Bhagya Lakshmi 29th July 2022 Written Update Malishka out

Bhagya Lakshmi 29th July 2022 Written Update Malishka out

Bhagya Lakshmi 29th July 2022 Written Update Malishka out Rano and Neha bring Ayush home. Ayush meets his family. He hugs Karishma and tells that he is okay. Neelam asks him why didn’t he call them, they would have taken him to the hospital. Ayush tells that he is perfectly okay. Karishma asks why did he stay in someone’s place. Rano tells that her house is also like their house. Rishi hugs Ayush and asks him if he is okay. Ayush asks him not to worry. Rano tells them that Neha has taken good care of Ayush. Karishma asks Ayush to keep his level in mind. Lakshmi, Virender and Dadi thank Rano for taking care of Ayush.

Rano tells that its her duty, because they are relatives. Karishma tells that they aren’t relatives. She insults Rano. She asks Rano to take the money for their hyped care. Neha and Lakshmi defend Rano’s intentions and tell that Rano doesn’t want the money. Rano tells them that they treated Ayush all night. Neelam asks her if there is any doctor in her house. She asks why didn’t she take Ayush to the hospital. She also mocks Rano’s background and insults her. Ayush tells that he wasn’t too hurt, its not Lakshmi’s mistake. Rishi thanks Rano and Neha for helping Ayush. He asks them to have breakfast with them. Rano refuses.

Rishi tells that the family was much worried for Ayush. Rano and Karishma get into an argument. Lakshmi asks Rano to forget it. Rano tells that Lakshmi and she always get insulted in the Oberoi house, they just get bitterness. Karishma tells that Lakshmi has made their house inauspicious by adding bitterness and poison in their relations. She asks Rano if she predicted sweets from them. Rano tells that Karishma has no sweetness to spread. Neelam tells that they are ready to return Lakshmi, it will be good if Rano takes Lakshmi along. Rano tells that Lakshmi is in their house because of fate, she will leave when its in her fate.


She lectures them and goes. Karishma asks Ayush is he okay. He tells that he is okay. Durga Devi walks inside the house. She asks about Ayush. Rishi introduces Durga Devi to Ayush. Ayush is ready to give his statement. Malishka and Kiran come downstairs, and grow tensed seeing Durga in the house. Malishka fears of getting out of Rishi’s life. Will she get saved from the police? Keep reading.

Bhagya Lakshmi 29th July 2022 Written Update Malishka out:

Durga asks the family to cooperate with her in the interrogation. She doesn’t want anyone to interfere in her work. She explains the rules of interrogation to them. She stops Malishka for the interrogation, asking others to go to their rooms. She asks Malishka if she wants to stay back and watch the interrogation happening. Malishka thinks Durga is doubting her. Kiran tells that she is Malishka’s mom, they are leaving. Dadi tells that she wants to have her food first. She asks Durga to join them for the breakfast. Durga asks them to carry on, she will have breakfast with them when she solves the case.

She wants to talk to Ayush first. Ayush tells that they can go to his room and talk. Rishi takes Ayush to his room. Durga gives time to Ayush and asks him to get freshen up. Neelam asks Durga to solve the case. Durga promises to catch the culprit. Meanwhile, Shalu tells Bani about Rano trying to fix Neha in Ayush’s life. Bani asks what would Shalu do then. She asks Shalu to explain Ayush. Shalu wants Ayush to understand Neha’s truth. Bani tells that Rano can get Ayush and Neha’s roka done. Rano and Neha come home fuming over Oberois. They tell Bani and Shalu about the insult they faced when they went to drop Ayush home.

Neha blames Rano for getting her insulted. Shalu tells that Oberois don’t like them. Rano tells them arrogant and egoistic. She tells that Oberois were talking of ousting Lakshmi as well. She wonders how Lakshmi tolerates them. She asks Shalu to make ginger tea for her. Lakshmi serves the food to Rishi. Rishi wants Ayush to come and relish the good food. Dadi and Virender praise the caring Lakshmi for making their favorite food. Neelam and Karishma humiliate Lakshmi, when Malishka creates a scene. Neelam tells that she won’t get Lakshmi get the house in her fate.

Rishi tries to take Lakshmi’s side. Lakshmi tells that it was not her mistake, Malishka stepped on her foot. Malishka asks Lakshmi to put the blame on her. She acts and apologizes to Lakshmi. Karishma asks Lakshmi to learn from Malishka. Virender asks them to forget it and have food. Rishi tells that he believes Lakshmi, that she didn’t do anything wrong. Dadi asks Lakshmi to sit and have food with them. Rishi also insists Lakshmi. Kiran calls Lakshmi their enemy and blames her for spreading the negativity. Rishi answers that Lakshmi isn’t their enemy, the culprit who did wrong with Lakshmi is their enemy.

He tells that Lakshmi has prepared the food for them, she is a positive soul. Karishma and Neelam ask him not to back answer Kiran. Rishi tells that they should see how they are talking to Lakshmi. Neelam asks him to see how he is talking to his mom. Lakshmi stops Rishi from arguing further. Kiran leaves the food, calling it enough. Lakshmi asks Kiran to have the food. She tells that she won’t sit to have food. Ayush tells Durga that Rishi loves the family a lot, he is the best son, brother and husband. Durga asks him about Balwinder. Malishka tries to overhear them.

Ayush tells that Balwinder got saved from his hands. Durga asks what did Balwinder do that caused the chaos. Ayush tells her the entire story about Balwinder. She tells that she will take the statement of other family members. He asks if the information was helpful. She tells that he has told important details, it will surely help. Durga finds Malishka in the corridor. Lakshmi feels bad. Rishi asks her why didn’t she answer the family. He doesn’t think she should tolerate anything wrong. They have a cute moment. He asks her to have food. She refuses saying she isn’t hungry. He gets an idea to feed her the food. They feed the food to each other. He asks her not to bite his hand, else he will kiss her. He pulls her leg.

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