Udaariyaan 27th July 2022 Written Update Jasmin’s new trap

Udaariyaan 27th July 2022 Written Update Jasmin's new trap

Udaariyaan 27th July 2022 Written Update Jasmin’s new trap Satti makes Tejo eat curd sugar. She asks Tejo to not feel tense as everything will go fine now. Satti tells Tejo that her students, principal mam, college staff and her friends are waiting for her now. Dipti and Bhumi come to Sandhu house. Rupy tells Tejo that Bhumi and Deepti came to take her to college. Tejo feels a little relaxed. She tells her parents that she is ready to start afresh now. This makes Sandhus happy. Rupy tells Tejo that Dipti has already talked to her college principal about her and now she can directly go and start her work or classes in college. Tejo smiles hearing this. She hugs Dipti and Bhumi and thanks them. Tejo asks her friends to go to college as she will come by her scooty. Tejo’s friends leave the Sandhu house. Tejo also leaves for some work.

Lovely asks the family members if they know anything about Jasmine as her phone is coming switched off. Satti tells Lovely that Jasmine has forgotten her phone’s charger at home only, which is why her phone might be coming off. She asks Lovely to not worry as she will be going to Sweety’s house today and will talk to Sweety’s mother too. Lovely relaxes hearing this.

On the other hand, the person makes an asleep Jasmine wake up. He ousts asleep Jasmine from his car. This person calls Jasmine a car thief and drug addict. This angers Jasmine and she asks the car owner to shut his mouth. She calls him stupid. Jasmine hits the car owner’s car and calls it a useless car. She asks the car owner to take a bath and give his car a bath too sometimes. As Jasmine starts leaving with an attitude, the car owner threatens her by telling her that he will call the police. Jasmine gets scared hearing the police’s name. She stammers and runs away fastly and quickly. Jasmine even throws her slippers at the car owner. She runs away barefoot. At Virk house, Candy runs to Fateh and asks him to open the parcel that came in his name.


Candy gets happy seeing his favorite game inside the parcel. He says he has wanted the same game for a long time. Simran asks who sent this. Fateh checks the parcel envelope and tells Simi that no name is written on the parcel. This tenses up Simran. Mahi tells Simran that maybe Buzzo ordered it online to surprise Candy. She says Candy went with Buzzo to the store and demanded the same toy. Fateh leaves for work. Candy starts playing the new game with Mahi. Gurpreet tells Simran that children change the environment of the house and make the whole family happy. Simran says yes.

Just then a mysterious person calls Simran. Simran considers this person to be Buzzo. She tells this person that Candy liked the toy or game he sent. This person reveals that he isn’t Buzzo. Simran gets tense. She asks the mysterious person who he is and how he knew that Candy wanted the same game. Candy comes and asks Simran to quickly give him and Khushbeer the milkshake as they like to drink. This person talks like a psycho and asks Simran if Candy is really very cute. Simran tells this person that she doesn’t want to know who he is. She finds this person’s voice familiar. Simran disconnects the call in anger and being scared.

Simran decides to call Buzzo and tell him everything. She calls Buzzo but Buzzo disconnects the call saying that he is presently very busy. Simran feels worried. On the other hand, Jasmine is seen sitting in a dhaba. Tejo’s scooty passes from nearby the dhaba. Suddenly, Tejo’s scooty breaks down near the dhaba where Jasmine is sitting. The waiter read the menu in front of Jasmine. Jasmine tells the waiter that she will give him an order by thinking for a while. She even blabbers if something good to eat is available at this dhaba or not. The waiter overhears this and leaves. Jasmine wonders how to buy and eat anything as she has no money with her.

She thinks that during pregnancy, family members should make her eat whatever she wants to. Jasmine thinks her fate is bad as everything happens opposite to her wishes. She further thinks of calling Satti but finds her phone’s battery fully drained out. The waiter again comes to Jasmine and the latter asks the former to give her water for the time being. Jasmine tries stealing some money but fails. She drinks water and just then her eyes go on samosas of dhaba. She steals 2-3 samosas and tries running away. Jasmine collides with the waiter. Waiter catches Jasmine with his dhaba’s samosas.

He tells everyone that Jasmine stole some samosas from his dhaba. Even the dhaba owner criticizes Jasmine for stealing samosas. Public gathers around and watches the drama. Jasmine tears her clothes from her shoulder and scares the dhaba owner and waiter. She runs away with a lot of samosas by threatening the dhaba owner and waiter that she will tell police that they tried to sexually harass her. Jasmine and Tejo fail to see each other. Suddenly, the same criminal goons who earlier tried to kidnap mentally unstable Tejo but failed because of Fateh, pass from nearby and see Tejo alone.

Unaware that Tejo got fine and normal again, the goons try to harass Tejo and start troubling and kidnapping her. Goons tell Tejo that she herself sat in their car last time. Tejo fights the goons and screams for help. Police come at the right time and save Tejo by arresting the goons. Tejo feels tense and thinks if she really sat in the goons car on her own will. She wonders if this also happened in the last 9 months. On the other hand, Jasmine runs here and there. After eating spicy samosas, Jasmine runs in search of water. She slips down while running. At Sandhu house, Tejo gets shocked knowing the truth about the goons who harassed her today as well as earlier. Rupy asks Tejo to not worry as last time Fateh saved her but this time she bravely saved herself. Tejo starts going upstairs to change.

At the same time, a tense Satti comes home and tells everyone that Jasmine left Sweety’s house last night only. She says now Jasmine can’t be found anywhere. Satti worries about where Jasmine would be wandering since last night. Tejo overhears this and gets tense. Rupy says that they made a mistake by letting Jasmine go out of the house in this condition. Tejo asks Rupy what condition. Lovely tells Tejo that Jasmine is pregnant with Amrik’s child. This news stuns Tejo. On the other hand, Jasmine wanders here and there in a worse condition. A car throws mud at Jasmine and passes from near her. Jasmine gets angry and throws a stone towards the same car.

Children surround Jasmine and start calling her mental repeatedly. Jasmine recalls doing the same thing with Tejo. She scares the children away. At Sandhu house, Tejo expresses happiness knowing that Jasmine is going to become a mother. Everyone gets happy seeing Tejo happy with Jasmine’s pregnancy. Tejo asks Rupy to search for Jasmine near the railway station as she is going towards the bus stand to search for Jasmine. Satti prays for Jasmine’s safety. Jasmine on the other hand recalls Fateh’s warnings and threats. She also recalls children calling her mental. Jasmine further recalls the dhaba waiter calling her a thief.

Satti wishes that Rupy finds Jasmine before Tejo. She worries thinking what if Jasmine tells Tejo that they were going to get her (Jasmine) married to Fateh. Tejo reaches Jasmine and cleans her face with her dupatta. She hugs Jasmine. Jasmine gets stunned and confused. Tejo tells Jasmine that she is happy to see her safe. Jasmine recalls torturing and troubling Tejo. Tejo tells Jasmine that she is very happy knowing that she is pregnant. She apologizes to Jasmine and blames herself for Jasmine’s present condition. Jasmine again recalls how badly she tortured Tejo in the godown.

Tejo apologizes to Jasmine for doubting her. She says she doesn’t remember anything that happened in the last 9 months. Tejo tells Jasmine that after getting consciousness, she just remembered what Angad told her. She says Angad manipulated her against her and Fateh. Tejo tells Jasmine that because of all this she started hating her and Fateh. She also tells Jasmine that Satti and Rupy told her the whole truth and how she took care of her when she lost her memory. Tejo further tells Jasmine that she even knows how she and Amrik exposed Angad in front of the police.

She tells Jasmine that she also knows that she lost Amrik because of her. Jasmine silently keeps getting information about what things Tejo knows about what happened till now. Tejo again apologizes to Jasmine and hugs her. Jasmine grins evilly understanding that now Tejo is her old innocent sister of hers. She decides to use Tejo to keep herself safe. On the other hand, Buzzo tells Fateh that Simran seems to be very scared about something these days. He says Simran asks him to daily pick up and drop Candy from and to school respectively.

Buzzo tells Fateh that it’s not possible for him to do this daily. He also tells Fateh that he is thinking about buying “The Renault Kiger” for Simran. Buzzo says he will also teach driving to Simran. He tells Fateh that this way Simran will herself drop and pick up Candy to and from school respectively. Fateh starts praising Buzzo’s selection of the car. Both friends go for a test drive.


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