Kundali Bhagya 25th July 2022 Written Update Preeta slaps Arjun

Kundali Bhagya 25th July 2022 Written Update Preeta slaps Arjun

Kundali Bhagya 25th July 2022 Written Update Preeta slaps Arjun Karan forgets his revenge and melts his heart for Rishabh, when he sees the latter lying in a bleeding state on the road, after his hired henchmen hit Rishabh down. Karan didn’t plan to kill Rishabh, but just wanted to scare him after their heated argument. He gives importance to his blood ties than his revenge motives. Karan saves Rishabh’s life by bringing him to the hospital in time and also by donating blood to him.

The Luthras reach the hospital and learn Arjun’s efforts in saving Rishabh. They get thankful to Arjun for saving Rishabh, despite their ongoing issues. Preeta learns that Arjun had planned the accident to kill Rishabh. She loses her cool and reaches Arjun. She slaps Arjun, holding him responsible for Rishabh’s accident. She tells the family that Arjun is involved behind Rishabh’s accident. The family is shocked, while Karan is really guilty of his bad deed.

Earlier in the show, Vishnu learns that Rishabh is Arjun’s brother. Karan leaves him with a warning. He goes to pray for Rishabh. He tells that he loves Rishabh, he never intended to kill him. He learns about Rishabh’s blood loss. He tells that he can give the blood and help Rishabh. Arjun gives his blood to save Rishabh’s life. Doctor realizes that Arjun loves Rishabh a lot. Karan tells that he is perfectly fine, he can donate more blood for Rishabh. Nurse tells that he can get dizzy, he has already donated much blood. He tells that he doesn’t care for himself, he wants to save Rishabh. She asks if Rishabh knows that he loves him so much. Karan sinks in guilt. He prays for Rishabh’s recovery.


Kundali Bhagya 25th July 2022 Written Update Preeta slaps Arjun:

Rakhi, Preeta, Bani and Shrishti leave the car and walk into the traffic jam. Shrishti takes care of Bani. She asks Rakhi and Preeta to go. Mahesh asks them to come back to the car, the jam got cleared. They all rush to the hospital to see Rishabh. On reaching the hospital, they enquire about the accident case. The nurse tells that Rishabh is in the OT, a huge drama followed after his arrival here. She asks Preeta to fill the form. Preeta asks if nobody filled the form. She quickly fills the form. Rakhi enters the OT without permission and sees Rishabh getting treated.

Shrishti asks Rakhi to come with her. Doctor asks them to leave. Mahesh and Bani also go inside the OT. Doctor tells that Arjun fought them, he admitted Rishabh for the treatment without completing the formalities, he has threatened them. He asks them to not worry for Rishabh, he is out of danger now. Rakhi apologizes to the doctor. Mahesh consoles her. He tells that stepping inside the OT isn’t allowed. He tells that Rishabh will get fine. They meet Arjun, and realize that Arjun got Rishabh admitted for the treatment in time. Preeta reaches the family. She sees Arjun and turns angry. She slaps Arjun, much to the family’s shock. Vishnu leaves from the hospital.

He asks his mum to pray for Rishabh’s long life. He tells that he is scared of Arjun’s anger, if anything happens to Rishabh, then Arjun will kill him, so he is praying for Rishabh. Anjali sees Vishnu and slaps him. Vishnu asks the reason for the slap. Anjali rebukes him for Rishabh’s accident. Sameer comes there and holds Anjali when Vishnu pushes her away to flee. Anjali lies to Sameer about Vishnu’s misbehavior. Sameer asks her what is she doing in the hospital. Anjali tells that she has accompanied Arjun. Rakhi asks Preeta what is she doing. Preeta asks Arjun to tell them that he is responsible for Rishabh’s accident.

Preeta tells that she can see Arjun’s hatred in his eyes, words and behavior, he wants to take revenge on them. She guesses that he knows them from the past, he wants to hurt the family for some reason. She accuses him for Rishabh’s accident. She tells him that she has seen him present around the place where Rishabh got hit by the truck. She adds that she has seen him running away from the place. She asks him to give an explanation. She calls him the culprit. She tells that he won’t get saved, she will get him punished. She asks Anjali to shut up and not defend Arjun. She calls Arjun a murderer. Anjali calls it enough. Karan stops Anjali from saying anything in his defence. He leaves from there silently.

Preeta shouts that he won’t get saved. Doctor hears their argument. He reveals that Arjun is the reason who saved Rishabh’s life, he broke the hospital rules and got Rishabh admitted, he threatened them to send Rishabh for the treatment, Arjun got Rishabh to the hospital by lifting him on his shoulders, because of the traffic jam, Arjun even donated blood when Rishabh needed it. He tells that Arjun has insisted to take more blood than the suggested levels, Arjun has saved Rishabh, the family should be thankful to Arjun for saving Rishabh’s life. Preeta feels guilty on knowing the entire truth.

Anjali cries saying Preeta has slapped Arjun. Karan asks her not to cry for him. He doesn’t like her tears. He tells that he doesn’t like any girl crying, because he knows women are sensitive. Karan tells that even he didn’t like that Preeta slapped him, but it was his mistake to hire Vishnu for threatening Rishabh. He feels guilty that Rishabh is in this state because of him. He tells that his wounds are still fresh, he will take his revenge, but not by hurting anyone. He feels emotional and vulnerable. He wants to leave from the hospital. He asks Anjali to call the driver.

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