Ajooni Saavi Ki Savaari Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 5 New Shows

Ajooni Na Umra Ki Seema Ho Woh to Hai Albelaa Spoilers

Ajooni Saavi Ki Savaari Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 5 New Shows Saavi Ki Savaari – Saavi’s auto business Saavi’s journey starts with Ujjain’s bhor and her mother’s vijay tilak. Saavi’s aunty gives her curd and sugar while her uncle takes good care of her. But her elder sister Sonam behaves strangely with her. Saavi’s mother says that she is a star as she has taken all the responsibilities of the house insipite of being the youngest. Saavi says that she is not ashamed to continue her father’s legacy and drive an auto. She ventures out in her auto rickshaw named Chatriprasad.

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho – Vidhi-Dev’s love story:


Dev is waiting for Vidhi and she becomes late. She apologizes to him and he forgives her. A couple says that the guy looks elder and the girl is characterless. Vidhi feels upset. Vidhi and Dev go on a boat ride. Another couple says that the girl must have trapped the uncle in her love for money. Vidhi says that they both are different in every aspect. It starts raining and Dev says that if the rain doesn’t distinguish between their age then why does she. Vidhi hugs Dev.

Sanjog – Chanda’s timid personality:

Some goons trouble Chanda and she falls down. She calls out her mother loudly and Gauri comes angrily. She beats the goons and they run away. Gauri becomes furious and tells that she doesnt believe she has given birth to Chanda. Chanda stops Gauri and shows a neckpiece with Maa written on it. Gauri melts and hugs Chanda.

Ajooni – Rajveer proposes Ajooni:

Ajooni comes to the mandap for her wedding. She holds her groom’s hand but Rajveer comes with his men inside the marriage hall. He shoots gun in all directions and the guests get scared. He gets up from his bike and comes towards Ajooni. Rajveer takes the groom’s sehera and wears it. He points a gun at Ajooni and proposes her for marriage. Ajooni keeps the gun at her face and refuses. Rajveer is stunned.

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai – Ritesh’s die-hard fan:

Zoon says that Ritesh is her favourite actor and she will put the red tikka on his statue. She stands on a stool and is at the edge of the barrier. Indu becomes worried and asks for help. Ritesh looks up at Zoon and gets scared. Zoon struggles and falls down. Ritesh runs to catch her. Indu falls down in fear.


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