Udaariyaan 22nd July 2022 Written Update Jasmin’s confession

Udaariyaan 22nd July 2022 Written Update Jasmin's confession

Udaariyaan 22nd July 2022 Written Update Jasmin’s confession Fateh scares Jasmin and makes her run for her life. Jasmin can’t believe his madness, when he gets after her holding a firetorch and threatens of killing her, just like she had threatened Tejo. She feels its her same deeds playing with her fate. Fateh demands an answer from her. Jasmin recalls her crime, but doesn’t confess anything. Fateh triggers her fears and expects her to confess her crime. He has suspicion on her that she has brought Tejo to the godown and ignited the fire to provoke Tejo’s senses. Later, Fateh is seen going to the Sandhu house, where he sees Tejo getting welcomed by her family. Bebe does the aarti and asks Tejo to come inside. The entire family is happy that Tejo has turned normal. Fateh meets Satti and tells her that he will wait for Tejo to believe his innocence. He is ready to wait as long as her heart testifies his innocence. Satti and Rupy sympathize with Fateh, and support him in the test of love.

Earlier in the show, Fateh on the other hand, takes Jasmine to the same godown where she tortured Tejo. Jasmine recalls that even she did the same with Tejo. Fateh lights a stick and scares Jasmine with it. In the next episode, Jasmine will try to save her from Fateh’s wrath. Fateh will keep trying to make Jasmine realize and suffer the same which she made innocent Tejo suffer. Tejo’s family will welcome Tejo wholeheartedly at Sandhu house. Later, Fateh will tell Satti that Tejo’s heart will one day make her realize that he is innocent. He will also tell Satti that he will wait for Tejo even till seven births/lives. Satti will get emotional seeing Fateh and Tejo’s relationship’s struggle.

Udaariyaan 22nd July 2022 Written Update Jasmin’s confession:


Fateh takes Jasmine to the godown in which Tejo suffered a fire incident 9 months ago and again presently. Fateh scares Jasmine with a fire stick. He keeps asking Jasmine who brought Tejo to this godown. Jasmine gets scared. She recalls torturing Tejo the same way. Jasmine keeps asking Fateh to think of Amrik’s child in her womb. Fateh tells Jasmine that presently he can’t see anyone above Tejo. He tells Jasmine that he is very as he first lost his child and was about to lose Tejo. Sacred Jasmine tells Fateh that she brought Tejo to this godown.

She tells Fateh that she read somewhere that if a person who loses his/her memories due to an accident is brought to his/her accident place again, then it’s possible that he/can recover his/her memories. Jasmine asks Fateh to trust her as she wants good for sister. She says she wasn’t able to tolerate seeing Tejo in mentally unstable condition and did it for Tejo’s well-being. Fateh asks Jasmine if he seems a fool to her. He asks Jasmine if she loves her sister so much that she can leave her alone to burn in fire. Fateh scares and pressurizes Jasmine repeatedly to make her scream out the truth.

Jasmine gets irritated, angry and scared. After getting fed up, Jasmine screams out the truth. Fateh ‘s trick works and Jasmine spits out the truth. She screams and tells Fateh that she tried burning Tejo. Jasmine tells Fateh that she had no option left with her. She also tells Fateh that she couldn’t see him and Tejo getting together again as by much difficulty she got him back. Jasmine further tells Fateh that she couldn’t tolerate seeing him caring, loving and giving importance to Tejo again. She says she had to burn Tejo to make her mental condition more critical as she returned to his life again, when he was going to be hers.

Fateh gets angry and scares Jasmine by moving the burning stick in front of her face. Fateh tells Jasmine that now no one can save her, even Amrik’s child. He starts leaving the godown. Jasmine stops him and asks him where he is going. She asks Fateh how he will prove her misdeeds to everyone and law. Jasmine tells Fateh that no one will believe him. Angry Fateh, takes out his phone and makes Jasmine hear her crime and misdeed confession. Jasmine gets shocked hearing this. Fateh tells Jasmine that her game is over now. He also tells Jasmine this is proof of her deceitfulness.

Fateh further tells Jasmine that after knowing her reality, people will hate her and then she will realize/feel what is called real pain. Jasmine tries stopping Fateh again and again. Fateh stops and asks Jasmine to leave him, Tejo, everyone and their village, if she wants to save herself from him and the law. Jasmine gets shocked, scared and worried for herself. She tries stopping Fateh but he leaves the godown in anger.

Jasmine gets angry and throws the stuff kept in godown here and there. Fateh on the other hand, imagines himself visiting Tejo in the hospital. He recalls spending a beautiful time with Tejo. Tejo wakes up and asks Fateh to not make noise. She shows and tells Fateh that Satti is sleeping nearby. Tejo hugs Fateh and asks him to return home with her as she cooked a lot of dishes for him. She asks Fateh if he didn’t buy jalebis for her as her shagun. Fateh says no. Tejo asks Fateh to buy her jalebis shagun later on. She starts taking Fateh out of the hospital ward. Here Fateh’s imagination ends.

Fateh is seen standing in Sandhu house. He sees the food Tejo made for her. Fateh recalls mentally unstable Tejo asking him to return home early and have the food she made for him with love. He puts all the dishes on a plate and starts eating the food made by Tejo. Tejo’s grandmother wakes up from sleep and finds Fateh eating cold and afternoon made food at night like a child or mad lover. She asks Fateh if he is hungry she can make him fresh chapatis quickly. Fateh refuses. Tejo’s grandmother tells Fateh that the food he is eating is not properly cooked and thus he won’t be able to eat it.

Fateh tells Tejo’s grandmother that Tejo made this food for him and nothing else could be better than this for him. Tejo’s grandmother gets emotional seeing Fateh’s unconditional love for Tejo and his struggle to get his love back. Fateh asks Tejo’s grandmother to give the jalebis as shagun to Tejo as his wife made food for him for the first time, yesterday. Tejo’s grandmother says okay. Fateh tells Tejo’s grandmother that Tejo considers him as her enemy and thinks that he tried killing her. He also tells Tejo’s grandmother that he won’t accept defeat. Fateh further tells Tejo’s grandmother that he will explain the truth to Tejo and Tejo will surely understand him one day.

He tells Tejo’s grandmother that some day Tejo will understand him. Fateh tells Tejo’s grandmother that he will even wait for seven births for Tejo, if he had to. He says as much as Tejo will hate him, he will love her more. Fateh gives Tejo’s grandmother the gajra he brought for Tejo. Tejo’s grandmother gets very emotional seeing Fateh’s condition with Tejo’s misunderstanding and hate for him. Crying, Fateh lies down like a kid in Tejo’s grandmother’s lap. Tejo’s grandmother questions God why all this is happening with her children again and again. She prays to God to clear Tejo’s misunderstandings and reunite Fateh and Tejo. Tejo’s grandmother tells God that she can’t tolerate seeing Fateh and Tejo’s pain anymore.

She tries calming down a crying Fateh. Next morning, Tejo returns to Sandhu house. She gets a warm and grand welcome at her house. Tejo recalls her past memories with all her family members. Fateh sees Tejo entering her house. Jasmine on the other hand calls Yash and asks him to meet her. Yash tells Jasmine that he called her to inform that he had to return to Canada urgently, but she didn’t pick his calls. He asks Jasmine if it’s something urgent. Jasmine disconnects the call by angrily telling Yash that she had a very urgent work and is not at all fine. She feels angry thinking that now she had to live and hide in Sweety’s house’s store room.

Jasmine decides to teach a lesson to Tejo’s supporters later on. Tejo at Sandhu house asks her grandmother about her knee pain, lovely about her root canal pain and Dilraj about his school project. Satti, Rupy and Harman stop everyone from telling Tejo anything that can harm her mental health. Lovely feels guilty for ousting mentally unstable Tejo from the house earlier, realizing that Tejo cares a lot about her. Tejo’s grandmother makes Tejo eat the jalebis that Fateh bought for her, without letting her know about it. Tejo gets emotional recalling the doctor telling her that she isn’t pregnant anymore. She also recalls Angad asking her to tell everything to Fateh. Tejo further recalls getting burned and losing her child in the fire incident that occurred 9 months ago.

She runs to her room and cries her paun out. Fateh on the other hand thinks if Tejo will recall their last few months of togetherness by seeing her room decorated by their old stuff. Tejo gets stunned and confused seeing her room decorated with chakris, balloons and chunries. On the other hand, Jasmine gets angry thinking that her plan backfired on her. She thinks every time her plans backfires on her only. Jasmine feels tense thinking that now Gurpreet might accept Tejo as her daughter-in-law and Fateh’s wife again. Sweety comes and asks Jasmine to not make noise as it can make people suspect her presence in her house.

Angry Jasmine behaves rudely with Sweety. She complains about the food Sweety arranged for her. Sweety asks Jasmine what she will do now. Jasmine tells Sweety that she won’t accept defeat this easily. She also tells Sweety that she will use her unborn child as an insurance policy to save herself. Sweety feels tense thinking what will Jasmine do next. Jasmine thinks that now Amrik’s child will again give her entry in Virks and Sandhus life.

In the next episode, due to misunderstandings, Tejo will beat Fateh very badly with a thick stick. Later, Rupy will tell Tejo that the truth is that Angad is behind everything wrong that happened with her. Tejo will get shell-shocked hearing this. Jasmine will refuse to accept defeat easily.

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