her. Anu tells Anupama that they have so many rooms in their house that everyone can stay there. Anupama gets confused thinking how to answer Anu’s questions. She tells Anu that Pakhi, Samar, Paritosh and Kinjal are elders and thus they live separately.

Anupama also tells Anu that there are many benefits of having two houses. She explains to Anu that they can run to their other house, if they get scolded in their first house and vice-versa. Anu tells Anupama that they can even have food 2 times. Anupama tells Anu that she can have the food cooked by Kinjal, if she someday finds her cooked food bad. Anu tells Anupama that she will eat any kind of food prepared by her, be it salty or burned. She also tells Anupama that whatever may be the circumstances, she will only eat with her. Anu further tells Anupama that she will help her in whatever she does.

Anupama grows emotional. She kisses and hugs Anu. Samar asks Kinjal to quickly come with him for her appointment with the doctor. Kinjal asks Samar what about his class. Samar tells Kinjal that Sara is taking his class. Kinjal asks Samar what about his online class. Samar tells Kinjal that Varun (Samar’s old and good friend) is taking his online class. Kinjal praises Samar for having a good team. Kinjal leaves with Samar, telling Baa that Anupama is reaching the clinic directly. Kinjal’s foot stumbles and Samar gets worried. They leave for the clinic. Kinjal wishes that Anupama reaches the clinic and be with her.


Anupama makes Anu drink water. She gives her saree pallu to Anu and asks her to not go anywhere. As Anupama makes payment, Anu leaves her pallu. On not finding Anu, Anupama gets tense. Anupama completes the hospital reception’s formalities for Kinjal. Kinjal thanks Samar and asks him to go for his class as Anupama may be coming. Samar refuses to leave Kinjal alone. Kinjal tells Samar that he is going to be the world’s best paternal uncle. Samar expresses his excitement towards Kinjal’s upcoming baby. He tells Kinjal that her baby will learn to dance, even before learning to walk. Kinjal calls Samar cute and feels happy.

Samar and Kinjal wonder why Anupama hasn’t reached the hospital till now. On the other hand, Anupama finds Anu running behind a man to return his stuff to him. She screams in fear, seeing a bike coming near Anu. Kinjal wonders why Anupama isn’t picking up her call as the doctor has to leave for somewhere else in some time. Samar tells Kinjal that Anupama might not be able to hear her phone ringing due to the auto’s noise. On the other hand, Anupama relaxes a little seeing Anu safe. Anu runs and hugs Anupama. Anu and Anupama apologizes to each other. They wipe each other’s tears.

Anu requests Anupama to not send her back. Anupama tells Anu that no one will ever send her back. At the hospital, Samar and Kinjal get tense waiting for Anupama. Samar sends Kinjal to get herself checked up by the doctor, before she leaves. Everyone on the road scolds Anupama for giving birth to Anu in middle age and not being able to take proper care of her. Anu tells everyone that it’s her mistake, not her mother’s. She and Anupama apologizes to people. On the other hand, Pakhi and Adhik are seen talking to each other. Pakhi blames Anupama and Vanraj for always creating problems for their own children and making their lives miserable.

Adhik tells Pakhi that she is correct. He tells Pakhi that his sister Barkha is different. Adhik keeps on praising Barkha in front of Pakhi. He tells Pakhi that Barkha told him that she will talk to Anupama only if they (Adhik and Pakhi) are serious. Adhik also tells Pakhi that Barkha told him that she likes her (Pakhi). Pakhi gets happy with Adhik’s lies. He gives Pakhi the make-up accessories, saying that Barkha sent this as a gift for her. Pakhi gets stunned seeing the expensive make-up accessories. She tells Adhik that she can’t accept such an expensive gift. Adhik makes Pakhi accept his gift by fooling her.

He keeps on trapping Pakhi in his lies. Pakhi feels different and smiles when Adhik kisses her forehead. At the hospital, worried Kinjal and Samar keep on trying to call Anupama. On the other hand, Anu reminds an emotional Anupama that they had to go to hospital to meet Kinjal. Anupama searches for her phone to call Kinjal but finds it missing. Anu blames herself for Anupama’s lost phone. Anupama tells Anu that she is not at fault. She leaves to make a call to Kinjal through pco. Samar feels worried for Anupama. A shopkeeper gives Anupama her mobile, which fell near his shop.

Anupama finds her phone not working. Anu tells Anupama that they should go to meet Kinjal’s baby. Anupama feels tense recalling Kinjal’s fear for her baby’s care. At the hospital, Kinjal’s check up is completed. She tells Samar that Anupama would have gotten stuck somewhere. Kinjal feels bad but asks Samar to text Anupama that they left the hospital. Anupama reaches the hospital and learns that Kinjal left after getting her checkup completed. Anupama recalls Kinjal telling everyone that she trusts her (Anupama) more than herself in the matters of her baby. Kinjal returns home and Baa wards off the bad sight from Kinjal and her baby.

Kavya asks how her baby is. Kinjal tells Kavya that her baby is fine. Kavya asks Kinjal if Anupama didn’t come home with her. Baa says Anupama must have left for work from the hospital only. She asks Kinjal if Anupama asked everything from the doctor about her food and medicine. Baa tells Kinjal that she may forget but Anupama will remember everything properly. Vanraj returns home and overhears all this. Vanraj notices Kinjal and Samar’s tense expressions. Baa tells Kinjal that she will ask Anupama on the phone about her medicines and diet as told by the doctor. Vanraj asks Kinjal and Samar if Anupama didn’t come to the hospital.

Kavya says maybe Anupama would have got stuck in some important work. Vanraj asks what would have been more important than Kinjal. He says he knew that this would happen. Vanraj asks Bapuji to see that Anupama has forgotten her responsibilities/duties towards Kinjal since Anu came to her life. Bapuji asks Vanraj to not bring little Anu in all this. He says maybe Anupama wouldn’t have been able to reach the hospital due to some other reason. Vanraj asks Bapuji if something else is more important for Anupama than her daughter-in-law’s check up.

He says Anupama should have informed them earlier that she wouldn’t be able to come as then either Baa or Kavya would have gone with Kinjal as she must have felt the need of a woman at the time of check up. Baa also feels angry. Anupama reaches Shah house with Anu. On the other hand, Adhik convinces Pakhi to come to Kapadia house with him. He keeps on impressing Pakhi with his lies and fake care for her and her image. At Shah house, Anupama apologizes to Kinjal for not being able to reach the hospital on time. Baa and Vanraj scolds Anupama for not being able to fulfill her responsibilities.

Anu asks Baa to not scold her mother. She apologizes to everyone and tells them that Anupama got late because of her. Anu narrates the whole street incident to the Shah family. This shocks and worries everyone. Adhik on the other hand gets happy when Pakhi agrees to go to Kapadia house with him. He recalls telling Barkha that after marrying Pakhi, he will get his wife and she will get Anupama’s remote control. Adhik texts Barkha informing her that he is bringing Pakhi home. He asks Barkha to pamper Pakhi and keep some gifts ready for her. At Shah house, Kavya and Bapuji ask Anu and Anupama if they are fine or got injured somewhere.

Anu tells Bapuji that she and Anupama are fine. She also tells Bapuji that Anupama was continuously crying and even her phone broke down. Anu apologizes to everyone and says that everything happened because of her. She requests everyone to not scold her mother. Samar picks up little Anu. He and Kinjal calm the scared Anu by telling her that everyone and everything is fine.

Kinjal says she knew that Anupama would have been stuck in some problem and thus didn’t reach the hospital. She asks Vanraj and Baa to let this matter go. Kavya says that they should be happy that no mishap happened. Anupama notices Vanraj and Baa seeing little Anu with irritated and angry faces. She gets worried for little Anu.

In the next episode, Anupama will share her fear of handling a lot of responsibilities (Pakhi, Anu and Kinjal) all together. Kanta will motivate Anupama by telling her that she trusts her efforts. At Kapadia house, Barkha and Adhik as per their evil plan will pamper Pakhi. Barkha will tell Pakhi that she will get everything she deserves. She will ask Pakhi to come and live with her at Kapadia house. At the same time, Anupama and Anu will return home. Anupama will get shocked and angry seeing Barkha spoiling Pakhi.

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