Kundali Bhagya 26th July 2022 Written Update Drippy Karan

Kundali Bhagya 26th July 2022 Written Update Drippy Karan

Kundali Bhagya 26th July 2022 Written Update Drippy Karan Shrishti and Sameer advise Preeta to apologize to Arjun for the slap. Bani tells that Arjun won’t come after the slap. Kareena and Kritika learn the matter. Kareena scolds Preeta for her impulsive behavior. Shrishti tells that Rishabh is better. She defends Preeta. Kritika also feels that Preeta hates Arjun, she should have not slapped Arjun without a second thought. Kareena tells that she isn’t against Preeta, but Preeta always does something that’s against the family. Mahesh tells that Preeta’s experience with Arjun wasn’t good, she had a doubt on Arjun, she analyzed what she had seen and misunderstood him, its not her fault. He supports Preeta.

Rakhi goes to find Arjun. She sees Arjun and kisses his hands. She cries profusely. She thanks Arjun and blesses him, that he had saved her son Rishabh. Karan hugs her. She tells that he has saved her life today. She cries that she has already lost Karan. She tells him that Karan wasn’t sorted and mature like Rishabh, so she loved Karan more than Rishabh, Karan was her favorite, Karan left and took away her life, if anything happened to Rishabh, then she would have lost her existence as a mother. She thanks Arjun.

Karan asks her to take care, he has to leave for some work. Rakhi tells that he is also someone’s life. She blesses him to stay protected. Kareena stays worried for Rishabh. Preeta tells that Rakhi might have gone to meet Arjun. Bani is thankful that Preeta realized her mistake. Shrishti tells that they all were tensed hearing the news of Rishabh’s accident, Preeta is his wife and panicked hearing the news. Preeta meets Rishabh. She tells that she has seen Arjun and felt that he is the person behind the accident plot, so she has angrily slapped him. Anjali gets threatened by the goons hired by Arjun. Preeta tells Shrishti that she gets into some other zone when Arjun comes in front of her. Shrishti asks her what does she mean.


Kundali Bhagya 26th July 2022 Written Update Drippy Karan:

Kareena questions Shrishti if Rishabh is nobody to them, is he just related to Preeta. Sameer tells that Rishabh is their everything, but Arjun isn’t related to them. Shrishti tells Kritika that Preeta hates Arjun for a reason. Sameer requests them not to put pressure on Preeta. Kareena asks him if Shrishti told this to him. Sameer tells that there is nothing such. Bani asks Kareena to get silent and talk after going home. Kareena doesn’t want to do any drama. She scolds Sameer. Mahesh thanks Kareena for ending the matter here. Kareena tells that its not her mistake. Preeta admits her mistake. Doctor informs them that Rishabh got conscious, he is absolutely fine now and the family can see him. The family gets grateful to the doctor. They rush to see Rishabh.

Kareena cries on seeing Rishabh. He hugs her. Rishabh tells that nobody wants to hug him. The family members hug him one by one. He tells that he wants to go home. He jokes on firing Sameer if the latter doesn’t get discharged. Kareena tells Rishabh that she scolded Preeta for her mistake. Preeta tells that she misunderstood Arjun, she accused him for Rishabh’s accident and slapped him. Rishabh tells her that Arjun isn’t behind the accident. He admits his carelessness that he didn’t pay attention. Rakhi meets Rishabh and sheds tears. She tells him that Arjun has come as an angel in their lives, and saved Rishabh miraculously. Rishabh tells that he remembers Arjun helping him and bringing him to the hospital. He asks Sameer what news did he get. Sameer tells that doctor has given him a clean chit, they can go home. Karan gets surprised on seeing Biji at home. Biji scolds him, but he happily hugs her with much love.

She tells that she has come to scold him, but he changed her anger into love. He calls her girlfriend and reminds her of Karan. She asks him not to trouble Preeta. She tells that he talks like Karan. She gets emotional. He tells her that he missed her a lot. He asks her to go home in his car. He asks her to keep their secret between them. Karan tells Anjali that Biji didn’t like Snigdha and understood that Snigdha is mad after him. Anjali laughs. Rishabh comes home. Preeta takes care of him. She asks him to take rest on the bed. He asks her if anyone told her something upsetting.

He asks her to sit and talk to him first. She doesn’t complain about anyone. She tells that she is disturbed that she slapped Arjun, she misunderstood seeing Arjun at the accident site, she lost her temper and slapped Arjun. Rishabh tells that anyone else in her place would have reacted like her. He asks her if she thinks she did something wrong. She tells that Arjun has saved his life, she should say thanks to him. He asks her to say thanks to Arjun and also apologize. She tells that she won’t meet Arjun. He asks her to leave it on him, he will fix their meeting and help her get free of her guilt.

He lies on the couch. He tells that he wants to thank the goons for the accident, because Preeta is taking much care of him. She hears him. He asks her to not feel bad. She makes him take rest. He tells that he likes it when he gets care and attention. He thanks her. Rishabh thinks Arjun had saved Kavya as well, and this time, he saved him. He feels some connection with Arjun. He is also grateful to Arjun. Karan drinks while remembering Preeta’s words. He remembers Rishabh’s cheat that has given him a big wound. He can’t forgive and forget Rishabh’s evil.

He tells that he can’t break down, he can’t forget his revenge, he can never spare Rishabh for the cheat. He tears Preeta and Rishabh’s pic in anger. He promises himself to make Rishabh and Preeta pay for their evil deeds. Anjali receives a shock when she finds Arjun’s hired henchmen at the door. She asks Vishnu why did he come. Vishnu tells that his boss Raja has come to talk to Arjun and get his payment. She asks him to get out, but gets to see Raja intervening.

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