Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st July 2022 Prisha goes violent

Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st July 2022 Prisha goes violent

Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st July 2022 Prisha goes violent Ruhi and Prisha hug each other at the airport. Rudra and Saaransh get emotional seeing mother-daughter hugging each other. Ruhi asks Prisha if she didn’t leave because she was praying to God. Prisha tells Ruhi that she is absolutely right. She tells Ruhi that God listens to children’s prayers quickly and thus didn’t let her leave. Prisha tells Ruhi that she failed to leave. Flashback shows Prisha telling Armaan that she can’t go to London. She says something is stopping her in Delhi. Prisha tells Armaan that her heart is telling her that she shouldn’t leave Delhi. All this scares, shocks and angers Armaan.

Armaan scolds Prisha. Prisha tells Armaan that either Ruhi or Pihu or someone else is stopping her in Delhi. This shocks and scares Armaan more. Prisha tells Armaan that Ruhi is not going away from her eyes. She says that she wants to meet Ruhi. Prisha runs away leaving Armaan. Armaan feels angry seeing that even after erasing Prisha’s memories, she is going mad behind her family. He decides to stop Prisha and runs behind her. Flashback ends. Prisha tells Ruhi that she failed to go away from her and was missing her a lot. She also tells Prisha that she was wishing to see, meet and hug her.

Ruhi tells Prisha that it’s called the connection of the heart. She also tells Prisha that her parents say that heart relation is much bigger than real relation. Saaransh and Rudra walk towards Ruhi and Prisha. Prisha gets shocked and angry seeing Rudra. She asks Ruhi what Rudra is doing here. Ruhi introduces Rudra as her father to Prisha. This shocks Prisha. Prisha apologizes to Ruhi and tells her that she doesn’t want to meet her ever, if Rudra is her father. This shocks Ruhi, Rudra and Saaransh. Prisha says she hates Rudra and doesn’t want to see his face. She asks Ruhi to keep Rudra away from her.


Hurt Rudra holds Prisha’s arms. He asks Prisha why she is doing all this. Rudra also asks Prisha why she is this much angry for the argument that happened between them last year. He says arguments occur between all couples. Rudra tells Prisha that he accepts that he shouldn’t have hurt her with his bitter words. He asks Prisha what wrong he has done that she is being so angry with him and hates him. Rudra requests Prisha to not hate him as he isn’t able to tolerate seeing hate for him in her eyes. He requests Prisha to not punish him this severely. Prisha’s anger grows as Rudra says, “I love you” to her. Rudra asks Prisha if she doesn’t remember their good memories filled with love.

Prisha recalls the memories of the morphed videos that Armaan showed her. She recalls how in the fake videos, Rudra tried forcing himself on her, beat her, tortured her and threw her from the balcony. She screams and pushes Rudra away brutally. This shocks Rudra, Ruhi and Saaransh. They get more shocked, when Prisha starts throwing stuff and other people’s suitcases on Rudra and the ground. When the shopkeeper requests Prisha to calm down and not break his shop’s stuff, screaming Prisha pushes him, making him fall down. She breaks more stuff, shocking everyone. Ruhi, Rudra and Saaransh get worried witnessing Prisha’s mental condition and behavior.

When Rudra tries stopping Prisha, Prisha attacks Rudra. Prisha’s nails injure Rudra’s face. This worries Saaransh. Saaransh recalls how Ruhi calmed Prisha the last time she got a similar rage attack. He reminds Ruhi of it and asks her to go and calm Prisha like earlier. Armaan comes there and sees everything. Scared Saaransh stands with Rudra. Ruhi walks to Prisha and holds her arms. She tries calming down Prisha with her sweet words. Ruhi tells Prisha that she loves her a lot and can’t see her getting unwell. Angry Prisha pushes Ruhi brutally in anger, shocking everyone, even Armaan. Armaan feels happy seeing Prisha’s anger towards Ruhi.

Scared and crying, Ruhi hugs Rudra. Prisha starts feeling dizzy. Rudra, Ruhi and Saaransh grow worried seeing a white foamy substance coming out from Prisha mouth. Before Rudra could reach Prisha, Armaan reaches her. Armaan pick-up Prisha in his arms and scolds Rudra and his kids for always coming behind Prisha. In a warning tone, Armaan asks Rudra to not torture Prisha anymore as otherwise she will die. Armaan leaves with Prisha, threatening Rudra of sending him to prison in a serious case. At Thakur house, Kanchan and Pihu miss Prisha. At the same time, Armaan brings Prisha to Thakur house.

Pihu, Kanchan and Digivijay get shocked and worried seeing Prisha unconscious. Armaan tells his family that Prisha refused to leave Delhi. He also tells his family that after that Prisha got a rage attack seeing Rudra and his kids at the airport. After Armaan makes Prisha lie on the bed in the room, Digivijay takes him outside. Armaan tells Digvijay everything that happened at the airport. He also tells Digivijay that he felt happy when Prisha brutally pushed Ruhi at the airport. Armaan says he was scared thinking that Ruhi can bring Prisha’s memories back using their unbreakable bond but it didn’t happen. Digivijay tells Armaan this means that his medicines are working perfectly on Prisha.

Armaan says Prisha has fully forgotten her family due to his medicines. He tells Digvijay that now Rudra and his kids won’t wander around Prisha after seeing her angry side. Digivijay asks Armaan to not underestimate Rudra and his kids. He says Rudra can go to any extent when it is related to Prisha. Digivijay tells Armaan that he will have to always be careful. At Khurana Mansion, Rudra is seen applying medicines to his kids and his own wounds. Crying, Ruhi asks Rudra why her own mother pushed her like she is not her daughter. Saaransh says Prisha can’t do this with her own kids. Rudra says he feels like someone has done something to Prisha.

Saaransh accuses Rudra for Prisha’s present mental condition. He also accuses Rudra of making Prisha forget her own kids. Rudra tells Saaransh that he hasn’t done anything which can make Prisha forget her own children. He says Prisha can be angry with him but can’t do anything wrong with her own children. Rudra tells his kids that Prisha can’t let them get hurt even in her dreams. He asks Saaransh to trust him that something big has really happened to Prisha. Rudra says that something has forced and is still forcing Prisha to change to this extent. Saaransh and Ruhi tell Rudra that he might be right. Saaransh tells Rudra that now they can’t risk Prisha’s life by meeting her.

Thinking of not being able to meet Prisha ever makes Ruhi sad. She tells Rudra and Saaransh that they won’t accept defeat as they are Prisha’s family. Rudra tells his kids that now they won’t leave Prisha alone at any cost. He tells his kids that he has an idea. At Thakur house, Armaan gives wrong medicine to Prisha mixed with water. Prisha tells Armaan that she remembers meeting Ruhi and seeing Rudra at the airport. She says she doesn’t remember what happened after that. Armaan tells Prisha that she suffered a rage attack at the airport, after which they returned home. Prisha asks Armaan if she did anything wrong and if Ruhi is fine.

Armaan tells Prisha that Ruhi is fine. He asks Prisha to take care of her health now and rest as everything else will get fine on its own. Pihu meets Prisha. She tells Pihu that she will drop her to the house door. Armaan restricts Prisha but Prisha doesn’t oblige him. Prisha leaves with Pihu. At Khurana Mansion, Vidyut’s father slaps Vidyut hard. This shocks Sharda. Vidyut’s father scolds Vidyut for doing something that landed him in police station. He asks Vidyut if he has any realization that he was about to get prisoned. Sharda stops Vidyut’s father from taking Vidyut away from Khurana Mansion.

She tells her brother (Vidyut’s father) that Rudra has handled everything. Vidyut’s father says ill about Rudra and says even Vidyut has started following Rudra’s wrong lifestyle, instead of studying. He says he won’t tolerate seeing Vidyut becoming like Rudra. Sharda scolds Vidyut’s father and defends Rudra. She says Rudra is responsible, caring, loving and respects women and she doesn’t need to prove it to anyone. As Pihu leaves for college, Vanshika comes in front of Prisha. She pretends to fall down and asks for help. Prisha runs to help Vanshika. Vanshika makes Prisha take her to Dr. Awasthi’s clinic. Rudra is also seen nearby.

In the next episode, a nurse will give an injection to Prisha which will keep her unconscious for the next 1 hour. Rudra will get Prisha examined by a doctor. Armaan will also reach there by tracking Prisha. Doctor will tell Rudra that Prisha is being given medicine which is given to the patients who suffer fits/seizures. This will shock Rudra. Rudra, Vanshika, Saaransh and Ruhi will get worried seeing Armaan in the hospital/clinic in which they brought Prisha.

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