Udaariyaan 21st July 2022 Written Update Extreme twist

Udaariyaan 21st July 2022 Written Update Extreme twist

Udaariyaan 21st July 2022 Written Update Extreme twist Rupy and Satti meet Tejo at the hospital. They get aware of the truth that she has regained her memory. Tejo cries on meeting them and tells that she has lost her baby because of Fateh and Jasmin, she will never forgive them. She tells that they killed her baby and also tried to kill her. Satti wants to clear her misunderstanding about Fateh. Fateh doesn’t trust Jasmin at all. He knows that Tejo can’t reach the godown on her own. He suspects Jasmin and goes to meet her. Jasmin plays a drama of being sick. Tejo cries out that she was pregnant at the time when she got burnt, she was carrying Fateh’s child. Virks come to meet Tejo at the hospital. They are hugely shocked to know about Tejo’s loss. The families sympathize with Tejo.

Fateh drags Jasmin to the same godown, and lights fire there. She doesn’t want Fateh to take any extreme step. She asks him to stop. He tells her that he wants her to experience the same fear as Tejo. He tells Jasmin that she wants his answers, who got Tejo to the godown and scared her of fire. He threatens her in the same way like she has threatened Tejo. Jasmin gets panicking on seeing his madness. Will she admit her crime to save her life? Will Fateh succeed in exposing Jasmin’s evil truth? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Fateh recalls that some time ago, the same Tejo was yearning for him and only remembered him. Doctor tells Fateh that Tejo thinks that she is pregnant but she isn’t. Tejo asks the doctor to call police as Fateh tried killing her and killed her unborn child. Hospital guards take Fateh away from Tejo. At Virk house, Khushbeer asks Gurpreet if she won’t say anything ill to Tejo now, by coming under someone’s influence. Nimmo looks angrily at Khushbeer. Gurpreet tells Khushbeer that she won’t say anything ill to Tejo now. Khushbeer tells Gurpreet and his rest of the family that now Tejo is their responsibility. He tells his family that now they have to take care of Tejo like she used to take care of them in the past.


Udaariyaan 21st July 2022 Written Update Extreme twist:

Doctor tells Rupy and Satti that Tejo is fine and has recovered her memories. They get happy hearing this. The doctor tells Satti and Rupy that Tejo has lost her memories of the last 9 months. She says Tejo doesn’t remember anything about what happened after she suffered the fire incident till now. This shocks Satti and Rupy. After this Rupy and Satti come out of the doctor’s cabin and get shocked seeing police taking Fateh away. They stop police officials from arresting Fateh. Fateh tells Rupy and Satti that Tejo has regained her memories and thinks that he tried killing her in the fire incident 9 months ago.

This shocks Rupy and Satti. They get worried about Fateh. Fateh asks Rupy and Satti to not worry about him and take care of Tejo. He also asks them to clear Tejo’s misunderstandings. Rupy and Satti promise Fateh that they will tell the truth to Tejo. Police take Fateh away with them. Fateh thinks that Rupy and Satti will surely clear Tejo’s misunderstandings and Tejo will love him again. At Virk house, Gurpreet promises Khushbeer that she will accept Tejo and bring her and Fateh back home. Khushbeer asks Gurpreet to have something as she has also not eaten anything since yesterday. At the same time, Fateh calls Khushbeer. He tells Khushbeer that he has been arrested.

Fateh also tells Khushbeer that Tejo has regained her memories and accused him of trying to kill her, out of misunderstandings. Khushbeer gets shocked and tells the whole Virk family about this. Everyone except Nimmo gets worried about Fateh. Nimmo gets angry hearing all this. At the hospital, Tejo tells Rupy and Satti that Fateh and Jasmine tried killing her to get together. Rupy and Satti tell Tejo that Fateh left everything and everyone for her and her love. They tell Tejo that Fateh did a lot for her. Tejo refuses to believe Satti and Rupy. She says she saw Fateh and Jasmine together a lot of times. Tejo tells Satti and Rupy that she could have forgiven Fateh and Jasmine if they would have killed her but they killed her unborn baby for which she will never forgive them.

Flashbacks of Tejo seeing Fateh and Jasmine together again and again, because of Angad’s evil plan are shown. Tejo again says Fateh and Jasmine killed her and Fateh’s unborn baby. Tejo hugs Satti and cries profusely. She tells Satti that she will never forgive Fateh and hates him. At the same time, Mahi, Simran and Gurpreet come there. Rupy, Satti, Gurpreet, Mahi and Simran get shocked knowing that Tejo and Fateh lost their child in the fire incident that Tejo suffered 9 months ago. They get emotional for Tejo. Gurpreet goes and hugs Tejo. She asks Tejo to think why Fateh will do this. Crying Tejo tells Gurpreet that Fateh and Jasmine killed her baby to get together. Tejo gets unconscious due to stress. Mahi calls the doctor.

Jasmine returns home and asks her family about Tejo. She asks them if Rupy and Satti told anything about Tejo’s present condition. Jasmine gets shell shocked, when her grandmother tells her that a miracle happened and Tejo recovered all her memories. Sacred Jasmine pretends to be happy for Tejo’s improved condition. Jasmine’s grandmother tells everyone that Tejo is fine but still there is some little problem. Jasmine feels scared thinking if Tejo would have told everyone that she started the fire and tried killing her. She feels angry hearing that Tejo got fully normal and is fine.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Virks and Sandhus that Tejo got unconscious due to over- exertion. She asks everyone to not worry and let Tejo rest for some time. Satti asks Gurpreet to see what all Tejo has suffered till now. She says they didn’t know that Tejo was pregnant 9 months ago. Satti also says what would have Tejo gone through while getting burned in fire with her unborn baby in her womb. She also says that Tejo firstly asked about her baby after gaining consciousness. Satti asks Gurpreet how can a woman/mother tolerate seeing her first child dying in front of her. Gurpreet says she is the most unlucky mother in this world. She also feels bad knowing that her family’s first hier died.

In prison, Fateh recalls the time he spent with Tejo till now. He says that this is the most difficult phase of his and Tejo’s love. Fateh thinks that he understands that Tejo has got stuck in the past and present. He thinks that soon his and Tejo’s misunderstandings will get cleared. Fateh also thinks that Tejo will surely forget their bad memories and return to him. Khushbeer reaches the police station and gets Fateh free from prison. Fateh asks Khushbeer how he got him freed from prison. Khushbeer reminds Fateh that Tejo’s fire incident case has already been investigated 9 months ago and police found no proof against him in the past even.

He also tells Fateh that even Angad confessed his crime of trying to kill Tejo in London. Khushbeer tells Fateh that Tejo accused him of such a heinous crime that it could have become difficult to get him free from prison. Fateh tells Khushbeer that Tejo is at no fault in all this. He says Angad brainwashed Tejo against him. Fateh says Tejo saw whatever was shown to her. He tells Khushbeer that after that fire incident/tragedy happened and Tejo didn’t get the chance to find out who is actually wrong and right. Fateh says he will explain everything to Tejo and won’t let anything wrong happen to her.

Khushbeer tells Fateh that he knows that his and Tejo’s relationship is strong enough and won’t get affected by stones of misunderstandings. Fateh leaves with Khushbeer from the police station to meet and explain the truth to Tejo. At Sandhu house, Lovely asks Jasmine to not blame herself now as it is not good for her health. Jasmine tells Lovely that Rupy told that Tejo is not fully fine. She says she should be with Tejo at this point of time. Jasmine pretends to be worried about Tejo. Before Jasmine could leave to meet Tejo, Rupy’s call Sandhus.

Jasmine asks Rupy if Tejo has recovered her memories, what complications are she facing now. Rupy tells Jasmine that Tejo is fine but she doesn’t remember what happened after she faced the fire incident 9 months ago. He says Tejo only remembers the fire incident that she faced 9 months ago and her life before that. Rupy tells Jasmine that Tejo saw her and Fateh standing outside and seeing her burning 9 months ago. He says now Tejo thinks that she and Fateh tried to kill her by burning her. This information shocks Jasmine badly. She drops the phone in shock.

Fateh reaches the hospital and Rupy stops him from going to Tejo. At Sandhu house, Jasmine pretends to cry. She tells everyone that Tejo thinks that she tried burning and killing her 9 months ago. Jasmine asks her family what she should do now as Tejo is badly misunderstanding her. Harman, Lovely and Tejo’s grandmother get fooled by Jasmine’s pretense. They ask Jasmine to not take Tejo’s words to her heart as everything will get better soon. Jasmine sends Lovely and Harman to see Tejo’s condition and inform her about the same by calling her. Jasmine feels scared and angry.

At the hospital, Rupy and everyone scolds Fateh for hiding Tejo’s pregnancy from everyone. Fateh tells everyone that even he and Jasmine learned about Tejo’s pregnancy from Tanya in London. He says Tanya had Tejo’s recording which the police officials found. Fateh tells everyone that after that Amrik died and thus he decided to not increase his both family’s pain. Satti tells Fateh that it was their right to know about their daughter’s child. Fateh tells everyone that it’s not easy to go through the pain of losing one’s own child. He asks everyone to ask him how much pain he went through knowing that he lost his own child in the fire incident.

Fateh says he was already not able to tolerate the pain of losing his own child and then he lost Amrik too. He tells everyone that he knew that both families won’t be able to handle the deaths of Amrik and his and Tejo’s child. Fateh says because of that he brought Tanya and asked her to pretend to be Tejo. He says he thought that after seeing Tejo, Amrik’s death pain will become tolerable for everyone. Fateh says he regrets that this decision of his, also turned out to be wrong. Rupy again stops Fateh from meeting Tejo. He tells Fateh that there is no use of him meeting Tejo now.

He says Tejo just remembers that he and Jasmine tried killing her. Rupy tells Fateh that because of all this Tejo hates him a lot now. Fateh suspects Jasmine behind torturing Tejo by taking her to the same godown again, where Tejo suffered the fire incident 9 months ago and lost their child. He angrily visits Sandhu house and drags Jasmine to his car. Fateh forcefully makes Jasmine sit in his car. At the hospital, the doctor tells Sandhus and Virks that she gave a sleep injection to Tejo and they can take her home soon. Satti asks the doctor till when Tejo will remember the memories of the last 9 months that she lost.

Doctor tells everyone that she can’t surely say that till when Tejo will be able to remember her lost partial memories. She asks both Virks and Sandhus to make Tejo remember everything slowly and not pressure her too much. On the other hand, a scared Jasmine tries to know from Fateh, what his true intentions are and where he is taking her. Angry Fateh doesn’t reply to Jasmine’s questions. He keeps on driving speedily. In front of everyone, Gurpreet regrets troubling Tejo and Fateh. Rupy says now it’s the time for Fateh and Tejo’s relationship’s real exam.

Fateh on the other hand, takes Jasmine to the same godown where she tortured Tejo. Jasmine recalls that even she did the same with Tejo. Fateh lights a stick and scares Jasmine with it. In the next episode, Jasmine will try to save her from Fateh’s wrath. Fateh will keep trying to make Jasmine realize and suffer the same which she made innocent Tejo suffer. Tejo’s family will welcome Tejo wholeheartedly at Sandhu house. Later, Fateh will tell Satti that Tejo’s heart will one day make her realize that he is innocent. He will also tell Satti that he will wait for Tejo even till seven births/lives. Satti will get emotional seeing Fateh and Tejo’s relationship’s struggle.

Reviewed Rating for Udaariyaan 21st July 2022 Written Update Extreme twist: 3/5 This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your own take on the show in the comment section below.


  1. First time i m so happy to see man are not stupid in the serial what fayeh did is excellent love is different than. Being foolish same was for kaamna but again villain playing games and people around her stupid she was so irritating from before and ebrybody in here in canada hoping to the punishment but going on same old serial track so right now udariyya best in canada


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