Anupama 23rd July 2022 Written Update Pakhi warns Anupama

Anupama 23rd July 2022 Written Update Pakhi warns Anupama

Anupama 23rd July 2022 Written Update Pakhi warns Anupama Anupama sends Anu to wash her hands. She asks Pakhi if her college classes ended early today. Barkha tells Anupama that she called Pakhi at Kapadia house as she wished to meet Pakhi. Anupama asks Barkha why she is gifting such an expensive bag worth approximately 3-4 lakhs to Pakhi. Barkha tells Anupama that they can’t buy a local bag for Pakhi as she is Kapadia’s relative. Anupama reminds Barkha that she is in more close relation to Pakhi than her. She says she is rich Anuj Kapadia’s wife but still carries a bag worth Rs. 780, made in India, environment friendly, cruelty free, handmade and strong.

Anupama says that she can even carry 1 litre bottle in her Rs. 780 bag. Barkha tells Anupama that she knows to adjust but the bag’s price, brand and look matters for today’s children. Adhik tells Anupama that the gift’s price doesn’t matter but the intentions of the gift’s giver should be seen. Anupama tells Adhik that middle class people keep a check of every gift’s price they get, so as to return the same value gift to the same person. She says a person should accept a gift of as much value as he/she himself can give to someone. Anupama tells Barkha that Pakhi can’t accept her expensive bag. She tells Pakhi that she should have refused herself.


Pakhi asks Anupama why she bought an expensive stuffed toy for Anu. Anupama tells Pakhi that Shahs used to buy her gifts of above their status, when she was of Anu’s age. She also tells Pakhi that a 1200 rupees stuffed toy always reminds a person of just play, but 3-4 lakhs expensive bag reminds a person only of its price. Anupama says such expensive stuff makes children egoistic and spoils them. She tells Pakhi that the expensive bag will snatch her innocence and simplicity from her. Anupama asks Pakhi to happily sail such expensive hobbies. She asks Pakhi to first focus on her studies and make a good career for herself. Anupama further asks Pakhi to earn her own money through her career and then herself fulfill her dreams of buying such expensive bags.

She tells Pakhi if she will buy expensive stuff with her own hard earned money, she won’t let anyone stop her. Anupama explains to Pakhi that the day she will be able to herself afford such expensive gifts, the same day she can also accept such expensive gifts. Pakhi asks Anupama if she had the status to afford the expensive necklace that Anuj gifted her. Anupama gets shocked by Pakhi’s argument and bitter words. Anupama scolds Pakhi for arguing with and taunting her own mother. She explains to Pakhi that she and Anuj have an equal and respecting relationship. Anupama reminds Pakhi that she earns in thousands from her academy.

She further reminds Pakhi that she even helped Anuj in setting up his hotel project, which now is working very well. Anupama asks Pakhi to learn to earn one rupee first and then question her own mother’s status. Anupama tells Pakhi that she (Anupama) is in a wife’s relationship with Anuj, while she (Pakhi) is just a relative of Adhik and Barkha. She says there is a big difference in being relatives and performing duties in relationships. Anupama tells Pakhi that if a husband buys jewelry for his wife, then in return a wife handles her husband’s family, house and children. She says love, gifts and everything is of equal value in a husband and wife’s relationship.

Anupama asks Pakhi what she has done till now for Barkha that she is accepting such expensive gifts from her. She asks Pakhi if she will accept Rs. 10,000 as a gift from Vanraj, if he gives her. Pakhi says yes. Anupama asks Pakhi if she will accept the same amount of gift from Sanjay. Pakhi says no. She reminds Pakhi that she refused to accept a Rs. 2000 note from Dolly’s mother-in-law in the past. Anupama asks Pakhi if she remembered her values at that time then why she forgot the same values now. She tells Pakhi that relations become stronger with time, not through expensive gifts. Anupama explains to Pakhi to accept the gifts of the value that she can herself afford, otherwise she will fall into big trouble.

At Shah house, Kinjal thanks and praises Baa for giving her a relaxing massage through a rolling pin. Kavya comes and convinces Baa to give her the same massage. Baa overhears Kinjal and Kavya discussing that Anupama told Kinjal that she will be sending some oil for stretch marks and asked her to remain active in the last month of pregnancy. At Kapadia house, Barkha requests Anupama to not scold Pakhi as she gave expensive gifts to Pakhi, considering her as her own daughter. She asks Anupama when her younger daughter can get gifts, then why can’t her real daughter get gifts too. Anupama expresses anger and Barkha apologizes to Anupama for using the word real daughter.

Barkha tells Anupama that it’s not fair for Pakhi that Anu gets all comforts and richies, but she (Pakhi) doesn’t get any. She tells Anupama that she has no problem with Pakhi. Barkha says she will be happy if Pakhi stays at Kapadia house. Pakhi tells Anupama that she also feels good at Kapadia house. Barkha says Pakhi and Anu’s relationship will get stronger by staying together. Anupama feels very angry seeing Barkha provoking and indulging Pakhi into wrong things and habits. At Shah house, Baa tells Vanraj that even after her lots of efforts, Kinjal loves Anupama more. Vanraj asks Baa to not say anything to Kinjal for now, considering her condition at present.

Baa tells Vanraj that she won’t say anything to Kinjal as she also understands the present situation. She tells Vanraj that she can at least share her sadness and pain with him. Vanraj tells Baa that Kinjal can notice her efforts but she is closer to Anupama since the beginning. Vanraj leaves to pick up Pakhi from college, unaware of the truth. Kavya and Baa have a verbal argument. At Kapadia house, Pakhi asks Anupama to answer if she (Pakhi) can stay at Kapadia house or not. She gets angry at Anupama for staying silent. Pakhi also scolds Anupama for favoring Anu over her.

Anupama tells Pakhi that she doesn’t differentiate between her children. She asks Pakhi to think about what Vanraj and Baa will do, if she will come to stay at Kapadia house. Pakhi feels irritated. Anupama scolds Pakhi for showing her attitude. Barkha asks Anupama to let Vanraj handle his issues on his own. She says Pakhi can stay at her mother’s house too. Anupama asks Barkha to let her herself think about her daughters. Anuj and Ankush return home. Anu comes and Anuj showers love on Anu. He gifts expensive utensils to Anu. Pakhi feels jealous of Anu.

Barkha uses the opportunity and indirectly provokes Pakhi by saying that Anuj didn’t worry about money, while giving gifts to his daughter. Anuj says daughters are like Goddesses and should be treated with love and care. Ankush also uses the opportunity to provoke Pakhi. He says Anuj especially asked his friend who just arrived from abroad to buy these expensive utensils for Anu. Anuj says price of gifts doesn’t matter, when one is purchasing for his/her daughter. Anupama stares at Pakhi angrily, when she asks Anuj if he really believes in all this. Anu goes to offer bhog to God. Anupama in a scolding tone asks Anuj why he ordered branded silver thali from the USA when the same can be purchased from India.

When Barkha tries saying something, Anupama asks her if she ever speaks in between Sara, Adhik and her. This angers Barkha and Adhik. Anupama asks Anuj to shower love on Anu but not spoil her. Anuj tells Anupama that she is right. He also tells Anupama that he understood that love is actually expressed by giving time to loved ones, not by buying expensive gifts. Everyone gets silent. On the other hand, Vanraj gets worried and angry knowing that Pakhi left college a long ago. He suspects that Pakhi went with Adhik. At Kapadia house, Pakhi seeks permission from Anuj to stay at his house. Anuj, unaware of the whole worrying situation, allows Pakhi to stay at his house.

Pakhi gets excited. Her excitement fades away when Anuj asks Pakhi to seek permission from her parents too as it is more important. Anuj tells Pakhi that he won’t be able to do anything if Vanraj will object to her decision of staying at Kapadia house. Pakhi asks Anuj what if Vanraj allows her. Anuj tells Pakhi that then he won’t have any problem. Pakhi gets happy, while Anupama feels worried.

In the next episode, Vanraj will tell Pakhi that she won’t ever be allowed to come to Shah house if she decides to stay at Kapadia house today. This will shock everyone. Anupama will ask Pakhi to go with Vanraj. In Anupama’s ears and in a low voice, Pakhi will scold Anupama for ousting her because of Anu. She will also tell Anupama that maybe she will one day come to Kapadia house permanently and she (Anupama) won’t be able to do anything about it. Anupama will get worried.

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