Anupama 25th July 2022 Written Update Vanraj’s ultimatum

Anupama 25th July 2022 Written Update Vanraj's ultimatum

Anupama 25th July 2022 Written Update Vanraj’s ultimatum While driving, Vanraj recalls Pakhi and Adhik confessing their liking towards each other in front of everyone. He also recalls Anupama scolding him for handling Pakhi with anger and in a wrong way. Vanraj further recalls Baa telling him that desires wake up in children of Pakhi’s age. He recalls Kavya asking him to not let his children and parents get distanced from him. At Kapadia house, Barkha asks Pakhi to not worry, saying that Anuj and Anupama will handle Vanraj and convince him to let her stay at Kapadia house.

Adhik tells Pakhi that it’s her right to stay at her mother’s house. He also tells Pakhi that she is not a kid, that she will require someone’s permission in every small thing. Adhik leaves telling Pakhi that he is going to get her clothes and stuff, so that she could stay at Kapadia house. Barkha asks Pakhi if she can do her nail art. Pakhi says yes. On the other hand, Anu is seen applying nail paint to Anuj. Anuj is seen having pink flowers in his hair and a pink tint on his forehead. He tells Anu that she made him look like a pretty girl just like her. Anu tells Anuj that she loves pink. Anuj tells Anu that he loves her.

He thanks Anu for making him look so cute. From outside the room, Anupama secretly smiles seeing Anu giving Anuj a girly makeover. Suddenly Anuj starts getting or feeling emotional by spending time with Anu. Anupama notices this and says that the tears of a father are rarely seen by the people. She also cries a little seeing Anuj crying emotionally. Anupama and Anuj smile looking at each other with teary eyes. Vanraj reaches Shah house. From Kavya, Vanraj gets to know that Pakhi didn’t return home. Kavya takes Vanraj inside to have tea.


Adhik reaches Shah house. Anuj and Anupama get stunned seeing Anu pouring tea in her toy tea-cups like an experienced person. Anuj and Anupama play home and kitchen with Anu and her toys. Anu leaves to share food with other family members. Anuj apologizes to Anupama for not being able to say no to Pakhi to stay at Kapadia house. He tells Anupama that he couldn’t say no to Pakhi as she is her daughter. Anuj says he is also worried about Vanraj’s reaction. Anupama tells Anuj that if Pakhi and Adhik stay under one roof, then not only Vanraj, they will also be under stress.

Anuj agrees with Anupama. He tells Anupama that they can’t ask Pakhi to leave the Kapadia house only for one reason. Anuj asks Anupama what is the use of having such a big house, if her children can’t stay at their home. He also tells Anupama that control will be there on Adhik and Pakhi, as all Kapadia family members will always be there to keep a watch on them.Anuj further tells Anupama that instead of letting Adhik and Pakhi meet secretly outside the house, it is better to let them meet in front of family members eyes and under their guidance.

On Anuj’s insistence, Anupama tells Anuj that Barkha filled something wrong in Pakhi’s mind. She says Pakhi doesn’t listen to her and gets attracted to other people who praise her even a little. Anupama tells Anuj that she isn’t able to think what she should do. Anuj asks Anupama to not worry as they will think about it together and find some solution. At Shah house, Vanraj leaves to freshen up after having tea. Kavya tells Baa that being extremely strict with today’s girls, backfires. Baa angrily ignores Kavya. Adhik comes and says hi to Kavya. Kavya gets worried, when Adhik tells her that today Pakhi is staying at Kapadia house.

Adhik tells Kavya that Pakhi wants to live with her mother. He says he came to get Pakhi’s stuff and clothes. Adhik asks Kavya if she is okay with Pakhi staying at Kapadia house. Kavya feels reluctant and says that she is bringing Pakhi’s clothes. She wonders if she should tell Vanraj about Pakhi’s stay at Kapadia house or not. At Kapadia house, Anuj and Anupama spend some quality and romantic time with each other. Suddenly, Anupama recalls how little Anu today got saved from an accident today. Before she could tell Anuj, Anu interrupts her. Anu tells Anuj that she apologized to Kinjal as today she got very sad because of her.

Anuj asks what happened that made Kinjal sad. At Shah house, Kavya feels worried and reluctant in giving Pakhi’s stuff to Adhik. She wonders if she should tell Vanraj and Baa about Pakhi staying at Kapadia house. Vanraj catches Kavya with Pakhi’s bag and questions her. At Kapadia house, little Anu tells Anuj that she was about to meet with an accident today. This worries Anuj Anuj and he picks up Anu. Anuj asks Anu if she got injured or hurt somewhere. Anu tells Anuj that she is absolutely fine. Anuj angrily asks Anupama why she refused to take the car, chosen to travel by auto. He angrily asks Anupama to think what he would have gone through if something would have happened to her or Anu.

Anu asks Anuj to not scold her mother otherwise she will not talk to him. She says Anupama is not at fault. Anu tells Anuj that even Vanraj and Baa were scolding Anu and he is doing the same, which is very bad. Anuj apologizes to Anupama. Anupama tells Anuj that she can understand his fears. Anuj and Anupama apologizes to each other. Anuj asks Anupama to not take Anu much in front of Vanraj. He says Anu will get scared with Vanraj’s angry behavior and attitude. Anuj says such behavior affects kids badly. Anupama tells Anuj that she will take care of it. Anu takes a lot of pictures with her parents.

Anuj sends Anupama to Pakhi. At Shah house, Vanraj walks angrily towards Adhik. Baa, Kavya and Adhik, all three of them get worried thinking about Vanraj’s reaction. At Kapadia house, Anupama praises Pakhi’s nail art. Anupama tries to explain to Pakhi to try and understand her as well as the situation. She asks Pakhi to let her first talk to Vanraj. Anupama tells Pakhi that after she convinces Vanraj, she can visit and stay at Kapadia house. Barkha comes and asks Anupama to not worry as she will take care of Pakhi, while she will be busy with Anu.

Anupama tells Barkha that it’s not about Pakhi and Anu, it’s about Vanraj’s reaction. She also tells Barkha and Pakhi that they very clearly know about what will be Vanraj’s reaction as well as decision. At Shah house, Vanraj asks Adhik to return home as he will himself bring Pakhi’s stuff to Kapadia house. Adhik leaves from Shah house. Vanraj scolds Kavya for even thinking about giving Pakhi’s stuff to Adhik. Kavya tells Vanraj that she got confused thinking what to do. Vanraj tells Kavya to see why he felt scared and possessive for Pakhi beforehand.

Vanraj says for sure, Anupama would have provoked Pakhi to stay at Kapadia house. He says Anupama became so shameless that she sent Adhik to get Pakhi’s clothes. Kavya says Anuj and Anupama can’t do this and Pakhi would have surely gone to Kapadia on her own will. Baa says Anupama would have surely called Pakhi to her house. Kavya says there is nothing wrong in that. She says a mother and daughter can meet each other whenever they want to. Baa tells Kavya that Pakhi has gone to Kapadia house for Adhik, not Anupama. She says now Pakhi will slowly and soon start staying in a live-in relationship with Adhik, just like Anuj and Anupama did.

Kavya asks Baa to stop as Adhik and Pakhi won’t even be thinking about all this. Baa tells Vanraj that Pakhi is doing all this, seeing his and Anupama’s past doings. She keeps on saying ill about Anuj and Anupama. Vanraj leaves to get Pakhi back. At Kapadia house, Barkha requests Anupama to let Pakhi stay at Kapadia house. Pakhi gets angry and says that only her mother is having issues with her staying at Kapadia house, no one else. She asks Anupama that she can’t stay with her despite being her real daughter but Anu can live, who is not her daughter.

Anupama asks Pakhi to think whatever she wants to but return to Shah house. Anupama tells Pakhi that she will get in great trouble if Vanraj gets to know about her decision to stay at Kapadia house. Pakhi starts arguing with Anupama. In the next episode, Vanraj will tell Pakhi that she won’t ever be allowed to come to Shah house if she decides to stay at Kapadia house today. This will shock everyone. Anupama will ask Pakhi to go with Vanraj. In Anupama’s ears and in a low voice, Pakhi will scold Anupama for ousting her because of Anu. She will also tell Anupama that maybe she will one day come to Kapadia house permanently and she (Anupama) won’t be able to do anything about it. Anupama will get worried.

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