Bhagya Lakshmi 26th July 2022 Written Update New twist

Bhagya Lakshmi 26th July 2022 Written Update New twist

Bhagya Lakshmi 26th July 2022 Written Update New twist Ayush informs Rishi and Lakshmi that he is safe, he is at Rano’s place, Shalu had come to help him after his fight with Balwinder. He adds that he got hurt in the fight. Rishi and Lakshmi grow worried for Ayush. Ayush asks Lakshmi not to tell anyone at home that he got hurt. He feels sorry that he is asking her to lie to the family again. Neelam and Karishma question Rishi and Lakshmi about Ayush’s whereabouts. Neelam asks Rishi if he really doesn’t know about Ayush. Lakshmi tells that Ayush is at Rano’s place. Karishma can’t believe it. Neelam asks Rishi did he know this. Rishi tells them that he knew it. Malishka tells Kiran that everything will be over if the Oberois know that she was the mastermind, she wants to run away from Rishi and the Oberois. Durga tells the staff that every culprit makes some mistakes some day or the other, they just have to catch the mistake to reach the culprit.

Earlier in the show, Inspector Durga Devi tells that she will find Ayush and Balwinder also, and from now Rishi doesn’t need to show any courage. She questions about Malishka. The family prays that nothing happens to Ayush. Shalu goes out of her house and looks around. She finds Ayush fallen unconscious on the road.

She rushes to save him. She asks him is he okay. He gets conscious. He asks for Balwinder. She asks him how did he get hurt. He tells that Balwinder has run away. She asks him if he has got hurt on his head. He asks her not to interrogate him. She tells that she is helping him, he shouldn’t make him angry. He refuses to take her help. They both get into a moment. He tells that he is a man, he doesn’t need any help. He isn’t able to walk without support. She holds him with care. Ayush likes her gesture.


Bhagya Lakshmi 26th July 2022 Written Update New twist:

Shalu brings Ayush to her place. Ayush falls down. Shalu scolds him. He tells that he can handle himself. He tries to get up. He falls down. She asks him to take care of himself. She helps him. Rano, Neha and Bani wake up by the sound. They go to see the thief. Shalu stops Rano from beating Ayush. She tells that she got Ayush home, because he is hurt. Rano asks Shalu to help Ayush, he is their guest. Ayush asks Bani to call Rishi and inform about him. Shalu tells them that she heard a song and went out to see, she had seen Ayush fallen unconscious. Ayush tells that he fought with Balwinder. Rano asks Neha to get Ayush’s attention.

Neha goes to help Ayush. Ayush smiles getting Neha’s help. He thanks her. Shalu asks him why is he smiling. Ayush asks her to behave nice like Neha. Shalu calls Lakshmi. Ayush talks to Lakshmi and informs that he is okay, he isn’t much hurt, but she shouldn’t give stress to anyone, she should lie that he isn’t hurt. She asks him if he is hurt. She tells that she will come there. He tells that he isn’t much hurt. Rishi asks him if he has forgotten his brother. Ayush tells that Lakshmi is more sensible. Rishi tells that he will come there and take Ayush to the hospital.

Ayush tells that nothing happened to him. Lakshmi asks him to tell Shalu to take care of him. Ayush tells that Shalu is taking good care of him, so he is staying back, he finds peace in Shalu’s company. Shalu smiles looking at him. Ayush and Shalu argue. Rishi tells that nothing is important than his brother, so he won’t ask about Balwinder. Ayush tells that he loves Rishi a lot for this reason. He informs that Balwinder escaped. Rishi asks him not to worry. Lakshmi tells Rishi that they will go and tell the family about Ayush’s well-being. Rishi tells that he can’t lie to the family. He calls Virender and informs that Ayush is okay. Virender asks about Balwinder.

Rishi tells that Balwinder escaped, Durga Devi will track him. Virender informs Neelam that Ayush is okay, he had called Rishi. He goes to tell Karishma and Dadi. Neelam wonders by whose phone did Ayush call Rishi. Rano and Neha talk to Ayush, by making Shalu away. Rano asks Ayush why did he fight with Balwinder. Ayush tells that it’s a long story. Rano wishes Neha and Ayush come closer. Shalu takes care of Ayush. Ayush smiles seeing her genuine care. Rano drops the water glass. Shalu asks Neha why did she drop the water glass. Rano asks Shalu to use the napkin to clean the wound.

Shalu gets a napkin. She feeds the water to Ayush. Rano tells Neha that Shalu will become a queen in Ayush’s life, she is winning his heart. Shalu gets the first aid box. She does the aid to his wounds. Rano breaks their moment. She asks Ayush how is he feeling in her house. She tells that they forgot the families clashes. Ayush calls Rano a wonderful person. Shalu wonders why is Rano behaving so sweet. Malishka wakes up Kiran. Kiran tells that Balwinder has run away, things are okay now. Malishka informs that Durga Devi has taken Balwinder’s case, her truth can come out, everything will be finished if the family knows that she is the mastermind behind the conspiracy. She tells that Lakshmi has defeated her.

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