Kumkum Bhagya Pallavi Rhea clash 27th July 2022

Kumkum Bhagya Pallavi Rhea clash 27th July 2022

Kumkum Bhagya Pallavi Rhea clash 27th July 2022 Kumkum Bhagya episode spoiler – Rhea doubts Pallavi Pallavi introduces Prachi as Ranbir’s wife to the guests and informs them that the pooja is kept for her. Rhea is stunned. A lady asks Pallavi why does Rhea do not wish to meet her and is escaping. Pallavi introduces Rhea as Prachi’s sister. Rhea cries and tells Aaliyah that they cannot depend on Pallavi anymore as she is after uniting Prachi and Ranbir. Rhea and Pallavi have a confrontation. Pallavi angrily vents out her frustration on Rhea, as an answer to Rhea’s never-ending drama.

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na episode spoiler – Krisha VS Jaya:
Jaya searches for her phone everywhere in Krisha’s room. Krisha enters and asks her if she is searching for her phone. Jaya says that it is her phone and she wants it back. Krisha asks her if she thinks she is such a fool to give back her phone and flop her own plan. She informs Jaya that she is not in the mood of loosing and is only waiting to win.

Bindiya Sarkar episode spoiler – Bindiya’s fate:
DM Abhay doesn’t back off from his duty and doesn’t fear the difficulties. Bindiya is a very optimistic and energetic girl whose destiny turns upside down and she lands up being a wife of the DM Sarkaar Saheb.


Sirf Tum episode spoiler – Dr. Aditya’s entry:
Suhani sees a masked man and asks him who is he. He shows his face and Honey is stunned. He introduces himself as Dr. Aditya to Suhani. He jokes that she must have not heard his name but he never imagined that he will have to introduce himself in such a situation. Honey threatens Aditya that she will kill him. He says that it is time for her to go to jail. Suhani asks Aditya if he knows her.

Parineetii episode spoiler – Rajeev teases Parineet:
Parineet and Rajeev are in the same washroom. Neetii calls up Parineeti from the other bathroom and hears the sound of the ring. Parineeti is about to pick up her call when Rajeev snacthes the phone from her. Neetii stops hearing the ring. Parineet requests Rajeev to give her the phone as Neetii is calling her. Neetii decides to go in the next washroom. Rajeev becomes close to Parineeti.

Naagin S06 episode spoiler – Pratha to conserve Naagmahal:
Pratha learns that a monument will be built by breaking the Nag mahal and decides to save it. She creates chaos and calls snakes to disturb the event.


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